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Premise App Review-How Much Can You Earn?

Premise App Review

Thanks for checking out my review of  The Premise App.

The Premise App is an online platform designed to reward its members for carrying out small shopping tasks.

In my review today I will be finding out what you need to know about the Premise App platform to help you decide whether it is worth it for you.

What Is The Premise App?

Premise App is an application developed for Android and iOS devices, and it is used in gathering real-world economic data. The data collected goes a long way in helping companies to make crucial marketing decisions.

If you’re an iPhone user you can sign up at The App Store, or if you have an Android device you can sign up at The Play Store. Alternatively you can sign up via The Premise App website

How do things work on the Premise App?

As the user of Premise App you’ll be offered assignments to collect prices on items sold within your local retail stores.

Premise App tasks

Paid tasks available with the Premise App

Much of the data collection happens through the taking of photos. You may also be required to give insight on what you have experienced, or even the sentiments on what happens around your activities.

Each participation in a designated assignment qualifies you for automatic payment.

What do You Need to Start Using the Premise App?

– Firstly, you’ll need to acquire an iOS or Android-enabled device.

– Secondly, go to Google Play Store or the App Store and download the app before installing it on your device.

– After installing the app, you should create an account and register

– Once you are registered, you are free to take any assignment. You’re also at liberty to skip any assignment, which you think is unfit for you and find a different one.

– The assignments differ based on location. For instance, you may be asked to take photos of a price tag of a bottle of apple juice or the pictures of a bus ticket price at a bus terminus.

Premise App Task Locations

Locating Tasks with the Premise App

– You’ll use the Premise Apps’ computer vision system to snap your images for analysis. The App’s software will do the verification of the facts snapped as well as the location of where the pictures were taken.

The App can identify the time, assignment, and location at the time that you take the images. You’re are always free to check the App for new assignments within your locality.



Check Out How Much You Can Earn



How much can you earn from the Premise App?

Each posted assignment on the app comes with a price tag, which shows how much you can earn from the completion of that particular assignment.

If you participate in an assignment, you can earn a few cents or at least $0.50 for each assignment.

Your location also influences how much you can earn from this app. Basically, users from certain regions tend to get more tasks with greater pay rates than others.

Sometimes the assignments don’t only involve price data collection. In some cases, you may even be asked to estimate how many homes in low-income regions have water or electricity.

Therefore, the app also serves to track the advancement of development projects.

How Does Premise App Pay You?

You are required to choose your preferred payment option when signing up for the Premise App.

After selecting the option, you have to provide all the required personal details that will assist the company in processing your payment.

Until recently you would be automatically paid for each assignment completed, therefore there was basically no minimum payout. This has now changed and you have to accumulate $15 before being able to cash out.

Premise App Reviews

At the time of writing The Premise App has a score 3.6 out of 5 with over 80,000 reviews at Google Play.

The score was higher until recently when the cash out sum was implemented, causing a number of low scores to be given.

Most of the users of this App however are happy with their experience. They have managed to cash out, and enjoy being able to earn a little extra with their activities on the app.

Some users however complain about technical issues, with some having difficulty getting their payment. Most of these however say customer service resolved the issue.

Some complain about account suspension. The app has responded by saying suspensions are due to not sticking to community guidelines.

I have received quite a lot of feedback from my readers in the comments section below this review so you may want to check that out.

I would love to hear from any more readers that have used The Premise App and want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What are the Pros of the Premise App?

– The company is expanding the use of its app to other nations such as Canada, the U.S, the U.K.

– It free to register and work on this platform. Moreover, the app is relatively easy to use.

What are the Cons of the Premise App?

– You’ll need an Android or iOS-enabled mobile device to use the Premise App.

– The Premise App is not usable in some localities or nations where its network hasn’t reached.

– The amount earned may is influenced by your locality.

– The Cash out sum is now $15 which is quite high.

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Is The Premise App Worth It?

The Premise App is offered by a reliable company that you can trust and work with, well across all its regional networks in the world.

The app is easily downloadable for all iOS and Android devices, and it’s easy to use.

The site has plenty of data collection assignments, which get displayed on a daily basis and you can pick any of them, complete them, and get paid once your balance reaches $15.

Your earnings will depend on your location as well as the number of assignments, which you’ll be able to complete.

If you do manage to get enough assignments to get you to $15 within a reasonable time then the App is going to be worth it. Unfortunately there are no guarantees of how many assignments will be made available to you.

