PYUR Global Review: An Opportunity To Earn Money with Multi-Level Marketing?

PYUR Global Review

Today I’m taking a look at a Multi Level Marketing company to see if it offers you a legitimate opportunity to earn money. This PYUR Global Review will cover what you need to know, and hopefully help you to decide whether you should, or shouldn’t give it a try.

PYUR Global is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that focuses on selling health and wellness products using network affiliates known as independent business owners.

Independent business owners (IBOs) are simply marketers who work from home, and earn commissions from selling products on behalf of the company.

Established in 2016 by Bob Bremmer, the company has rapidly spread its presence in the USA and Philippines, opening branch offices in Virginia and Manila respectively. With its massive global following, there is no doubt that PYUR Global is a force to reckon with in the MLM world.

Facts about MLM

Multi-Level Marketing is a strategy in which salespersons earn commissions not only from their direct sales, but also from the sales generated by their referrals.

It creates a multi-level hierarchy of distributors with multiple levels of compensation. MLM is not a new marketing strategy. In fact, some of the most successful online companies have been promoting their products for years using this approach with great success.

This marketing strategy has a good income potential, but you have to undergo extensive training to get a grip on how it works.

PYUR Global Products

PYUR Global sells three types of nutritional supplements including O2 ocean minerals, QO2 cardiovascular supplements and MG20 whole muscadine. The company also sells pulse-tracking devices. IBOs are required to promote and sell these products to earn commissions.

Lets take a closer look at the products;

1. O2


This mineral complex made of natural ingredients and in easy to use sachets. The mineral complex is sold as a package of 30 sachets and goes for $42.95


2. Q02

This is a blend of low dose base and high-grade amounts of L-Arginine as well as other ingredients to help the body in the synthesis of healthy Nitric-Oxide in your body. The supplement is sold in a tub of 30 servings.

3. MG20 ( Muscadine Grapes)

This product has strong antioxidant benefits and is sold in a bottle of 30 supplement capsules.

4. iHeart device

The device is used for monitoring your heat pulse. The company claims the heart pulse gives a good feel of your overall health, although there is a disclaimer on the website relating to this.

You can buy a bundle that includes a bottle of MG20, tow bags of O2 and one tub of QO2.

Getting Started with PYUR Global

Joining PYUR Global is not free. You need to invest an amount of money to become an affiliate partner of this company.

PYUR Global has eight paid membership plans with membership fee ranging between $39.95 and $499. Basic membership, which costs $39.95, does not come with bundled products, while all the other membership plans have bundled products.

How it works

PYUR Global will pay you commissions for every product that you sell to customers.

You will also earn a percentage of what your referrals make. However, earning money on this platform is better said than done. You must “qualify” for commissions and maintain an active status for a 35-day cycle for you to be eligible for commissions.

Here are a few terms that you should know to become a successful marketer with PYUR Global.

• Qualifying Volume (QV) – refers to the points you garner from personal purchases, customer sales or retail sales. You must accumulate 50 QV points to qualify for commissions
• Commissionable Volume (CV) – refers to a value assigned to all personal customer purchases on which commissions are calculated
• Active Status – You must maintain an active status by generating at least 50 QV every 35 days

Ways to Earn with PYUR Global

You can earn money with PYUR global using five methods. These include:

1. 25% customer commissions plus retail bonus

Earn 25% retail commissions from direct sales to customers not affiliated with PYUR Global, plus a retail bonus calculated as the difference between the retail price and the affiliate price of a product

2. 25% first start bonus

Earn commissions from the first new members you recruit. Your new affiliates have to purchase products from PYUR Global within the first 30 days of enrollment and maintain an active status during this period. You will earn 25% of the purchases they make.

3. PYUR team bonuses

Your team of distributors should accumulate at least 50 QV/CV points to earn weekly team bonuses.

4. PYUR matching bonuses

Earn matching bonuses based on the residual income commissions that your members earn. You can earn as much as 20% match of what your PYUR Global team earns.

5. PYUR leadership bonus pool

PYUR Global often shares its total global sales with its members who qualify for the leadership bonus pool. You have to accumulate a certain number of CV points to be eligible for the leadership bonus.

• Low qualifying volume requirements
• High income potential
• Multiple ways to earn
• Multiple membership plans to suit your preferences
• A variety of bonuses and incentives
• Highly flexible – free to work anytime

• Costs money to join
• Requires intensive training to understand MLM
• Success is not guaranteed
• Often confused for pyramid schemes
• Your success depends on your marketing skills
• You have to maintain an active status to remain a member

PYUR Global Verdict: Is it worth joining?

PYUR Global is certainly not a scam or a pyramid scheme. However, you require professional marketing skills for you to be successful on this platform.

You can only acquire astute marketing skills through intensive training and consistent practice. Your ability to persuade others will also come in handy, especially when recruiting other salespersons to help you promote products.

The fact that you do not have any control over your recruits makes it harder to earn money.

Nevertheless, if you think that you are a good marketer with excellent persuasion skills, then PYUR Global might just be the right platform for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Have you worked with PYUR Global? Let me know in the comments if you have, and you want to share your experiences.


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