Opinium Review – Can You Really Earn Money For Sharing Your Opinions?

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Opinium Review

Thanks for joining me for this review of a survey platform called Opinium. Can you really earn money for sharing your opinions?

I will be finding this out, along with everything else you need to know about this platform to help you decide if it is worth trying out.

Let’s get started!

Introduction to Opinium – What is it?

Opinium is a UK-based market research agency that administers surveys, focus groups and opinion polls revolving around various topics.

You are required to share your honest opinion and experiences in exchange for cash rewards.

Opinium Research was established in 2007 and it has since drawn a huge membership base of over 41,000 members from the UK.

This research consultancy firm has a good reputation worldwide, particularly for their handcrafted surveys and smart data analysis.

The firm has in fact won various awards in recognition of incisive work in the research industry.

Joining Opinium

Unfortunately, Opinium Research does not accept international members. The panel is only open to UK residents.

You must also be 18 years or older to join this platform. Nevertheless, signing up is free and it involves completing a brief survey about yourself.

You have to fill out your basic information, including your name, email address, gender, age, residence and postal code.

The reason for the short survey is to allow Opinium to know you better and deliver tailor-made surveys just for you.

How does Opinium work?

Opinium works by administering various online surveys and focus group discussions.

The Opinium surveys are incisive and tailor-made to get at the truth. For this reason, you will receive survey invitations that specifically match your profile info.

Most surveys on this platform are short and interesting, and do not take more than 10 minutes to complete.

These surveys focus on topics such as business, social trends, politics, holiday destinations, new technology and retirement plans among many others.

The aim of conducting these surveys is to acquire honest opinions rather than proving a point. You do not have to sugar coat your answers, hoping to get more rewards.

Opinium may occasionally invite you to attend focus group discussions. Just like surveys, these special groups focus on discussing a particular topic in a formal or informal setting. Group discussions take longer, but come with greater incentives.

Opinium also hosts a quarterly prize draw and this gives you the chance to earn greater rewards ranging from technology products to cash prizes.

However, to participate in this quarterly draw, you must have successfully completed at least one survey in the past quarter. These quarterly draws are designed to reward loyal/active members and has a top prize of £100.

Earning Potential

The earning potential of this platform is very low. On average, Opinium sends out four or more survey invitations to its members every month.

Each survey pays about 50p, with longer surveys paying as much as £1 or more. Considering the limited number of surveys per month, you should not expect to make more than £2 per month.

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Payments and Withdrawals

Your account will be credited 24 hours after successfully completing a survey. However, this platform has a very high payout threshold of £25. With most surveys paying an average of 50p each, it would take you a long time for you to accrue this amount.

You may submit a withdrawal request once you meet the minimum payout requirement. Opinium pays via bank transfer, cheque, and Amazon vouchers.

You may request for an alternative payment method if any of the aforementioned options do not suit your preferences. You may also donate your earnings to a charity organization of your choice.

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• Credible Platform
Opinium is a credible platform that is widely acclaimed not only in the UK, but also globally. The company is renowned for its incisiveness in administering surveys and transparency when it comes to payments.

• High Incentive Rewards
This platform offers high incentives for its surveys. Compared to other survey panels, earning £50p for a 10-minute survey is a very attractive remuneration.

• Short, Exciting Surveys
The surveys available on Opinium are short and exciting. You will never have to answer the same questions repeatedly. Furthermore, you can propose topics that may form a basis for future surveys.

• Enhanced Confidentiality
Opinium are very serious when it comes to upholding your privacy. Your private info will never be sold or distributed to any third-party companies.

Furthermore, all your survey answers are held in confidence and clients will never access your personal data.

• Multiple Income Opportunities
Opinium offers multiple income opportunities. You can earn money by taking part in surveys, focus group discussions and special events.

You may also supplement your income through the referral program available on this platform.

• It Offers Multiple Payment Options
This platform offers multiple payment options, including bank transfer, check (cheque) and Amazon vouchers.

You may also request for alternative payment options such as Moneygram, Western Union or PayPal if the above-stated options are not viable.

• Refer -A- Friend Program
Opinium has a sound referral program that you can use to earn extra cash for inviting your friends. This scheme pays 50p for every new member that joins using your referral link.

• Restrictive Membership
Opinium Research is very restrictive when it comes to membership. This panel does not accept international members and you MUST be a resident of the UK to join.

• High Payout Threshold
This platform has a very high payout threshold that stands at £25. It would take you a long time to realize this amount considering that the average pay per survey is £50p.

• Delays in Receiving Payments
The main payment modes include bank transfers and check payments. These modes are lengthy and it may take up to two weeks for your account to be credited.

• Limited Surveys
Opinium offers an average of 4 surveys per month per participant. The limits the earning potential of this platform, and the maximum amount that you can make per month is £2.

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Final Thoughts
Opinium is a credible survey platform. However, the fact that it is only available in the UK locks out many interested participants. The earning potential of this platform is very low, not to mention the high payout threshold.

Nevertheless, focus group discussions pay higher, and you may also increase your earnings by referring your friends. The fact that your payment is guaranteed make it a worthwhile survey platform.

Thanks for reading this review of Opinium. Let me know if you have used this platform and want to share your experience.

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