Star Rating 2.5/5 A legit App that offers opportunities to earn a small income from carrying out assignments in your local area.
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Thanks for checking out my review of The Premise App, I hope you found it informative and will help you decide if the app is a good option for you.

I have written hundreds of similar reviews and articles about making money online here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE

36 thoughts on “Premise App Review-How Much Can You Earn?”

  1. Premise is scam..they do not pay..i contacted their support and every time they say they have a payment problem and that lasted for a month..dont waste your time with this!

    1. Hi Alex,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with my readers. I’m sorry to hear about your problems with your payment from The Premise App.
      There are lots of users that have been paid by the App, so I wouldn’t call it a scam.
      I have noticed however that some users are finding that their accounts are being suspended when they request payment. Premise say its due to what they say are violations of Premise’s Community Guidelines.
      You don’t say whether your account was suspended. If it wasn’t then I would push for a reason why they haven’t paid you. If it is a technical issue they are having with payments then they need to sort it out for you.

  2. I love this app… Ive really enjoyed completing the task and done so with great effort .. Of course the reason why was the payment of having an adventure but at 20.15 I’m still unable to cash out. It reads that there is a a problem with my PayPal account but I’ve checked again and again. There is no issues with my account. Please help!

    1. Hi Jack,
      I’m please to hear you are enjoying using the Premise App. Unfortunately we won’t be able to resolve the issue here, you will need to contact the Premise App team regarding technical issues. Thanks for reading and your comment.

  3. Well! as much as the premise app would not make anybody millions but then, the little change that it can bring in would later stack up and become worthwhile over a log period. The legitimacy of this is the reason i am delighted to register for it. I like platforms that are legit and since they simple tasks jeered towards garnering legit details and info, I would be willing to work for them and make some money.

    1. Hi Shelley,
      Yes this app won’t make you rich but it is a legit app that can earn you a few valuable dollars on the side. Good luck, let us and our readers know how you get on.

  4. Legitimacy and honesty are the two things I look out for before getting attached with any platform on the net. this premise app has passed on both ends and also remains another platform to get a little money while dong everyday normal task. On a norms, we do the things so, why not just do them to get some money. hence, I will get the app downloaded now.

  5. Others might not value this, but for me, this is a big thumbs up and I am going to make the best use of this. i like making money from doing little tasks and this is another app that is presenting such an offer. This is a nice initiative and well worthy as an alternative to make money on the internet. Thanks for sharing and it is so thoughtful of you.

    1. Hi Bella,
      Yes it’s everyones choice. The tasks aren’t too difficult and it is a convenient way to earn albeit only a small earning opportunity. I’m glad our review was informative.
      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Oh, this is very good to be very honest. I like the way this app works and how the data collection is used as well. I understand what it means and why it is used. I also understand that some regions might earn more and get more tasks than others. The earning potential is not really on the high side though. Nice post!

    1. Hi John,
      Yes you’re right, the income is low, and lower in more rural areas. You could however be in luck if you happen to be in an area that is focused upon. You do however need to keep your expectations realistic. Thanks for your comment.

  7. This is a very interesting concept that I never saw before. I have not downloaded the app but wish to understand more on how this works. Does an ‘assignment’ require going to a retail location and take a picture of the price/product information? If one were collecting pricing data would it be more efficient to go the site and collect the price information? After collecting this information, how is this data used?

    1. Hey there,
      Premise are involved with various organisations and community groups. The data collected offers valuable insights to improve products and services. If you want to find out more about what the company does then check out their website Premise.Com

  8. Thanks, I am a fan of objective reviews that gives the pros and cons. If I understand correctly, this app sounds like a way to earn extra income while doing your regular shopping activities… if so, even pennies can add up. Who would have thought that someday people would have the means to monetize their chores. Is there any data out there as to the total people have earned, or could earn, on a typical outing? Anyway, good information… great to know what’s available out there… thanks again.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Our understanding from our research is that the tasks pay on average $0.50. You could get to do a few of these in a day, but it is subject to availability. Some members appear to be earning a few dollars a week using this App, but again it depends on the region you live in.

  9. Thank you for your in depth review of the Premise app; I had not yet heard of this one. I used to participate in quite a few survey sites in the past to make a little extra money. Although this app appears to be legitimate in that it actually does pay out, it does not look to be a viable source of income. I highly doubt it would even cover a monthly night out. 

