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Welcome to today’s review. I have been exploring various platforms recently that pay you to listen to music, and I came across another one called Playlist Push.

In this review I will be finding out how the platform works and whether it matches up to similar platforms available online.

So if you are interested in music, and you want to earn a few dollars at the same time then buckle up because Playlist Push may be what you are looking for.

What Is Playlist Push?

Playlist Push is an online platform that helps independent artists to get their songs on Spotify playlists in order to increase their exposure and ratings, and receive feedback about their music.

At the same time, it allows Spotify subscribers to monetize their playlists.

How Is Playlist Push Connected To Spotify?

Spotify is one of the largest audio streaming platforms that offers its subscribers access to millions of songs from artists around the world.

So, by joining Playlist Push, you can review the tracks on your Spotify Playlist and earn as
much as $6 per track.

In effect Playlist Push offers you a platform to become a music curator where you can earn
money by simply reviewing tracks on your Spotify Playlist.

Getting Started With Playlist Push

Unfortunately becoming a playlist curator with Playlist Push is not as easy as it may first seem.  That’s because you must meet various requirements to sign up as a curator.

Firstly, you must have a Spotify account before you can join Playlist Push. In addition, your Spotify
account playlist must have at least 400 real followers with a minimum of 20 monthly listeners.

Depending on your social marketing skills of course, attracting a minimum of 400 followers may not be such an easy task.

Realistically it could take you a few weeks or even months to build such a following.

There are no shortcuts either as  Playlist Push does not allow members to gain followers through follow gates or any other online services.

They have a very strict policy against accounts with fake followers or members buying playlists from other subscribers.

Nevertheless, once you build a strong following on Spotify, you can sign up with Playlist Push and start earning money reviewing music from independent artists.

How To Make Money With Playlist Push

If you do manage to get yourself a strong following of active listeners on Spotify, then making money with Playlist Push can be fairly easy.

As soon as you are approved as a curator, Playlist Push will send you several new songs that match your preferred genre for review.

You will only receive a song each time an artist runs a Playlist Push campaign that targets the
genres in your playlist.

You are required to review each of the songs with an option to add or not add the songs to your

Once your feedback is approved, you will receive anywhere ranging from $1 to $20 depending on your Reputation Score.

What Is Your Reputation Score?

Your reputation score is calculated according to the number of listeners you have on your Spotify playlist, your activity and the quality of your reviews. The higher your Reputation Score is, the more money you should expect.

How Much Can I Make With Playlist Push?

Playlist Push has a reasonable income potential. You can make as much as $20 for each song you manage to review successfully.

However, the amount of money you can make entirely depends on your Reputation Score.

To enhance your score and receive higher payouts, you should add popular, high quality tracks to your playlist. In addition, you should provide great feedback by letting artists know why you added or did not add their songs to your playlists.

Doing so will help you maintain a healthy curator account. You will also attract more followers and active listeners to your playlist for higher earnings.

Also, remember to update your playlist regularly to give your followers a great listening experience.

Cashing Out With Playlist Push

You may request for payment once you have $20 in your account. However, you must wait for a manual review of your account before you can receive your first payout.

Payouts are made weekly and you may have to wait for the next payment cycle to receive money in your bank account.

It would appear that Playlist Push does not support PayPal payments. Instead, the company uses Transferwise for all their payouts.

What We Like About Playlist Push

-Available worldwide

-Free to join

-Reasonable income potential

-Fun and exciting way of earning money

What We Don’t Like About Playlist Push

-Stringent signing up requirements

-Does not support PayPal payments

-First payouts are tied to a manual verification process

-Pays once a week

Some Final Thoughts On Playlist Push

If you are a music lover who wants to make money from your hobby then Playlist Push is the right platform for you.

This website offers you a chance to earn money while enjoying your favorite pastime. Signing up is the only hurdle you have to overcome, but once you are approved as a playlist curator, you should be able to realise some reasonable returns.

Star Rating 3/5- A legit platform that can allow you to earn a reasonable side income listening to music. A large following on Spotify however is needed before you can start making money so expect to invest some time into this venture.

3 Star Rating

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