Rewarded Play App Review-Is It Worth Trying?

Rewarded App Review

Thanks for joining me today for my  Rewarded Play App review.

The Rewarded Play App is an online platform designed to reward its members for carrying out small tasks.

In my review today I will be taking an in-depth look at Rewarded Play to help you decide if it is  going to be worth your time.

To help me do that I will be finding out how the app works, what the pros and cons are, and what the potential earnings are likely to be.

The app was developed by Influence Mobile, and is designed to help you earn a little extra whenever it’s convenient for you.

How The Rewarded Play App Works

The Rewarded Play App is a free app that allows you to earn points for playing games and other activities. You have a wide range of games to choose from, and the layout of this app makes it fairly easy to find the type of games that interest you.

The app can be downloaded to your Android for free, so you don’t need to pay to play any of the games that are provided. Games such as these are given for free because the developers are rewarded in other ways. For example, the developers may use feedback on the games to improve them.

They also use this information to guide them in the development of other products. Read the privacy statement and ensure that all your questions regarding data use are answered before you download the app.

You can personalize your settings when you first download the app. This enhances your entire experience. You’ll earn points for every game you play and can also get points in other ways.

Your points are called coins within the app, and allow you to gain rewards outside of the platform.

Your coins are stored accurately in your account until you reach the required minimum. When you’re ready to exchange your points, you can do so for a wide range of gift cards.

All of their gift cards are for popular stores. You can use them to buy consumer products at Walmart, or shop for gadgets, snacks and books at Amazon.

Rewarded App Review

The Rewarded App doesn’t pay cash, but there are big brand gift cards to redeem.


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How Much Can You Earn With The Rewarded Play App?

You could earn a $5 Amazon gift card within a month, if you only use the app every now and then. However, people who are playing with the goal of earning will rack up points more quickly, and could easily collect $5 every fortnight.

The system seems to be geared more towards people who use a phone to play, and there may be difficulties with your earnings if you use a different type of device.

They have a good reputation when it comes to making payments. They have a reputation for paying on time and you’ll get the gift cards that you request, once you have the points.

 Rewarded Play App Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing The Rewarded Play App has a score of 4.3/5 from nearly 40,000 reviews on the Google Play Store.

The Rewarded Play App is a very popular app, with most of the users reporting that they are very happy with their experience. Members confirm having received their rewards.

All apps have some complaints however, and the Rewarded App is no different.

The complaints centre around glitches that users sometimes experience. Others report that their account has become disabled without any apparent reason.

Rewarded App support however are responding to these concerns professionally and with the offer of assistance.

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What Are The Pros To The Rewarded Play App?

  • You won’t have to pay to use this app.
  • All the opportunities it provides for relaxing with games, or enjoying other rewards through gift cards, are free.
  • The games are diverse, allowing you to quickly find, and choose, the ones that you’ll enjoy. If you don’t like slot games, there are other ways to earn points.
  • The gift cards are for stores that offer products which are in demand.

What Are The Cons To The Rewarded Play App?

  • The Rewarded Play App does not currently pay cash. However, if you really want to have cash, you can sell your gift card online. (These top survey sites pay cash via PayPal)
  • It requires 40 MB of space, which may be a problem if your Android phone is already packed with apps.
  • You’ll have to verify a phone number with the app. If you like to play on a tablet and don’t have a phone, that could be a problem.

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Is The Rewarded Play App Worth Trying?

The Rewarded Play App is definitely worth trying if you like to play games, and want to earn a few dollars worth of gift cards for doing so.

It provides you with games that are fun and help you to relax. The games are of course also free to play.

Since the Amazon and Walmart megastores are alternatives, the gift cards provide you with an easy way to shop for toys, home goods and anything else you need. This is a good way to prepare for Amazon sales throughout the year and have fun while doing so.

Have you tried The Rewarded App? Let us know in the comments what you thought and if you would recommend it to others.

Star Rating 3/5-A fun app that has a reputation for paying. Don’t expect to earn very much, but you will have fun nonetheless. Unfortunately the app only pays with gift cards. If you prefer cash you may want to look elsewhere.

