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Onlinewritingjobs Review

Thanks for joining us today for out review of

In our review we will be finding out if this platform worthwhile for freelance writers, and if so how it matches up to other similar platforms available to freelancers….So, sit tight and let’s get started….

What Is is a website that U.S freelance writers can join for free, and get online writing work.

If you are accepted they offer work to writers with all skill levels. The company used to be called but re-branded itself under the current name. They have been providing work for freelance writers since 2006.

The site is looking for SEO content writers, bloggers, copywriters etc. Subjects they are looking for expertise in include such things as Technology, Travel, Science, Medical, Education, Automotive and lots more.

You are going to need to know something about SEO (search engine optimisation) as the clients want maximum search engine exposure for their content.

Therefore if you have no knowledge of SEO,  it may be a good idea to at least get some basic training if you are considering joining

The Application Process For

  • If you wish to join will need to proceed with your application by completing the online writer application form
  • Submit a writing sample; (currently, at the time of writing this review, you are required to write a 500 word article aimed toward businesses and consumers who may be interested in purchasing a New York State flag). This writing assessment may of course change over time. All accepted samples will receive $10. The article will also need to be maximised for SEO.
  • You will also need to submit official documentation (tax, photo I.d etc.)
  • If your application is rejected you can re-apply 6 months after your sample was refused.

How Quickly Do You Have To Write For

The turnaround, or deadline if you like, is usually 2 days, but it can be more. The work will be due by 3pm Eastern time on the due date. The details will be communicated to you prior to taking the assignment.

Extensions can be granted at the discretion of Online Writing Jobs, but otherwise if deadlines aren’t kept you won’t get paid for your work.

How And When Do Pay You?

The pay for each article will be within the range of $15 to $50, and a number of factors can influence your pay, including your authority within a given niche.

You will be notified of the pay when you receive details of the article you are being asked to write.

As a writer for this site you may get longer term projects in which you are asked to deliver content on a particular subject matter for a number of months.The pay will of course be reflected in the size of the project. pay their writers by check (weekly each Friday) and also via PayPal. Writers can either invoice weekly or after longer periods, depending upon when the writer prefers.

What We Like About Onlinewritingjobs

  • Free To Join
  • Genuine professional platform for freelance writers
  • Online community
  • Resources available to writers who require them
  • Payment via PayPal

What You May Not Like

  • Like all similar writing platforms the pay for writers isn’t great.
  • Your potential for earning will be largely determined by your skills as a writer.

Final Thoughts About

I have done quite a bit of online writing and would have liked to try out the site, but as a U.K resident I couldn’t due to it being only open to U.S residents.

That is really my only criticism of the site as it was difficult to find any negative feedback from users of this site.

There is apparently a testimonials section on the site available for members to see, however this only appears to give the positive feedback.

Nonetheless this business has been an online writing site for freelancers for more than 10 years, so it is obviously doing a lot right.

Any U.S freelance writers (including beginners) who haven’t tried out this site could be missing out on an opportunity to enhance their writing career. welcome writers with differing standards of ability so it may be a good use of your time giving them a try.

If you do have experience as a writer and member of that you wish to share then please leave a comment below, I will be very happy to hear from you.

Star Rating 3/5-A legitimate platform for freelance writers to get connected to Paid writing jobs. Don’t expect to get rich on this platform, but it is a genuine platform that can provide an income stream for freelancers.

3 Star Rating

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