Points2Shop Review: Redeem Points For Rewards

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In this Points2Shop Review I will be taking a look at this established ‘Get Paid To’ site and finding out how you can earn points and redeem them for rewards.

Get Paid To sites are a popular way of earning a little extra online, in exchange for your time carrying out various tasks. If you find yourself browsing around the internet a lot, getting paid for spending your time online may not sound like a bad idea.

Reward sites like these however won’t pay a lot, they are only designed to pay you a small compensation for the time you are sacrificing carrying out the tasks.

If you are happy earning a small side income in your spare time then that’s cool, let’s find out about Points2Shop

Intro To Points2Shop

Points2Shop is a Get-Paid-To platform that provides sponsored offers to members. This site uses a point-based system, which awards points to its members after completing various tasks.

The points that you earn are redeemable, and you can use them to shop for merchandise from Amazon.

Unlike other GPT sites, Points2Shop is perhaps the only GPT platform that offers free shipping to members in the US, UK and Canada.

It also has a tracking service, which you can use to monitor the progress of your order after making a purchase.

Is Points2Shop legitimate or a scam?

Points2Shop is not a scam. It is a legitimate company that has its headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia. The company has been serving its members diligently since its inception in 2007.

Points2Shop has an excellent support team and friendly moderators who are readily available to answer all your queries.

What do I need to join Points2Shop?

It is free to join Points2Shop as long as you are above 18 years old. Teens aged 13+ can also join, albeit with a parent or guardian’s approval.

Points2Shop will not ask you for payment neither do they need your credit card information for you to become a member. It is imperative that you abide by the terms of service to avoid having issues with your account.

Does Points2Shop really work?

According to the testimonials on this platform, most Points2Shop members seem happy with the terms of service.

Payments are prompt and earning redeemable points has never been easier. You may spend your points on low-cost rewards, gamer gift cards, retail gift cards or donate to charity without any squabbles.

Unfortunately, you cannot convert your points into cash, however Points2Shop makes up for this by offering a good selection of rewards.

How can I earn points on Points2Shop?

You can easily purchase an item that you want simply by completing various tasks and earning points on this platform. Popular ways of earning points on Points2Shop include:

• Offers
Participate in P2S offers and earn great cash and point rewards. These offers entail signing up for free sites, testing mobile apps and participating in research studies. Earnings are as much as 300 points per offer.

• Referrals
Points2Shop has a unique referral program that pays you according to the quality of your referrals. If your referrals live in the US, UK or Canada, you stand a chance to earn higher cash rewards ranging between $1 and $1.50.

• Playing games
Playing online games is a fun way of earning points on Points2Shop. This platform has more than 30 free online games just for you. You can earn as much as 150 points for each game that you play.

• Monthly Contests
You can participate in monthly contests and earn up to $15 in cash. All you have to do is get the most referrals in a particular month.

Getting paid on Points2Shop

Points2shop strictly uses a point-based system and does not pay its members in cash for completing tasks. Moreover, you cannot convert your points to cash. However, the referral program on this platform pays in cash.

You can withdraw your referral earnings once you reach the minimum cash-out. The minimum cash-out varies depending on the payment processor.

For PayPal, Payza and Dwolla payments, the minimum is $1, while for Amazon gift cards, check and Global Virtual Visa Reward, the minimum cash-out is $5. Expect your payments within 24 hours. Gold members enjoy instant payments.

• Reputable GPT site
• It is free to join
• Registration bonus (250 points)
• Multiple offers for users
• Free shipping to members in the US, UK and Canada
• It has an excellent customer support
• Chat feature for members
• Low minimum redemption requirement of 100 points only
• Variety of payment processors such as Payza, PayPal, E-Gold, Dwolla, & Check
• Instant payments for Gold members

• Uses a Point based system and only offers cash for referrals
• Complex referral program
• Can only redeem items from Amazon

Final Thoughts

Points2Shop is a good GPT platform. There are so many opportunities for you to earn points and acquire any Amazon merchandise at discounted rates.

The fact that they provide free shipping on selected items makes this platform even more appealing. You can also earn cash rewards by referring your friends to this site.

If you are looking for a GPT site that is worth your time and effort, then Points2Shop is the site for you.

Points2Shop ……6 out of 10 This is a good GPT site with numerous ways to earn. The only real disappointment is that it doesn’t pay cash for the tasks carried out, only for the referrals you get.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know if you have experience working with Points2Shop by dropping a comment below and sharing your experience.

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