3 Star Rating

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21 thoughts on “Rewarded Play App Review-Is It Worth Trying?”

  1. I tried it for 3 days and gave up. I earned a gift card but it wouldn’t accept my phone number and then wouldn’t send me a code number. Very hard to get in touch with a person for help. They don’t tell you that there’s no way of getting rid of the ap once you down load it. I just want it gone this was a very frustrating experience.

    1. Hi Martha,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with The Rewarded Play App with my readers. I’m sorry to hear that you have had some issues with it. You could maybe try contacting support HERE. Please let us know if you get a reply.

  2. Requested my gift card and they disabled my account. Claimed I violated terms…. but wouldn’t tell me how. I did nothing unusual.
    The app is good for a bit, but when they decide they dont want you to use it any more, they just dnt pay out and disable the account.

    1. Hi Jaki,
      Thanks for sharing your experience of The Rewarded Play App. I’m sorry to hear about your account being disabled. They do of course have the right to disable an account if they think the terms have been violated, however it seems unfair not to tell you why they think you have violated the terms, especially after you have got to the cash out.
      Thanks again for sharing your experience with my readers.

  3. This app is not worth the effort. You need to play a significant amount of time. Your first 45,000 points can be earned in a day or two and you get $5. The next takes a bit more time, up to 2 weeks since you have to play every day and level up in the games. You can level faster, if you pay, but that defeats the purpose. One of the apps I downloaded kept restarting at level 1, so I never got rewarded. Right now, the app has decided that I went on an IP outside the US, which I did not, so it disabled. I was already going to uninstall, so this made my decision easy.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for sharing your experience working with The Rewarded Play App. Earning is typically slow with all apps like this one. I’m sorry to hear that your account was disabled. Nonetheless I appreciate the feedback you’ve provided for my readers.

        1. Hi Reginald,
          Thanks for sharing your experience with The Rewarded Play App with my readers. I’m sorry to hear about this. If they are going to disable your account they should at least provide you with a reason why they have done it, especially as you have money in your account.

      1. Hi Ray.
        Thank you for the review. I’ve seen these advertisements while playing games and wondered about them.
        A question… is there a way to see the available games before installing the app?

        1. Hi Diane,
          There are numerous games available with this App. They will change from time to time so it’s difficult to say the exact games you will find when you join. I recommend joining for free so you can see if your favourite games are available. Thanks for dropping by to comment.

      2. Hello Ray! Thanks for sharing this with me, in as much as the app does not pay much, I still will like to give it a try for the fun of it. Moreover, this is also an opportunity for people like me who loves playing games to earn from our hobby even if its not that much.

        1. Hi there,

          Yes Apps like these are more for fun really, they’re not a reliable way to earn consistent income and shouldn’t really be approached as such. A few dollars here and there is all you can really expect.

      3. Cool that you can earn money on playing games. I think this must be perfect for young people who play a lot of games online. They can earn money at the same time. At least it is not a waste of time. Are there any age limit on the app? Even if you cannot get cash I think it is ok with a giftcard you can use to buy something you want. What is the minimum you need to get a payment? Is it hard to earn points? The 40MB is a lot, but at least it is free to start. 

        1. Hi Hilde,

          You can cash out at $5 and this could take a couple of weeks to earn if you use the App regularly. Not a lot by any means, but it’s fun nonetheless.

      4. Hello Ray, there are quite a lot of means to make money online and I have to say that which goes with you everywhere us really good and take for example this play app. However, from my own experience, the money made from these apps are quite small and are just side money. It’s a great idea for those looking for an extra mean of income 

      5. It’s very thoughtful of your r share this review about rewarded play apps, it’s good that you posted it, though I haven’t used any of these apps before so I  can say of personal experience of it, I believe it is worth a trial, but I think it can’t be something that’ll make a lot of money, so the income might be minimal.

        1. Hi Bruce,

          Yes the income potential is very low. If you want to earn good money online I recommend you try the link above and start a career in affiliate marketing.

      6. Thank you so much for sharing this here. I really value all you have shared here and I would like to put the efforts required to make enough through this rewarded play app. It is definitely the best thing to do by playing and earning quite well. To be honest, I would try to share this with my friends too

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