OnePulse Review: Can You Earn Real Cash Taking Surveys on Your Phone?

OnePulse Review

Today I’m reviewing the survey platform OnePulse to find out how good the platform is, and if it really can earn you some cash on the side.

I will be finding out how the OnePulse App works,  how good the surveys are, what you are likely to earn, along with the pros and cons.

What Is OnePulse?

OnePulse is available from the App Store and GooglePlay

OnePulse is available from the App Store and GooglePlay

OnePulse is an app that allows you to take micro-surveys and earn money using your smartphone.

Unlike most survey sites that focus on market research, OnePulse concentrates on gathering insights on news-related topics.

This platform gives you an opportunity to share your opinions on anything that interests you.

OnePulse was launched in 2014, and it has since remained steadfast in the survey market despite the stiff competition from other survey sites.

The company has attracted over 40,000 new members due to their unique way of gathering insights from the public.

How OnePulse Works

Check out this helpful tutorial on how OnePulse works

Signing Up

The OnePulse app is available for both Android and Apple devices only.

For you to create an account with OnePulse, you should download and install the app on a compatible mobile device.

The registration process is easy, but you will have to spend a considerable amount of time completing your profile.

Although the profile section has more than 65 questions, completing your profile fully guarantees that you will receive more surveys.

The next phase of signing up involves selecting your interests.

You have the option to join groups that are relevant to your interests, and this ensures that you only receive surveys that match your profile.

Taking Surveys With OnePulse

The maximum number of questions available per survey is three.

Each survey question is referred to as a pulse.

These pulses come from clients (businesses) who would like to know your opinions about various topics.

Apparently, OnePulse offers two types of surveys. These include paid pulses and fun pulses.

Paid pulses are payable while fun pulses are non-paid. You can take fun pulses to hone your skills and earn XP points before opting for paid pulses.

Nevertheless, if you think that you have enough experience in taking surveys, then you can go ahead to participate in paid pulses.

As stated above, each survey consists of three questions only. The reason for this is to maintain data accuracy.

The questions are easy and come in different formats that are quick to comprehend. You have to answer all the three questions in each survey to be eligible for payments.

OnePulse offers quick and easy surveys

OnePulse offers quick and easy surveys

Completing each paid pulse will earn you between £0.15 and £0.20. This is a reasonable amount considering the fact that you will be answering three questions only.

Once you complete a paid pulse, the OnePulse app will display your earning for that particular pulse and your current account balance.

The app will also highlight the remaining amount of money you need to cash out.

How And When Does OnePulse Pay?

OnePulse Payment Balance

OnePulse Payment Balance

The minimum withdrawal limit on this platform is only £5.00.

You can easily reach this target by completing at least 25 paid surveys. All payments are made via PayPal.

What is good about the platform is that you do not have to wait for ages to receive your rewards since withdrawal transactions are instant.

However, you have to part with a £0.10 transaction fee on each withdrawal.


Reputable platform
OnePulse is a reputable platform both in the UK and worldwide.

The company has made a good name for itself since its inception in 2014, and this can be attested by the high number members who have joined the site.

Above all, OnePulse pays its members promptly.

Frequent new surveys
This platform offers plenty of new surveys at any given time.

It is a guarantee that you will encounter both fun pulses and paid pulses whenever you log in to your account.

With plenty of surveys at your disposal, you have more chances to accrue a reasonable amount to supplement your regular income.

Low minimum payout threshold
The minimum cashout requirement is £5.00.

To some people, this may seem to be a high amount considering that most surveys on this platform pay £0.20 each.

However, putting in mind that each study has a maximum of three questions only augurs well with the minimum payout threshold.

No pre-screening tests
The majority of survey sites often have pre-screening tests, which assess the eligibility of users.

However, this is not the case here.

The OnePulse app does not have pre-screening tests, and neither will you be screened-out for whatever reason.

Short and easy surveys
Surveys on this platform are insanely short and easy.

Each study consists of three questions only, and it takes about 2 minutes to complete a survey.

Your speed in answering questions will determine the number of surveys you can complete at any given time.

The more surveys you complete, the higher your earnings.

Instant payments
OnePulse pays via PayPal, and all payments are instant.

You may contact the readily available support team in case of any issues with payment.


Withdrawal fees
All withdrawals are subject to a £0.10 transaction fee.

However, this is not a major concern considering that all cashouts are instant and the transaction fee does not take a huge chunk out of your earnings.

Only available for Android and iOS devices
The OnePulse app is only available for Android and Apple devices.

This means that you have to invest in a compatible smartphone to make the most out of this app.

Fun surveys are more than paid surveys
As you are well aware, fun surveys do not pay, but they form the majority of available surveys on this platform.

You have to get experience by taking fun surveys before you can start receiving paid surveys.

Limited payment options
OnePulse has limited payment options.

The company pays via PayPal only. Members who come from countries where PayPal is limited have to look for alternative means of receiving their cash rewards.

Final Thoughts

The OnePulse app is a decent survey app.

The fact that you only have to answer three easy questions to earn rewards makes it one of the easiest ways of making a little extra money online.

If you love taking surveys and you are looking for an easy source of small extra income, then joining the OnePulse community is a worthwhile option.

Star Rating 3/5 Overall This Is A Good Survey Platform Worth Signing Up To

3 Star Rating

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