    Thankfully, like you, I found Wealthy Affiliate several months back. Now I am well on my way to creating my own online business where I finally do have the possibility of making a full time income from the comfort of my own home. For those who are just looking for a little extra pocket change, the Premise app might be for them but for your readers who wish to earn some real money, I hope they follow your recommendation and check out Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again!

    1. Hi there Shan,
      Yes I totally agree with you. The Premise App is a convenient and enjoyable way to earn some pocket money. However if you are more serious about making money online and want to work full time from home then Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to do it. Best wishes with your business and thanks for your comment.

  10. Hello there, a very simple means of making money for me and it seen a bit like a survey that actually pays for real. I am pleased with some few things about this business which includes its free membership and most importantly the app which it comes, and that makes it very easy to access. What does this company use the collected data to do?

    1. Hi Benson,
      The data you provide as a member of the Premise App is used by organisations to help them improve, and is also used by community leaders provide a better service. So your participation will help people’s lives be improved.

  11. This is a really good app, collecting data that will be of great help to companies will sell and make you some money. Thanks for making it sure that the company that offers this app is trustworthy and reliable. I like this offer since you have to put in some efforts to earn real money unlike some scam offers that claims to give hundreds of dollars without stress. I hope it reaches to other countries soon. Thanks for sharing, I’ll look into registering soon.

    1. Hi Andrea,
      I’m glad you found our review to be informative. Good luck if you decide to give The Premise App a try. Let us know how you get on.

  12. It makes sense for the generation that is always looking on your phone to be engaged in something like this review, however, it’s becoming more and more common to see people doing something on their phone and why not make money doing so. This is a good and easy to read review on the Premise App. 

  13. Thanks very much admin for this article about how much one can earn with the premise app because by this article I have got to know what is the premise app, what it does and how it works and its services are favourable in terms of payment and am soon joining this app so as to enjoy the benefits. Thanks for sharing in advance keep sharing 

    1. Hi Mugalu,
      I’m glad you found our review of The Premise App to be informative. I hope you enjoy your experience using the App. Let us and our readers know how you get on. Thanks for your comment.

  14. Thank you for this post on the Premise app.  I was not aware of it until now.

    I find it interesting that such an app exists and I can see the value for both the researchers and the people doing the groundwork, so-to-speak.  My only concern is the time vs. reward part.  At a few cents to $0.50 per item, I can see it taking quite some time to accumulate a decent sum of money.

    I’d go as far as to say this is a way to augment your income, especially if you’re already going to the store for example and there are assignments that match that activity, but I don’t see this as a way to make a living in itself.  Still, it’s quite interesting.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Scott,
      Yea this App certainly won’t pay all your bills and it can’t be relied on to make regular money but it is convenient and you could fit it into your daily routine which could make it worthwhile for those in need of a quick few bucks.

  15. The premise app,I love that app so much it one of the best apps put there when you talk of making little earning for completing very legit and I have made some good amount of cash form the app I swear it’s the best 

    lastly…..What can someone earn depending on your location and task available someone can make more than 7bucks a day

    1. Hi David,
      It’s good to hear from a user of The Premise App. I’m glad to hear that you enjoying the experience. I haven’t heard of anyone making 7 bucks a day. The most I have heard anyone making is up to 10 bucks over 3-4 days.

  16. Looks to me to be a very good platform. I am honestly very impressed with what you have done here. I really like this app and I think that I can make some extra bucks from it. I see that you have said that the platform is not available in some countries. How do I found out which country that it is not available on?

  17. This is actually a much better way to rack in money on the internet and I love that. Though the income may not be too much but nothing beats the feeling of knowing you have gotten money doing the everyday simple things. This is great and I like it a lot. For what is worth, I will check this premise app out. Thumbs up for sharing

    1. Hi Rodarrick,
      I agree, Apps like The Premise App Are a convenient way to earn a bit of extra cash online without much stress. Thanks for dropping by to comment.

  18. I like the “Premise” of this app! Do you have any more information on how the app’s pay rates differ from region to region? I live in a place that I would consider to be a relatively small market. I wonder if this would actually be beneficial if I were to use this app (i.e. less supply of data collectors and, so, higher compensation for those that are here), or if it would hinder my earning potential because of the lack of overall market demand in this region. What are your thoughts? 

    1. Hi Tucker,
      The impression I’m getting from users of the App are that you can earn several dollars within a few days provided you have sufficient reviews to carry out. Of course the more commercial the area you live the more reviews you are likely to get. If you live in a more rural area there are less opportunities. As far as I can tell there are no differences to the rate of pay based on the area you live. Thanks for you comment.

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