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Piggy Bank GPT Review – Is it Legit?

Piggy Bank GPT Review

Thanks for dropping by to check out our Piggy Bank GPT Review. In our review today we will be having an indepth look at this Get Paid To Site to see if it is legit, and if so, whether it matches up to other similar sites out there.

The world wide web is home to thousands of Get Paid To (GPT) sites that promise to pay participants money just for doing simple tasks online. While some sites stick to their word by paying their members promptly, others are outright scams out to defraud unsuspecting freelancers.

Is Piggy Bank legit or just another online scam? Keep reading and find out….

Introduction To Piggy Bank GPT

Piggy Bank is one of the many Get-Paid-To websites that pays redeemable points for completing simple tasks online. However, unlike a lot GPT sites that seem to take ages to settle payments, Piggy Bank  claims to be a legitimate platform that pays its members promptly.

Certainly, there is some level of sincerity in this claim considering the fact that the company started in 2010, and it has been consistently offering its members numerous opportunities to make money online.

Joining Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank makes it very easy for anyone to become a member. Joining is free, but you must be 13 years or older to participate. Also, the company only allows one account per household. Any attempt to create more than one account on the same IP address will be deemed as a violation of their terms and conditions.

This program accepts applicants from all over the world.

Creating an account

Creating an account with Piggy Bank GPT is a relatively long process, but worth the effort. All that is required is some basic info such as your first name, last name, username, email address, physical address and country of origin.

You will also be asked to provide your phone number, date of birth and preferred payment method. Accepting the terms and conditions of the company signifies the end of the registration process.

Earning money with Piggy Bank

There are several ways of making money on this platform. These include:

• Taking surveys
• Completing offers
• Playing games
• Referring friends (new members)

Taking surveys

Taking surveys entails answering questionnaires and submitting reviews about various products and services. You may be asked to share your opinions on any topic that suits your interests.

Completing offers

Completing offers is a broad topic that involves tasks such as signing up for various programs (paid to sign up), completing free trials and testing various products and services.

You may be required to pay for some offers before you can earn rewards. However, your expenses will be reimbursed along with your rewards after you complete the offer.

Playing games

Playing games is no longer just a pastime activity. Piggy Bank offers you a chance to earn money by simply playing fun and exciting games online. You will earn points every time you play the Piggy Bank slot game and stand a chance of winning various prizes.

Referring friends

You can also earn extra points just for referring new members to Piggy Bank GPT. You will earn 25% of your referrals earnings, 5% of level 2 referral earnings and 1% of level 3 referral earnings.

Income Potential

Piggy Bank GPT uses a point-based system that awards $1 for every 100 points (coins) earned.

The income potential of this site is very low considering that most tasks pay between 12 coins to 25 coins. This translates to $0.12 and $0.25 respectively. The only way of making a steady income on this platform is by utilizing their referral program.

The more participants you refer, the higher your chances of earning higher amounts. However, you must encourage your referrals to remain active to increase your income potential.

Requesting Payments

The minimum withdrawal limit at Piggy Bank GPT is only 100 coins ($1), and payments are processed twice daily. You may request for payment via Skrill, Entro Pay and Payza or redeem your Piggy Bank coins for jackpot entries, Amazon gift cards or merchandise.

What Are The Pros?

Free registration

Piggy Bank offers free registration to all interested applicants from all over the world without any restrictions. In addition, you will not be required to pay a penny in membership fees once you become a participant.

Low payout threshold

The withdrawal limit is only 100 coins ($1). You can easily reach this amount by making good use of the available income opportunities

Numerous Income opportunities

Just like any other GPT site, Piggy Bank offers numerous income opportunities, including taking surveys, completing trial offers, playing games, clicking & viewing ads and referring new members to the site.This ensures consistent work flow to all participants.

Multiple payment options

Piggy Bank GPT offers multiple payment options, including Payza and Skrill. You may also redeem your coins for merchandise, jackpot entries or Amazon gift cards.

Good customer support

It offers excellent help desk services via a prompt email ticketing system. The support representatives are always prompt when it comes to answering queries and resolving issues

Free Tutorials

Piggy Bank offers free video tutorials to all members. You can always refer to these tutorials when looking for tips or whenever you get stuck.

What Are The Cons?

Low payouts

The company offers payouts ranging from $0.10 to $0.25 only. This amount does not reflect the amount of work you have to do to earn rewards.

Payment issues

According to some members, Piggy Bank GPT has some issues when it comes to making payments. Although the company claims that payments are prompt, some members have not received their payments for ages.

No Paypal

This platform does not support PayPal payments. Most freelancers prefer payments via PayPal considering the fact that it is fast, well-established and available worldwide.

Verdict: Is Piggy Bank GPT worth joining?

The income potential of this site is not significant. Although the tasks on this site are relatively simple, Piggy Bank only offers a maximum of $0.25 per task.

This amount does not therefore provide an income you can rely on to pay the bills….Some members have also complained about not receiving their pay even after reaching the minimum payout limit.

This is quite alarming considering the fact that the payout threshold is only $1. Putting all these factors into consideration, Piggy Bank GPT isn’t a platform I am going to recommend.

Let me know in the comments if your experience if Piggy Bank GPT is different. It will be great to hear from you.

Star Rating 2/5-Legit Platform, But A Low Income Opportunity With Issues For Some Members

2 Star Rating

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