Quidco Review: All You Need To Know

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In this Quidco Review I will be telling you what you need to know about the site before you decide to sign up.

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What is Quidco?

Quidco is a free to join cashback website that pays members for shopping through the platform.

After creating a basic or premium account, Quidco will pay you commissions, discounts or bonuses every time you shop with your favorite store via their platform. This cashback site offers a variety of products and services that include travel packages, telecom services, financial services and even restaurant services.

Is Quidco legit or a scam?

Quidco is 100% legitimate. Based in the UK, this cashback platform has a membership base of over 4,000,000 users. Moreover, it has partnerships with more than 4,500 online stores and affiliates.

Getting started on Quidco

Quidco has two types of membership:
• Basic
• Premium

Basic Membership is free to join. However, you will find that there will be lots of advertisements when shopping as a basic account holder. Basic membership is for newbie online shoppers and others who are still exploring their options. You can upgrade to a premium account at any time.

For Premium membership, Quidco will retain the first £5 of your annual cashback earnings. Premium account holders enjoy a number of benefits including:

• Access to faster-paying retailers
• Ad-free shopping
• Higher loyalty bonuses and bespoke promotions
• Priority support and assistance, including live chat & callback requests
• Amazon payout bonuses

You can upgrade from basic membership to premium membership at any time. However, a premium member can only downgrade to basic membership after their sign-up anniversary.

How does Quidco work?

Quidco uses the same concept that all cashback sites utilize. Commercial retailers pay Quidco an amount for leading shoppers to their sites. This amount is what cashback sites share with shoppers.

Whenever you make a purchase via an affiliate link on Quidco, you will receive payment in the form of cashbacks once the affiliate retailer confirms your purchase.

What makes Quidco different from most cashback sites is that you can earn cashback on in-store purchases. All you have to do is register your debit/credit card with Quidco and then use your registered card to shop as normal at participating stores.

Quidco has a referral program that you can use to invite your family and friends. You will receive £10 cashback when your referrals earn their first £5 cashback. Using this program is the easiest way of earning money on Quidco. All you have to do is to invite as many friends as possible and encourage them to shop via this platform.

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The minimum cash out requirement on Quidco is £1. However, payment may take a while considering that the retailer has to track and confirm your transaction before Quidco credits your account. Payment channels include PayPal, bank transfers, and Amazon gift cards

How to make the most out of your cashback shopping with Quidco

Purchases that Quidco or its affiliate partners cannot track will not be eligible for cashbacks. Therefore it is important that you adhere to basic procedures to have a good cashback shopping experience with Quidco. Here are a few tips for making cashback work for you.

1. Enable cookies, JavaScript and disable all ad-blockers in your browser
2. Disable antivirus software and firewalls that may obstruct Quidco affiliate links
3. Always sign in to your Quidco account before shopping
4. Close all other websites and tabs, as they might affect the tracking of transactions
5. Do not use private browsing or incognito windows. This may make it impossible to track your transactions
6. Click on an affiliate link and make a purchase through the same click-session
7. Do not make multiple purchases in the same session
8. Do not mix products with different cashback rates as this might affect your overall pay
9. Voucher codes from any other source apart from Quidco are invalid
10. Contact Quidco support in case you experience any problems when shopping through this platform

• Legitimate cashback site
• Free to join
• Over 4,500 top online brands
• Low minimum cash-out requirement of £1
• Higher cashback rate and discounts
• In-store cashback services
• Various payment channels including PayPal, bank transfers, and gift cards
• Premium members enjoy faster payments, higher cashbacks and loyalty bonuses
• User-friendly and secure website
• Excellent customer support
• It has a referral program

• Long approval times
• Only tracked purchases are eligible for cashbacks

Final Thoughts

Quidco is among the top-rated cashback platforms available today. Considering the thousands of online stores available and the lucrative cashback rates, you can save a lot of money shopping through this platform.

The fact that you can claim in-store cashbacks makes it more attractive. It is a great way to get shopping deals and high cashback rates.

Have you used Quidco? Let me know in the comments below what you think of this website, and if you recommend it to others.

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