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Panel Opinea Review-What Are People Saying?

Panel Opinea Review

Today I will be finding out how you can get paid for sharing your opinions as a member of Panel Opinea,

Panel Opinea is a survey panel, and is a product of Cint, a market research firm that’s based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Cint has a number of platforms which are used to collect data on behalf of companies in different sectors.

Cint is a global leader in digital insights gathering. By utilizing all of their platforms, they reach over 100 million people in more than 30 countries.

They are known for paying all of their panelists, so you can expect be rewarded on time for your work.

In my review of Panel Opinea today I will be discovering what users of the platform think of it, and I will also be weighing up the pros and cons to help you decide if this survey site could be the right choice for you.

Let’s get started however by finding out how Panel Opinea works.

How Panel Opinea Works

At Panel Opinea you’ll get paid in cash for sharing your opinions on a wide array of products and services.

This panel focuses on everything from your opinions on magazines to your thoughts on films or products that you use in your work.

The information that you provide is used by companies that want to find out what consumers think of their services.

Since you’re giving your time to share your feedback, these companies will reward you in cash. The information that you provide is kept confidential.

The research teams gather the data and analyze it quantitatively. So, they look at the results of the surveys that they send out as a whole, in order to learn more about what a group of people think about a particular element of their products.

Panel Opinea doesn’t currently seek members from all countries. However, if you’re based in the United Kingdom, Canada and the number of other countries around the world, you can join the respective panel for each of these countries.

Membership in the panel is completely free. You’ll never be asked to pay in order to participate in any of the research that they do.

However, you will have the benefit of knowing about new products before they’re even released to the general market.

Later in this article you’ll learn more about how you can earn by becoming a member of the panel. In order to join Panel Opinea, you’ll need to share information on your postcode, date of birth, email address and gender.

The email address that you supply should be valid and invitations to participate in surveys will be sent to this address.

After you provided this information, you’ll receive a confirmation email but you will need to open it to complete the registration process. You’ll have to follow the instructions and click on the activation link, in order to verify your email address and activate your account.

Teenagers can participate in the panel. However, they’ll need to be at least 15 years of age. You’ll need to verify some of the information that you provide, such as your email address.

Always ensure that you remain consistent with your answers or you may be prevented from taking surveys because the system might flag you for providing incorrect information.

How To Earn On Panel Opinea

You’ll earn cash on Panel Opinea whenever you complete a survey. So, if you wish to earn on the site you should try to participate in as many surveys as you can.

Survey invitations will be sent to your email address. The invitations that you receive are usually based on the information that you provided in your profile.

For example, if a company that produces a magazine for teens between the ages of 17 and 19 requires respondents and you fall in that age group, you’re likely to receive a survey invitation.

However, you’re not compelled to participate in any of the surveys. The surveys vary in length, with shortest ones being usually about 5 minutes long, and the longest surveys will taking approximately 30 minutes.

Information is usually provided on the length of a survey before you start, so you’ll know whether you have enough time to finish it.

The pay that you’ll receive for the surveys that you complete will vary according to their length. Sometimes you’ll be asked to test the product and then complete a survey about it.

In those cases, you’ll often be able to try out a product before it comes on the market. You’ll be compensated for the time that you spend trying the product and the questionnaires that you complete, which will be based on your experience with it.

In most cases, the shortest surveys will pay about $0.30 or the equivalent of that, depending on the country that you’re in.

For example, if you’re in Mexico, the sum paid to you for the survey will be the equivalent of that amount, if you request payment in your local currency. Payment will be sent to your Paypal account in US Dollars and then it will be converted to your local currency.

The maximum that you usually receive for survey is $5. The average member receives about two survey invitations per week.

However, you won’t be able to successfully complete all of these surveys because, just like with other survey sites,  you may be screened out of some surveys.

Screening questions are asked at the beginning of each survey. These questions are used to determine whether you’re in the demographic that’s being targeted by a company that’s using the panel for market research.

