Pinecone Research-A Review

Have a read of my review of Pinecone Research. Find out more about this online survey site.


What is Pinecone Research?

  • Pinecone Research is a survey site that pays its members to complete surveys, it also pays its members for product testing.
  • Payments are made to members by cash (via PayPal), by check or Gift Card.
  • Members are paid a minimum amount of $3 per survey. The amount rises to a maximum of $5 as you complete more surveys.
  • Members get approx 1-3 surveys per week and take on average about 10-15 mins to complete.
  • Pinecone pays you promptly (usually within 24-28 hours).
  • The site has bi-weekly contest in which you can win $500.

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I have marked Pinecone Research out of 5 on the following criteria;

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5-Nearly every review I saw online spoke highly of this survey site, it is considered by many to be the best one around (check out for recent reviews of Pinecone). The only complaint I saw was that there weren’t enough surveys sent, however this is commonly complained about by members of a lot of survey sites. It is recommended that if you want to earn more completing surveys then you should join more survey sites.

Redemption Amount

5 out of 5-I have given Pinecone a top score for this as you are paid once you have earned something. This is a great feature as some sites will pay out once you’ve earned up to as much as $50.

Length of time in Business

4.5 out of 5-Another great score as the company has been around for quite a number of years. I give low scores for this when they just start out just in case the company goes out of business and members are unable to cash out.

Product Testing

If you are a member of Pinecone and you complete surveys for them you will be sent free products to test at home. You are asked on the surveys if you want to participate, and if you agree then products will be forwarded to you after the survey is completed. Once you have tested it you will get a further survey about the testing you did.

Signing Up

Before signing up you will be asked to fill out a profile, you aren’t guaranteed to be accepted however, as you may not fit the demographics. The advantage of this is that if you do get accepted then you will always qualify for the surveys that they send you.


  • Reputable company with a good reputation
  • Guaranteed $3 for each survey completed
  • Always qualify for surveys


  • Not guaranteed to qualify for sign up
  • No mobile app
  • Only a small side income
  • Not available Worldwide


My verdict is that this company is legit.

Pinecone is definitely legit, and has a good reputation.

Completing surveys however will not be a full time income for you. It will provide a better side income for you if you join a number of these sites. Only join survey sites that are free to join, and that way it will only cost you your time.

You may however decide that your time is too valuable to spend on completing surveys for only a small income. Instead you may consider it more worthwhile using the time to build a lucrative online business

Remember to read the terms and conditions when signing up to a survey site to ensure you understand the rules. You may also want to read about what does or doesn’t happen to the personal data you are giving over.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Pincone Research. If you have any questions or if you have experience working with Pinecone then you may wish to share your experiences below.

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