Namecheap Web Hosting Review – Is It A Great Host?

Namecheap website hosting review

Welcome to this review of Namecheap, a web hosting company that you may have heard of, but you may not know much about what they can offer you, and your website/business. This review will cover all you need to know to help you to decide if this platform is right for you.


Namecheap is a privately-owned domain name registrar and web hosting company. The company focuses on providing value-priced domains and exceptional hosting services to average online users and website owners. Some of the popular services offered by Namecheap include:

• Domain name search
• Domain transfer
• Shared hosting
• WordPress hosting
• Reseller hosting
• VPS hosting
• Dedicated servers

Since its launch in 2000, the company has experienced significant growth thanks to its stellar services. It now boasts of over 2 million subscribers with over 5 million websites under management.

What makes Namecheap different?

The high number of domain registrars and web hosting companies has never been a bone of contention. However, what makes Namecheap different is that the company runs an education program that offers free domains and websites to university students globally.

In addition, the company is among the few web hosting platforms accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It also has a data center in the U.S. and the U.K., giving website owners more options when choosing server locations.

Namecheap Web Hosting Plans

Namecheap offers shockingly low price offerings on all their web hosting plans. For as little as $9.88 per year, your website can find a place to call home. However, these low prices only count for new website registrations, as renewal fees are much higher.

The four shared hosting options available on this platform include:

• Value Plan
• Professional Plan
• Ultimate Plan
• Business SSD Plan

1. Value

The Value plan is ideal for beginners who are still learning the machinations of web hosting. At only $9.88 per year, this plan comes with numerous exciting features that will help you get started on your web hosting journey.

The Value plan is limited to 3 websites and it comes with 20GB disk space, 50 databases, 50 email accounts and unmetered bandwidth. The renewal price for this plan stands at $38.88 per year, which is still a big bargain compared to what other platforms are offering.

2. Professional
As suggested by the high number of subscribers, the Professional plan is the most popular shared hosting option available on this platform. Charged at only $19.88 per year (for new members), this plan features 50 GB of powered storage, unmetered bandwidth, 10 domains, 100 databases and 100 free email accounts.

This plan is ideal for individuals and expanding businesses seeking to make a move to the next level. The renewal fee for the professional plan stands at $78.88 per year.

3. Ultimate
The ultimate plan is the most scalable hosting option available on this platform. It promises speed, reliability and superior performance to all subscribers. At a starting cost of $29.88 per year, the Ultimate plan features 50 domains, unlimited SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth and unlimited email accounts.

This hosting plan is recommended for well-established businesses that use multiple resource-intensive websites. The renewal cost for the Ultimate plan is $129.88 per year.

4. Business Pro
The business pro plan is an affordable alternative to dedicated server plans. This exclusive offer seeks to help businesses enjoy fast, reliable hosting with fewer users per server at affordable rates.

It features 20GB of pure disk storage, PCI compliance, 5000 GB bandwidth, unlimited websites and 100% guaranteed uptime. The business pro plan is charged at $19.88 per month, and it does not come with introductory price offerings.

The plan is recommended for online stores and other e-commerce websites.

Other hosting Options

Other hosting options available on this platform include:

• WordPress Hosting
WordPress hosting is tailored for WP websites. This option includes quick WP website setup, 5GB of SSD storage, easy backups and 24/7 support. The introductory price for WP hosting is $8.88 per year, while the renewal price is $48.88 per year.

• Reseller Hosting
Namecheap allows web designers to host multiple websites on behalf of their clients via reseller hosting options. Reseller options include Nebula plan, Galaxy Expert and Universe Pro, with prices ranging from $16.95 to $36.95 per month.

• Virtual Private Server Hosting
If your website requires more resources to perform optimally, then you should consider purchasing any of the VPS hosting plans from Namecheap. VPS hosting entails dividing a physical server into virtual compartments that run independently.

Your website is then hosted in one of these virtual compartments for fast, reliable performances. The VPS hosting options available on this platform include VPS Pulsar ($19.88 per month) and VPS Quasar ($38.88 per month).

• Dedicated Server Hosting
Hiring an entire server is recommended for large websites that require extensive resources. This is because the performance of resource-intensive websites is often affected negatively when hosted in a shared environment.

Namecheap offers not less than 14 different dedicated server options with prices ranging from $58.88 to $379.88 per month. Subscribers enjoy optimum performance backed by the latest server technologies.

Namecheap Pros and Cons

Just like any other hosting platform, Namecheap has its upsides and downsides. These include:

• Extremely Low Price Plans
Namecheap offers extremely low price offerings. For as little as $9.88 per year, you will enjoy incisive web hosting services. Furthermore, the renewal rates are not expensive, giving you good value for money.

• Regular Backups and Data Center Choices
Namecheap performs regular backups for free to ensure data security and integrity of your hosting account. Furthermore, the company offers subscribers the chance to choose between their UK and US data center for enhanced convenience.

• 100% Guaranteed Uptime
Most hosting companies promise 99.9% uptime, but Namecheap goes a notch higher by promising 100% guaranteed uptime. In case of any unforeseen downtimes, the company offers account credits to affected subscribers.

• Advanced Web Security
Namecheap uses the latest, highest possible security standards to ensure maximum protection and optimum data privacy.

• 24/7 Support
The company promises 24/7/365 support to all subscribers. This means that you can contact support at anytime whenever you encounter a problem.

• Limited Plans
Apart from unmetered bandwidth, most hosting plans come with limited options. Namecheap does not offer unlimited storage and domains except for the ultimate hosting plan.

• No Phone Support
Although the company offers 24/7 support, Namecheap lacks phone support. Some clients prefer talking to a support agent directly on the phone rather than through live chat or email.

Is Namecheap a great host?

Namecheap is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable web host. The company focuses on providing incisive web hosting services that are not only reliable, but also extremely affordable.

From unmetered bandwidth to unlimited domains, Namecheap always has something special for everyone. If you are yet to find a host for your website, then Namecheap is an option that you should consider for your shortlist.

Thanks for reading this review. What is your experience of Namecheap? Do you want to share it? If so leave a comment below.

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