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Welcome to this Opinion Outpost Review. Today I will be taking a look at this survey platform and finding out everything you need to know to help you decide if it is worth trying.

What Is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a website that pays you to complete surveys, and also pays you to refer others to complete surveys. It is owned by a company called Survey Sampling International (SSI)-A reputable company.

It has been operating for more than 10 years.


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I have marked Opinionoutpost out of 5 on 3 important criteria

Customer Reviews

3 out of 5-There are more positive than negative reviews around the web although there are some quite recent complaints about there being more disqualifications than what there used to be.

Not qualifying for surveys is however a common gripe for users of survey sites. For the most up to date reviews of this survey site go to surveypolice.com

Redemption Amount

3 out of 5-The cash redemption amount is $10 and Giftcard is $5. I have based my mark on the cash redemption amount as a lot of people prefer cash to gift cards. $10 isn’t bad, although there are other survey sites with lower redemption amounts.

Length Of Time In Business

5 out of 5-This company has been in business over 10 years so it must be doing something right. The chances of this company going out of business before you have had chance to cash out is therefore slim.

Here are the main features of Opinion Outpost

It pays you with either;

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • itunes Gift Cards
  • cash via PayPal
  • Charity Donation

Opinion points are awarded for each survey completed. The points awarded range from approximately 5 to 50, depending upon how long the surveys take, the points can be converted into cash. One opinion point equates to about $0.10.


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The surveys can take either just a few minutes or can last up to 1 hour. The minimum payout if you want to be paid cash/PayPal is $10, and the minimum payout if you want to be paid in Gift Cards is $5.

You can also get paid for referring people to the site. The site pays you $1 every time you make a referral, and the person that you referred must complete one survey. You can earn a maximum of up to $5 for each person referred.

Members must be over the age of 18 and reside in either North America or Europe.

Check out the promotional video below.


The Pros

  • The site pays you extremely quickly, almost immediately, unlike others that only pay on say a particular day of the month, or after a few weeks.
  • You are given a one entry into a quarterly draw of $10,000, so that’s 4 chances a year to win this amount. The chances of winning are slim obviously, as are most prize draws, but as they say, if you’re not in it, then you can’t win it!
  • The site offers sweepstakes and mini games in which you have a chance of winning up to $15.
  • You don’t have to wait around for emails to arrive with new surveys to complete, you can log onto the site and choose surveys listed on there. (The surveys you see on the dashboard however do not say how much you will get paid, and how long it takes to complete the survey, whereas the emailed ones do.)


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  • There are quite a number of good reviews about the surveys being quite interesting, so this is obviously a good thing. Some surveys on other sites can be extremely boring to complete, and is a common reason as to why a lot of people give up on the site before they have even reached the minimum payout.
  • The surveys on this site covers such diverse subjects as medicine, politics and lifestyle choices.
  • There are good reviews about the customer service offered by the site.

Other Aspects Of The Site

You must take at least one survey every 3 months otherwise your opinion points will expire.

The Cons

  • As is the case with a lot of survey sites, you are told that you do not qualify to take a survey after you have started to complete it. This is a common complaint by users of survey sites, and can be very frustrating.
  • This is a low earning opportunity.
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Opinion Outpost is legit as it pays you for completing surveys.

I don’t recommend or not recommend survey sites however. Whether you decide to join really depends on your own personal circumstances.  You will not earn anything other than a side income by completing surveys, so you will have to remain realistic.

My recommendation is that you don’t join a survey site that charges you to sign up. Opinion Outpost is free to join.

I also recommend that you withdraw your earnings from survey sites once you have earned the minimum amount, just in case the site closes down and you end up losing some hard earned cash. The chances of this happening with Opinion Outpost is slim however.

If you have anything you wish to discuss regarding this review, or if you have experience working with opinion outpost that you may wish to share, please leave your comment below, I will be very happy to help.


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