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Opinion Inn Surveys Review-Can You Really Get Paid For Giving Your Opinion?

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Opinion Inn Review

Thanks for checking out my Opinion Inn Surveys review.

Opinion Inn is a survey platform that is designed to pay its members for providing their opinion via online surveys.

In my review today I will be finding out if you really can get paid just for giving your opinion on the Opinion Inn platform.

I will be uncovering what real users of the site are saying about it. I will also be weighing up the pros and cons to help you come to a more informed choice about whether you should join.

First however let’s take a look at how things work.

How Opinion Inn Works

Opinion Inn is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that focuses on surveys, and says you will receive a reward each time that you complete a survey. The platform claims to have already paid its members $4 million dollars in rewards.

The surveys are related to the products and services that are offered by renowned companies. Your answers to each of these surveys are shared with the companies so they can improve their offers to consumers, but your identity is always kept anonymous.

Opinion Inn say your rewards are added to your balance and can be withdrawn when you reach the minimum threshold.

You can register with Opinion Inn for free, and you’ll receive a generous $10 bonus too, which is added to your account but cannot be withdrawn until you’ve competed a few surveys.

You’ll need to share personal information, such as whether you’re married, where you live and whether you have children. This information is used to help determine which surveys you’ll be invited to participate in.

The site does not specifically state that they have an age restriction. However, when you are paid, it will be through PayPal.

That means you’ll need to sign up for a free PayPal account if you don’t already have one. To register for PayPal, you should be 18 years of age or older. If you aren’t this age and sign up for Opinion Inn, you may not be able to receive your earnings.

You’ll receive survey invitations in your email, and you’ll also be able to view survey invitations by visiting the Opinion Inn website. The surveys will be listed on your homepage and under the My Survey tab, which can be accessed from your desktop or your mobile device.

You won’t be able to use an app with the site but the mobile version of the website works well.

You cannot change the information that you send to complete your profile in the beginning. Once your profile is complete and you’ve clicked the verification link that will be sent to your email address, you can start a few of the surveys that you like.

Each survey has a project number and you should carefully note that number before you start the survey. If you experience technical glitches while taking the survey, you can contact member support, giving them the project number so they can assist.

Most of the surveys that are on this platform are from companies that operate in countries like the United States and Canada, so they while they say that they accept members from right around the world, you’ll find that people who live in certain countries are able to qualify for surveys more often.

For example if you live  in India, the UK. Canada, USA or Australia, you can sign up and you’ll be able to get surveys that will pay an average of $5 every now and then.

How You can Earn with Opinion Inn

You’ll start earning with Opinion Inn from the moment that you sign up, since each new member gets a signup bonus of $10.

This means that you’ll reach pay out relatively quickly the first time, since you’ll only need to earn $15 more. You’ll earn by trying to complete as many surveys as possible, as often as you can.

You should ensure that you check your email regularly once you sign up. Survey invitations will be sent to the email address that you provide. While you’re not required to complete surveys often, you’ll earn more if you try more of them.  Bear in mind however that you won’t always qualify for each invitation that you’re sent.

However, you can increase your chances of being sent surveys that you’ll actually qualify for. To do that, go to My Profile and you’ll see all of the profiles that you can update. Once you answer all of these questions, you’ll receive surveys that are more targeted to you.

You can also get to that page from the homepage by clicking Manage My Profile.

It’s important for you to pay attention to the technology that works for you while taking surveys. Some hardware and software may not be compatible with some of the surveys. This means that you may experience technical glitches while attempting those surveys and that could hinder your ability to earn.

To earn as much as possible, ensure that your Internet connection, browser and hardware are all compatible with the surveys.

Some of the surveys only require a specific number of respondents. This means that for example, if they require 100 respondents, they will only accept the first 100 people who attempt the survey.

For this reason, you should try to start a survey as soon as the invitation arrives in your mailbox. if you delay, you may not be able to do it at all because it will be full.

Your earnings per survey will vary from $0.25 for very short surveys, to $20 for longer surveys. There will also occasionally be special surveys that have a higher earnings rate of $100. Payment is sent immediately to your account for some surveys but others can take as long as eight weeks.

This is because some companies may wait until the survey is closed before they send payments out to all the participants.

How to Redeem your Opinion Inn Rewards

To redeem your rewards, you must have a minimum of $25 in your account. Your payment will be sent directly to your PayPal account, so it’s important for you to enter your PayPal information as soon as you sign up.

The email that some members use for PayPal is different from their regular mailing address but the platform asks that you use the same address for both, to avoid delays with your transfer.

Opinion Inn Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing Opinion Inn has a score of 4.6/5 from 39 reviews at TrustPilot.

Opinion Inn is highly thought of my the members that have left reviews. Members report having positive experiences with customer support and confirm they have received their rewards quickly.

The only complaint was that the only option to pay out is PayPal, and some members would prefer alternative options.

I would love to hear from any readers that have tried Opinion Inn. If you have and you want to share your opinion please leave a comment in the comment section below.

What Are The Pros Of Opinion Inn?

  • Free to join platform that offers a $10 sign up bonus. (5 more survey sites that pay you to join)
  • Available to members worldwide.
  • Good customer reviews from real users.
  • Payments via PayPal
  • Some higher paying surveys
  • Good customer support

What Are The Cons Of Opinion Inn?

Some Final Thoughts On Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn is a legit survey site, and it pays its members for their opinion. It offers an enticing $10 bonus to new members who sign up, however you will have to work for this to get to the minimum cash out of $25.

The site has been received well by the members who have left reviews, and some have confirmed they have received their rewards.

At this time Opinion Inn appears to be one of the better survey sites available, and if you’re into taking surveys then this is one that could be worth checking out.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A survey site with a good reputation, and an equally good sign up bonus. They pay their members via PayPal and their customer service is helpful.

3.5 Star Rating

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