Planet Hippo Web Hosting Review – Is It the Perfect Host For Your Site?

Planet Hippo Website Hosting

Today I am taking a close look at Planet Hippo Web Hosting to find out if it could be the perfect host for you and your website.

Planet Hippo is a well-renowned web hosting company based in the United Kingdom. Since its launch in 2006, the company has built a loyal customer base thanks to its extremely low price offerings on various hosting options, coupled with high levels of transparency.

It is therefore not surprising that Planet Hippo is among the leading hosting platforms not only in the UK, but also the whole of Europe.

Planet Hippo Hosting Plans

The platform offers three hosting options. These include:

• Shared web hosting
• Cloud VPS solutions
• Reseller Hosting Services

1. Shared Web Hosting

Under the shared web hosting, the company offers One Account Plan that supports hosting of a single domain in a shared environment. Costing only £1 ($1.38) per month, the One Account plan features 1GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, a single email account and a well-designed control panel.

Considering the simplicity of this plan, it is ideal for personal and small business websites that do not require extensive resources. It is also ideal for WordPress websites that are not too complex or resource-intensive.

2. Cloud Virtual Private Server Hosting

As you might already know, a virtual private server (VPS) is a physical server that has been divided into virtual compartments for the purposes of hosting your website. The compartments are easily upgradable in the sense that they can be set up with their own software in order for them to function independently.

Planet Hippo offers VPS web hosting services at the cost of £12 ($16.55) per month. This price plan features 50GB SSD space, 1GB Ram, 1 Core Processor, unlimited bandwidth, plus free setup. VPS hosting is ideal for expanding businesses that require more resources to accommodate the increasing traffic.

3. Reseller Hosting

Planet Hippo allows web designers and developers to conveniently provide hosting services to their clients through the reseller hosting plan. Costing £9 ($12.41) per month, this plan features 100 GB SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, multiple domains, unlimited email accounts and a well-designed control panel.

Setting Up an Account

Setting up a Planet Hippo Account is not as easy as it looks. Besides providing your domain name and contact info, you have to submit your payment details manually. This is because the company does not provide swift payment options; it does not support PayPal payments, and credit card transactions are lengthy.

Nevertheless, your account will be set up once you manage to complete the initial payment successfully.

Creating a website on Planet Hippo

Most hosting platforms come with site builders and drag and drop editors that allow you to create your own site seamlessly regardless of your web design skills.

However, Planet Hippo is quite different from conventional web hosting platforms, as it does not have a site builder either does it offer free web development tools. However, the company has a unique publisher that features customizable one-page templates.

Depending on your web design skills, you can use these templates to build simple personal websites within a matter of minutes. Otherwise, you will have to enlist the services of a third-party web developer.


Very Low Prices
The company offers a wide range of web hosting options, starting from £1 per month. This is perhaps the lowest amount compared to what other hosting platforms are offering. Furthermore, the site does not indulge in upsells or subject subscribers to hidden charges. This has turned out to be the company’s selling point over the years.

Unlimited Bandwidth
Just like most hosting companies, Planet Hippo offers unlimited bandwidth on all their hosting plans. This ensures optimum performance for hosted websites regardless of the amount of traffic and frequency of data transactions.

High Speed Network
The site offers reliable hosting services at super speeds. This reliable high speed network ensures fast loading times and superior site performance.

24/7 Chat Support
Planet Hippo guarantees reliable 24/7 support services to all account holders. You may contact support via Live Chat, email or phone.


Frequent downtimes
The company started out as a reliable web hosting platform with guaranteed uptime. However, this is no longer the case. According to some customers, Planet Hippo has become notorious for their frequent downtimes. Hardly a day passes without a customer complaining of network downtimes.

Security issues
Upon the successful completion of your account setup, members complain that Planet Hippo sends the password to your master account via email. This is a big security threat considering the fact that hackers or any unauthorized person can easily access your email account and retrieve your password.

Limited hosting options
Unlike most hosting platforms, Planet Hippo only offers a limited range of products, including three hosting plans. This limitation may have a bearing on the performance of your website, especially when you want to upgrade your account and take your business to the next level.

Inconsistent customer support
Although Planet Hippo offers 24/7 support, these help desk services are not always consistent. Some customers have complained about receiving poor customer service and delayed responses.

Cumbersome account setup
Setting up an account with Planet Hippo is slow. In addition, the platform does not accept payments via PayPal, and this further compounds the problem.

Final Verdict: Is Planet Hippo a reliable hosting platform?

It is true that Planet Hippo offers lowly priced hosting solutions coupled with well-designed control panels and speedy loading times. With hosting plans starting at £1 per month, this platform seems to be the ideal option for website owners working on a tight budget.

However, all the negative reviews surrounding this platform, raises some concerns.

According to several consumer reviews, Planet Hippo is notorious for providing poor after-sale services. In addition, the company has some issues when it comes to providing uninterrupted uptime.

customers have complained of experiencing lengthy downtimes several times in a day.

If the host company cannot guarantee uptime for their own website then it means clients have to look elsewhere for lasting web hosting solutions. In view of all these user reviews it is difficult recommending them.


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