If you don’t answer the screening questions in a way that indicates that you’re in the demographic, the survey will end.

In that case you will still be given a small payment as a way of saying thanks for the time that you spent to that point.

This is equivalent to $0.10 and it will be added to your balance automatically.

Panel Opinea is in several countries but the options that are available for each country, in terms of collecting data are slightly different.

For example, in Canada the focus is more on product testing and online surveys. However, in the United Kingdom, you’ll frequently have the opportunity to participate in focus groups. These focus groups will usually pay more than regular online surveys.

You’re free to keep on earning in this way for as long as you wish. There’s no expiration date set for anyone’s membership. In addition, you can stop being a member of the panel at any time. Instructions on how to do this are provided on their website.

I have earned more on this survey site than any other. Check it out.

How To Withdraw From Panel Opinea

Withdrawing your earnings is easy once you’ve reached minimum threshold for payment. This is equal to about $6.

You’ll need to click login and click on My Balance. There, you’ll be able to see how much money you have in your account. Once you reach the minimum you can go ahead and request a withdrawal to PayPal.

Ensure that the email address that you have entered on your account is the same as your PayPal address.

If the email addresses don’t match you’ll need to add your panel email address to your PayPal account or make another change to ensure that they match. Otherwise, you won’t receive your payment.

What Real Users Are Saying About Panel Opinea

If you’re reading this Panel Opinea review, you probably want to know what a wide segment of people who
use the panel.

Panelists are very satisfied with the experience that they’ve had. They like being rewarded for giving their feedback.

However, many also like the idea that their opinions are helping to make products better for everyone. Many users also like being able to learn about products before everyone else.

Anumber of members think that the surveys are interesting and engaging. Some also like being able to learn about media such as magazines and even films that they may not have paid much attention to otherwise.

Like all similar platforms that provide rewards for taking online surveys, it can be frustrating for members to get screened out and disqualified from a survey.

Because this inevitably occurs when taking surveys, the amount you are paid in exchange for the time you invest, can be very low.

I would love to hear from any members of Panel Opinea that want to share their experience with the site. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of Panel Opinea?

  • Panel Opinea is free to all members.
  • The panel is also available in several countries.
  • Members are paid in cash, so they can use their earnings to pay bills or to meet other financial objectives.
  • Panel Opinea always provides you with information on each survey before you start. This way, you’ll know whether the survey is of interest to you and whether you have enough time to complete it.
  • A small compensation is offered when you don’t qualify for a survey.

What Are The Cons Of Panel Opinea?

  • You’ll sometimes we screened out of surveys on Panel Opinea. You’ll have no way of knowing when this is
    likely to happen.
  • This panel is not available in every country around the world. However, they are in several nations so you
    might be able to participate in your country.
  • Panel Opinea tries to send surveys to each member every week. However, you can’t depend on it as a regular
    source of income. You might find that the number of surveys that you receive per month fluctuates slightly.
  • Panel Opinea doesn’t have a convenient app that you could use to take surveys, however the site is mobile friendly.

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Some Final Thoughts On Panel Opinea

In this Panel Opinea review, you’ve learned what users think of this survey site. You’ve also seen how you could earn on this platform.

The surveys on this panel are fun and interesting. You’ll also be paid in cash, so you can use your money in any way that you wish. You’ll always be paid because this is a reliable survey provider.

Don’t forget however that earning from surveys can be slow, and there are better ways to earn. But if you enjoy surveys and like the fact that you can earn a little extra at a time and place that suits you then Panel Opinea could be one to consider.

Star Rating 2-5/5-A legit survey site owned by a very reputable market research company. It’s not available everywhere however it benefits from PayPal payments and has quite a low cash out sum.

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Thanks for checking out my review of Panel Opinea here on my website

I hope you found it to be an interesting read and provides you with enough information to help you decide if this platform could be a good choice for you.

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