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Pogo App Review-Can You Save Cash On Your Shopping?

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If you are looking for apps to install on your device that could save you cash on your shopping expenses, then this Pogo App review will be of interest to you.

That’s because The Pogo App is a rewards app that is designed to give you points every time you shop.

In my review today I will be finding out what you need to know about the app to help you decide if this is the best shopping app for you.

To help me I will be discovering what real users of the app are saying about it, and I will be weighing up the likely pros and cons should you decide to join.

First however let’s get started by taking a look at how The Pogo App works.

How The Pogo App Works

Unlike some apps that only give you rewards for specific brands, you can earn points with The Pogo App for every store that you shop at.

Earn Rewards With Every Purchase With The Pogo App

Earn Rewards With Every Purchase With The Pogo App

In addition, you will receive personalized offers from the Pogo App. This makes it easy to find deals that match your regular shopping habits. The app is designed to help you save in several different ways.

The Pogo app is completely free. You can use it on either your Android phone or your iPhone. The app will require 80 MB of space on your device. Once it’s installed, you can even choose to earn rewards by sharing your data.

How To Earn With The Pogo App

You can earn with the Pogo App in a variety of ways. If a friend invites you to use the app and you sign up by using their referral link, you’ll earn 1,000 points immediately. However, you can’t withdraw this bonus until you reach the minimum balance.

You can also earn bonuses in other ways. For example, when you link your first card, you’ll earn 300 points. If you have a customer account at a megastore such as Amazon, you’ll earn 800 points when you link the app to it.

The most common way that members earn rewards on this app is by shopping. Everyone who uses the app for their shopping on Amazon, restaurant meals at KFC and everything else that they do on a daily basis, always earns points.

After you’ve installed the app, you’ll have to link your debit card or your credit card to it. Once you do that, the app will automatically generate receipt details for every purchas that you make with your card. This means that you won’t need to upload a receipt after you shop.

No Need To Upload Receipts With The Pogo App

No Need To Upload Receipts

You can also use the app to save on your groceries. Wherever you shop for groceries with your credit or debit card, you’ll earn points automatically.

You’ll even earn points if you pay for pet boarding or other pet services by using your credit and debit card, once that card is linked to the app.

After you complete a transaction, the app keeps track of the points that you’ve earned. When you log into the app, you’ll see the name of the store along with the date of the transaction and the number of points that you earned at that time.

However, there is a further step that you must take in order to have those points added to your balance. There’s a Claim button beside each transaction. You should tap that button within 14 days of your purchase, in order to have your points added to your balance.

You can also receive data dividends if you’re a member of the app. If you give the app permission to utilize your data in a confidential manner you’ll be rewarded every month.

Get Rewarded For Your Data With The Pogo App

Get Rewarded For Your Data

Your data is used in quantitative analysis. This means that the information that you allow to be used will not be linked back to you. Instead it will be analyzed with data provided by many other users and used to guide the decisions that are made by companies.

When your data is used in this way, the developers receive financial compensation and as a member, you’ll receive 10% of whatever they earn from that activity.

Your data is also used by companies that sell the things that you like. For this reason, whenever you’re on sites such as Facebook, you might notice that the ads on your screen are catered to your interests.

This is because data has been collected on your shopping habits and it’s used to display ads that match your lifestyle.

Paid surveys are a popular option for earning on the Pogo App. Surveys vary in length and cover a range of topics but all are used by companies to improve the services that they offer. Some are related to the products that have been developed by private organizations while others affect the entire community and are related to government objectives.

For example, you may be asked to complete a survey on Covid-19 which pays 200 points. You could also be offered a survey related to the services provided by Kroger and that would pay 500 points.

Whenever you complete a survey, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped to improve service delivery and made the world better in some other way.

Many members of the app receive points for completing tasks that are related to their shopping habits. For example, they may receive points for providing feedback on a deal that they’ve benefitted from.

The Pogo App can be used to reduce your monthly expenses. You can negotiate bills such as your Internet bill by using your debit or credit card. Since you can enjoy savings with the app in any category, it pays to link your card and then use that card to pay your utility bills.

Save On Your Bills With The Pogo App

Save On Your Bills

Some offers are standard with the Pogo App. However, after you’ve been using the app for a while you will receive offers that have been customized just for you. For example, you may receive extra discounts at your favorite stores.

The Pogo App has a referral program. Whenever you refer a friend to this site and they sign up and link their first card, they will receive 1,000 points and you’ll also receive 1,000 points. You can refer as many people to the platform as you wish.

The Referrals section of the app has all the information you require to earn income from referrals. You can select a link that you can share on social media channels such as Facebook. If you prefer, you can also select a referral code that you can use elsewhere.

How To Withdraw From The Pogo App

On the Pogo App, you have two ways to withdraw your earnings in cash. You can choose a PayPal transfer or you can utilize Venmo.

Cash Out Via PayPal Or Venmo With The Pogo App

Cash Out Via PayPal Or Venmo

You’ll only need a minimum balance of $3 to withdraw funds from your account. This is equivalent to 3,000 points. You’ll usually receive your transfer within a day.

What Real Users Are Saying About The Pogo App

The Pogo App has received an impressive average rating of 4.9 from over 13,700 reviewers on the Apple Store.

Reviewers say that the app is easy to use. They like the convenience of earning automatically as they shop, without having to take photos of their receipts with their phone.

Like all apps however there are complaints about certain issues.

Some users wish that some merchants would give them more points for shopping, especially when they make sizable purchases.

Some users complain that the points they gain aren’t worth very much and should carry a higher value.

There are other users who don’t always have time to check the app and wish that they had more than 14 days to claim their points.

Members are pleased that it only takes five minutes to connect their card to the app. However, some have said that cards from some financial institutions don’t work with the app. Those cards cannot be connected, so they have to use other bank cards.

Others say they have issues when trying to get their telephone number verified.

What Are The Pros Of The Pogo App?

  • The Pogo App gives you cash back on everything that you purchase online. You won’t have to limit your shopping to particular stores in order to earn points. In addition, all of your rewards can be tracked in one place.
  • You don’t have to spend any time uploading receipts. The Pogo App avoids the technical glitches which result from printed receipts being unclear, badly photographed or late. That means your account will be credited for all of your points.
  • You’re allowed to link several cards to the app simultaneously. You can claim bonuses for all of these cards. For example, if there’s a particular card that you prefer to use when you’re purchasing travel-related offers, you can earn points by using that card.

What Are The Cons Of The Pogo App?

  • The Pogo App avoids receipts by linking your credit or debit card to the app. This means that you must have a credit or debit card in order to benefit from the deals.
  • Although the app uploads information from each purchase automatically to qualify you for points, there’s a step that you’ll need to complete. You have to claim those points in order to have them added to your balance.

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Some Final Thoughts On The Pogo App

This Pogo App review has shown you how you can earn cash back through your regular shopping.

The app is easy to use and you can use it anywhere in the United States. You can also earn on the app by doing other tasks such as surveys.

All of your points are added to one account and can be easily withdrawn whenever you reach the minimum balance. You can get points for almost anything and the app is easy to use, so it’s highly recommended.

Star Rating 3/5-An app that offers both saving and earning opportunities for its members. Not available worldwide however.

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Thanks for checking out my review of The Pogo App. I hope you found it to be informative and helps you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

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