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Rewarded Play App Review-Is It Worth Trying? A REVIEW

Rewarded App Review

Thanks for joining me today for my fully updated 2022 Rewarded Play App review.

The Rewarded Play App is an online platform designed to reward its members for playing games.

However, since this review has been written I have received a mixed response from my readers in the comments section. You may want to check those out after you’ve read the review.

Let’s get started by finding out how things work.

How The Rewarded Play App Works

The Rewarded Play App is a free app that allows you to earn points for playing games and other activities.

The App is available to Android users, no matter where you are in the U.S. or Canada. As long as you’re in a community where Google Play is available, you can access this app in minutes. The app is not however available worldwide.

After you download the app, you need to open it and add your email address. Ensure that you add a valid email address. You’ll also need to give approval for the app to monitor your data usage.

If you don’t want the app to be able to access your data, you won’t be able to use it. That’s because it has to check data usage as you play each game. This information helps it to calculate how many points you should receive for playing.

This app is a product of Influencer Mobile. It’s their flagship app and they also have three other apps on Google Play. Each of their apps targets a different demographic.

The company helps app developers to reach a lot of market. They do this by incentivizing play. So, they use several strategies to ensure that players keep on trying new games.

The Rewarded Play App features ads and a variety of these will be displayed to you automatically while you’re playing games.

As you move from one level to another in each game, you’re likely to see a few ads. Some players complain that they don’t like seeing any ads but the ads help to provide revenue and some of the money that you earn on the app is obtained in this way.

However, most users on the app haven’t complained that the number of ads they’re viewing is excessive.

Earning Points With The Rewarded Play App

When you download the app, you can use it to start earning points. You’ll get points by playing games on the app.

You can also get points by using the app consistently. All of your points are collected in your balance and they can be exchanged for rewards when you reach the minimum for pay out.

You can earn points right from your mobile device, by playing games that you enjoy. However, you need to have space on your device to download each game.

The Games Available With The Rewarded Play App

Several types of fun games are available. However, they tend to be a lot of games that involve chance. For example, there’s Bingo Blitz. If you’re looking for games that sharpen your memory or build your vocabulary, you won’t find as many of those on this app.

Games On The Rewarded Play App

Games On The Rewarded Play App

How Much You Can Earn With The Rewarded Play App?

Even if you only play for a few minutes every day, you can potentially earn a free gift card every week on this app.

It takes you a number of hours of uninterrupted play to reach the minimum of 45,000 points (approx $5).

You could reach this minimum over several days  by playing a variety of games and unlocking achievements in each game.

Most people who use the app however spend a few minutes on it every now and then. So, its more likely that they’ll reach pay out within a month with limited use of the app.

The app has a variety of interesting games, including Yahtzee and Wheel of Fortune. The only drawback is that every account is targeted differently.

The games that you have available to choose from will depend on your location, the apps that you’ve already downloaded and the amount of storage space on your device.

So, you might not always be able to access the games that you like. You also might not be able to play the same games that someone else has access to even though they’re in the same location as you.

The targeting algorithms that the app uses to determine which games are available to you will affect your earnings, since after a while the rate of pay for some games will drop.

Even if you want to remove those games that aren’t paying as well as you would like, you won’t always be able to choose profitable games.

However, the development team tries to update the app with new games regularly. Additionally, the app has incentives for players who play games every day.

For example if you earn at least 5,000 points in a particular day, you’ll receive your daily bonus for that day. This bonus is equal to 500 points and it will be added to your balance automatically.

Your daily bonus will increase if you play games and reach the minimum required several days in a row. For example, if you earn the daily bonus on day one and you also play for long enough to get 5,000 points on day two, your daily bonus for day two will be 1,000 points.

You’ll keep getting 500 points more on your daily bonus until you reach day five. So, your daily bonus for day five would be 2,500 points.

After that, you would receive a daily bonus of 2,500 points every day that you meet the minimum requirement. The cycle would begin again if you missed a day.

How To Cash Out From The Rewarded Play App

You’ll need at least 45,000 points to click on the star icon and receive your earnings. This will give you the smallest gift card that’s available. That’s equivalent to $5.

You can also wait and transfer your your points to a gift card when you have a bigger balance. All gift cards are delivered to you in an electronic format, no matter which brand you choose. So, you won’t have to wait for a physical card to be shipped to you.

Gift Card Rewards From Rewarded Play

Gift Card Rewards From Rewarded Play

A message will be sent to you in the app when your gift card code is ready. However, an additional step is required before you can start using that code.

A verification code will be sent to your mobile device.

You’ll need to enter this code on the app. After that, you can find your gift card under the Wins section of the app. Navigate to the bottom of the app and click on the Star icon to collect your card.

Rewarded App Reviews From Online Users

The Rewarded Play App has received an average rating of 4.1 from over 140, 000 users on Google Play.

A number of people who have been using this app for a while say that they’ve been able to earn hundreds of dollars from it.

Some users are pleased with the rate of pay for the Rewarded Play App. However, there are complaints that the points received per game drops drastically after a while.

So, a member might find their earnings decreasing even though they’re playing for the same amount of time as before.

Some members don’t like the choices that they have for games. After they’ve been playing for a while, they become accustomed to the games and would like more options. They would like a wider array of earnings options.

