PanelBase Review-A Legit Survey Site?

PanelBase Review

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Today I’m reviewing a survey site called Panelbase.

My review will cover what you need to know about this site, if it’s legit, and if so, if it is worth your time. I will also be looking at how things work, how much you are likely to earn, and the pros and cons of signing up.

Sadly, not all survey sites are legit, so you are right to look for reviews like this one to find out what you can about the company before making the decision as to whether you sign up.

A telling sign of a scam survey site is when they charge you a fee and tell you they can provide you with very high paying surveys that will enable you to give up your day job.

That is far from the truth because taking surveys online is low paid

Lets get started then with my Panelbase review, and begin with the all important question……

Is PanelBase Legit?

Yes PanelBase is legit, it is free to join and pays you for your opinions.

The company has been around since 2005 and is based in the UK.

It is a division of Dipsticks Research Limited, which is a UK-based research agency.

The opinions that they gather are used by various organizations that include product manufacturers, advertising and media agencies, film studios, publishing companies, event planners and public service providers among others.

Signing Up To PanelBase

You will need to create a profile and fill out personal information in the profile.

These questions help the site determine which types of surveys for which you are qualified.

Surveys At PanelBase

Panelbase do things a little differently than most survey sites when it comes to providing you with surveys.

Surveys can be found on website, or via email.

However members can also be invited to take part in SMS surveys, telephone surveys, product testing, focus groups and postal surveys.

Surveys at Panelbase

I know what you’re thinking! And the answer is no, you will not be charged for the communication of the surveys that you are invited to participate!

The company also tries to make surveys fun and interactive.

For example you may find surveys that want you to do stuff that isn’t so boring ( let’s be honest most surveys are down right tedious)

The surveys may for example as you to review videos, listen to a radio advert, or be interactive in various other ways in the surveys.

Surveys can take anywhere between 2 mins or up to 15-20 mins.

Members to receive a particular invitation to survey are preselected beforehand using the information that is provided in the profile.

Therefore, ensure that you have filled the personal information that is required when you join the panel.

The clearer you are when filling your personal information, the better you are at getting more invitations to give your opinions.

How Much Do You Get Paid For Taking Surveys?

What you really want to know of course is how much the surveys pay!

The average reward for taking part in surveys is between £0.25 and £10.

The complexity of the survey, along with the duration it takes to complete the survey, determines the total pay for the survey.

The cash is sent directly to the account once the survey is complete.

However you must reach a payment threshold of £10 to be able to withdraw your rewards.

Referring Others To PanelBase

You can also make some money by referring your friends to

The friends must sign up using the link that you have sent them for you to make money from them. For every friend that signs up, you will be credited with £0.20 in your account.

What Are The Rewards At PanelBase?

Rewards at Panelbase

  • Cash forwarded directly to your bank.
  • High-street vouchers
  • Send the rewards to charity
  • Some of the surveys offer you entry to some draws..

In Addition, for every survey for which you are disqualified, you will be rewarded by an entry to each month’s draw that enables you to win up to £100.


  • Surveys are provided to you in a number of ways which makes it more convenient for you
  • You are rewarded for just joining. New members get $3 for just joining the site. Many more rewards are given as you continue being active on the platform.
  • Well-planned website design. The Panel Base website has a nice layout, which makes it easy to navigate from one area to the other and get the information that you are looking for.
  • Fair remuneration


  • Not enough surveys…this is a complaint made by users. It’s good to get paid fairly for the surveys you do, and nice to be compensated for not qualifying for a survey, but if you get very few surveys you just ain’t going to earn very much at all.
  • Getting screened out of surveys-a fact of life with surveys unfortunately.
  • The platform is only available to U.K residents

Final Thoughts On PanelBase

Panel Base is a legitimate website where you can make money by taking part in surveys.

It pays reasonably well for the surveys it has but the lack of surveys can make it difficult to earn any kind of reliable income.

Thanks for reading my review, I hope it helped you to decide whether Panelbase is worth trying out.

Let me know in the comments if you have any experience with Panelbase that you want to share.

Star Rating 2/5-A legit survey platform but the earning potential is very low

2 Star Rating

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