Prolific Review-How Much Can You Earn Participating In Research Studies?

Prolific Review

Thanks for joining us today for our review of Prolific.

You may have already heard of this survey platform and are checking to see if it is a legit site. You may also want to know if the earning potential is worth your time.

To help you along we have put together this in-depth review which covers all you need to know about the site including how much you are likely to earn should you decide to sign up…o.k sit tight and let’s get started….

What Is Prolific?

Prolific is an online platform that offers you a legit opportunity to earn money by participating in scientific studies. You don’t have to be a scientist to participate, just a willingness to provide your input online to help research studies.

This platform allows you to contribute to the advancement of science by taking part in academic research surveys. Occasionally, you may also receive invitations to take part in app and game testing for startup companies.

The site is owned and run by Prolific, which is a UK- based research company. The company was established in April 2014 by a group of students who were frustrated in finding participants for their Ph.D. research studies.

Ever since its launch, Prolific has attracted over 25,000 users thanks to its unique strategies for recruiting and rewarding participants.

Joining Prolific 

Prolific is open worldwide and anyone can register and participate.

The registration process is fast and clear-cut, as it only requires your country of origin, date of birth, email address and name.

You may also register swiftly using your Facebook account. Once registered, it is imperative that you verify your email address, phone number or Facebook ID for security reasons.

You also have to undergo pre-screening tests to check on your eligibility for various studies.

How Prolific Works

Prolific Academic works by administering various research studies to eligible members.

Researchers post various studies on the platform and Prolific sends out random invitations to eligible members to participate in the studies.

In essence, this platform helps researchers find the right participants for their studies. In return, participants earn cash rewards for completing assigned tasks successfully.

For you to become eligible for research studies, it is important that you complete all pre- screening tests assigned to you. These tests are easy and only ask a few questions revolving around your demographics.

The main difference between Prolific and other survey sites is that you will never be screened out of a survey once you have already started working on it.

You can also delete a submission midway through a survey in case you encounter any problems completing it. This helps in enhancing quality.

After completing and submitting your research findings, you have to wait for 1-3 days for the researcher to review your answers.

The researcher has a maximum of 21 days to review your submission, failure to which your submission will be approved and your account credited automatically.

How Much Can You Earn With Prolific?

The earning potential on this platform is, comparatively to other survey sites, high, considering that most research studies are intricate and require dedicated effort.

You can earn as much as £5 per study. However, most surveys pay between £1 and £4. Compared to other survey platforms, this is a very reasonable amount.

How And When Does Prolific Pay?

Prolific pays twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays), and the minimum balance is £5.

However, cashing out at £5 will attract transaction fees. To minimize on transaction fees, it is advisable that you accumulate your earnings to £20 before cashing out with either Circle or PayPal. Circle cash outs are free for amounts above £20.

However, this service is only available in the US and the UK with transaction fees costing 1% plus 10p for payouts below £20.

PayPal transactions are available to all international members with cash out charges standing at 2.9% plus 20p.

User Feedback

At the time of writing (June 2020) Prolific has 59 reviews on SurveyPolice and has a score of just over 4/5.

Nearly all the reviewers are happy with their experience using the site. The criticism from some users is that you don’t get that many surveys.

At TrustPilot Prolific has a score of 4/5 from 84 reviews. Again most of Prolific’s users are happy with their experience. One or two however complain that surveys get taken quickly so you have to make sure you’re logged in and ready to take the surveys on offer.

What Are The Pros?


It is a Genuine Research Panel

Prolific is a reputable research platform.

The company collaborates with top universities such as Oxford, Yale, Stanford, Harvard and Cambridge to deliver high quality research data.

Furthermore, this platform is free to join and the company pays promptly twice a week via PayPal.

High Payouts

Prolific offers high payouts ranging from £1 to £5. This is a reasonable amount compared to what other survey platforms are offering.

You could potentially make £100 or more per month by providing high quality reviews on various research studies. Considering the high payouts, you can reach the minimum payout threshold within a short period of time.

Low Minimum Balance Requirement

This platform has a very low minimum balance of only £5, and you can cash out at any time once you accumulate this amount. However, members are advised to cash out at £20 to avoid the high  transaction charges.

multiple payment options

Prolific offers multiple payment options including Circle and PayPal. Circle payments are only available in the UK and the US, while PayPal payments are available to all international members.

Good Referral Program

Referring your friends is an easy way of making extra cash online. You can increase your earnings significantly by referring new members to this platform as Prolific pays you 10% of your referrals first cash out amount.

No Premature Screenouts

You will only receive invitations for studies that you are eligible, and you cannot be screened out in the middle of a survey.

Informative Surveys

Research studies are often informative and they offer you a chance to expand your knowledge on various topics. Furthermore, taking part in research studies can be very interesting.

What Are The Cons?


Limited Surveys Available

The research studies posted on this platform are often available when university semesters are in session.

The number of surveys available reduces as schools break for the holidays and this might have an impact on your overall earnings.

Eligibility Issues

Eligibility issues may prevent you from participating in surveys, and you have to go through prescreening tests to qualify for various research studies.

High Transaction Fees on Payouts below £20

Although the minimum payout threshold is £5, payouts below £20 attract a high transaction fee.

Final Thoughts On Prolific 

Joining Prolific is a genuine way of earning money online. Don’t however expect the earning to be consistent all year round as surveys will be less frequent at different times of the year.

This platform offers comparatively high payment for surveys with prompt payments twice a week. Also,  it has a low minimum payout threshold and this makes it quite popular with many freelancers.

The fact that you will be taking part in different research topics makes it more exciting. So joining Prolific could be a good way to expand your knowledge base on a wide range of topics.

Thanks for reading this review of Prolific. Let me know in the comments if you have worked with this platform and you want to share your experience.

Star Rating 3/5-A legit platform for earning a side income

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14 thoughts on “Prolific Review-How Much Can You Earn Participating In Research Studies?”

  1. Prolific sounds like a reputable survey firm to deal with. I joined a survey company back in 1995 and all thy did was send endless amounts of spam to my inbox and hardly sent any surveys which were so onerous to complete that I said forget this. And the promised payouts were so low it wasn’t worth my time to do. If I remember right you got paid a dollar for each survey you did but you had a finite time to complete 10. So when I reached number 9 they didn’t send anymore surveys until the deadline passed. Since then I haven’t even considered a survey site.

    1. Hi Courtney,

      Yes these types of experiences are common with a lot of survey sites. From our research, users of Prolific are generally very happy with their experience using the site so it could put your faith back in survey sites. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Helooo over there, I must say that I am most grateful seeing this review on profilic. I was searching for ways to make money online when I came across this platform. I am so delighted to know that it’s a legit platform, where one can earn online. I am definitely going to give it a try. This review really helped. Thanks

    1. Hi Oscar, 

      I’m glad you benefited from reading my review. Please let our readers know how you get on if you do decide to join. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great review on prolific. First it’s a good news that the platform is genuine and participant Cas cash out thier earnings. I heard a bad experience with a survey site after accumulating $120, cashing out became impossible. Question :is this website open to none scientists? Am interested in it

    1. Hi there,

      Yes the Prolific Platform is open to everyone not just scientists. I’m sorry to hear you had a really bad experience with another survey site. I hope your experience with Prolific is a better one. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Thanks a lot for this wonderful and very much informative article on prolific academy …i have actually done some research about this but was satisfied with what i got. This is indeed a great opportunity for beginners or people who tends to earn extra cash on online business …this really is a great guide …..Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi there,

      Yes surveys can be an introductory way to make money online. They can nonetheless become quite tedious for some, and they don’t pay well. Starting your own online business with Wealthy Affiliate is our top recommendation to those who want to look beyond survey sites.

  5. Thank you for this review on prolific academic. Reviews like this helps a lot. I actually dont know anything about prolific review infact this is the first time i am hearing of it. I have fone through you review annd it is a nice platform an will help in networking and bringing people of like minds together admist the fact that you can earn money through it. I will share this with my friend who is intrested in science and making research.

    1. Hi David,

      I’m glad you found my review informative. I hope your friend benefits by using the platform. Thanks for reading and your comment.

  6. hello dear,

     thanks for sharing such an unbiased and informative review on Prolific Academic. I must say that you did an amazing job in taking your time to carry out such a tentative research on this survey platform and sharing your candied findings and opinions with everyone I look forward to giving it a try, thanks for sharing

    1. Hi there,

      I’m glad you found my review of Prolific informative. Please let our readers know how you get on if you give it a try.

  7. Your review of Prolific Academic Review showed me a different way to make money online.  I became interested in reviews when I found out my aunt who is retired was interested.  However, we are finding that most reviews screen her out due to her age. She is only 73, and quiet computer knowledgable.  She may become interested in creating an online business, but she says not right now. She would like to just work along as the oppurtunities cane up.  She would like to make enough money to get a hair cut, get her nails done.  Just a little for some extras she isn’t comfortable spending out of her monthly income, and that income is limited. 

    Have you worked for this Prolific Academic Review?  With your warning that there may be few offers during academic break times, I wondered if the age screening would affect her here as well?  Do you know about an online opportunity to earn money that might work for her? She has just realized that she might have skills or time or both to sell. It would give her something different to be interested in as well as earn a bit of cash. Thank you for this information to add to our search.

    1. Hi Sami,

      If you’re aunt doesn’t feel as if the time is right to start her own online business then she could earn a few bucks in her spare time on survey and GPT sites. Her age shouldn’t be a barrier as companies are seeking the views of people from all demographics. It is recommended that you try out a few sites to see which ones offer the most opportunities. We have reviewed lots of sites here on the site, please check them out. Thanks for your comment.

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