Some players also say that on occasion, their achievements aren’t recorded properly. Since each achievement unlocks more points, this is problematic. It means that they aren’t getting as many points as they should.

If you would like to read more feedback from users check out the comments section below as some of my readers have shared their experience of the app.

I would love to hear from any more readers that want  to share what they thought about the app. If you do please leave a comment below.

What Are The Pros Of The Rewarded Play App?

  • The Rewarded Play App is available in Canada. So, it’s not one of those apps that’s only offered in the
    United States.
  • Although the app only pays you in gift cards, you have several good choices available. For example, you can
    get gift cards from Amazon, Walmart and Target.
  • The Rewarded Play App is supported by a customer service team that’s responsive. Most users say that whenever they submit a question about their payments, they receive prompt assistance.

What Are The Cons Of The Rewarded Play App?

  • The Rewarded Play App is not available right around the world. So, if you’re looking for an international money earning opportunity you can’t consider it.
  • The Rewarded Play App doesn’t always pay users within 48 hours. In fact, members say it’s more likely that they’ll get paid late than receive their payments on time. However, the app always pays.
  • You’ll have to download each game before you can start playing it. You won’t be able to play it in your browser. So, it will take up space on your phone.. However, you can remove each game from your phone as soon as you’ve reached a particular level and your earnings rate for that game starts to drop.
  • Some negative comments from users of this app received in the comments below.

My Favourite Gaming App For Earning Rewards Is THIS ONE

Some Final Thoughts On The Rewarded Play App

In this Rewarded Play App review, you learned how you can earn points in your spare time by using the app on your mobile device.

These points can be traded for free gift cards from a number of popular retailers, including Amazon.

The Rewarded Play App regularly ranks among the top 100 downloaded apps on Google play. It currently has over 5 million installs, so when you get access to it, you’ll be joining the millions of other players who enjoy its clean interface and top-quality games.

This app is free. You can also earn consistently with it. However, you won’t always receive your gift cards quickly

Star Rating 2.5/5 A fun app that has a reputation for paying. Don’t expect to earn very much, but you will have fun nonetheless. Unfortunately the app only pays with gift cards. If you prefer cash you may want to look elsewhere.

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Thanks for checking out my review of The Rewarded Play App. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The Rewarded Play platform is a good choice for you.

I have written hundreds of similar reviews and articles about making money online here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE

36 thoughts on “Rewarded Play App Review-Is It Worth Trying? A REVIEW”

  1. Had a really bad experience with them. After cashing out a 5 dollar giftcard. My account was flagged and I wasnt paid. I waited a week for custoner service to repky. Instead of getting answers as to why my accoynt was flagged thay asked me qurstion to figure out why I was flagged. Extremely fishy. Why??? Because any tech suppirt should know exactly why they have flagged an account. This is fraudulent behaviour.

    1. Hi Janette,
      That sounds very odd asking you to explain why your account was flagged instead of telling you why they flagged it.
      I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with The Rewarded Play App. I hope you find an alternative app that works better for you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have contacted support twice and have yet to have the issue resolved or even an answer besides the one that says they will get back with me within 24 hours. My acc ou until has been disabled. Is it because I was getting gift cards because if me playing games all the time and taking the little surveys? I am losing daily bonuses and pounts6and probably my gift cards, which I was almost at the 25.00 amazon gift card. If I do a new account it isnt going to use the same games because they have already been downloaded on this phone. This isnt fair or right.

    1. Sorry to hear this Amanda,
      It’s disappointing to hear that support haven’t replied to you. As you will see from the comments here, there are a number of readers that haven’t had a great experience using this app. Let us know if you manage to resolve the matter.

    1. Hi Rena,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with The Rewarded Play App. I’m sorry to hear that you have been unable to contact them regarding your money. My readers will no doubt be more cautious with this app knowing what you’ve experienced, so thanks for taking the time to share.

  3. I tried it for 3 days and gave up. I earned a gift card but it wouldn’t accept my phone number and then wouldn’t send me a code number. Very hard to get in touch with a person for help. They don’t tell you that there’s no way of getting rid of the ap once you down load it. I just want it gone this was a very frustrating experience.

    1. Hi Martha,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with The Rewarded Play App with my readers. I’m sorry to hear that you have had some issues with it. You could maybe try contacting support HERE. Please let us know if you get a reply.

      1. Hello Ray ,
        Have you ever had a problem with rewarded play. Well I’ve been playing for several weeks now, I enjoyed the games and surveys, but now after completing a survey this morning and received points for it , but all of a sudden trying to get back in my account a few minutes latter it says account is disabled. . I wrote customer service but they haven’t written me back yet, I feel like this is becoming a scam because I spent my time playin games every day and earning points, now I am not able to access my games or receive the little points they give you. I fill like someone and rewarded play is stealing the little points you are trying to save to add up. I would tell any one to think twice about downloading rewarded play because if it happens to me , than it can happen to anyone else.. So please listen to me.

        1. Hi Florence,
          I haven’t had any trouble with the app, however I haven’t used it for a while. I would be very grateful if you could let my readers know if you get a reply. You should at least be given some explanation as to why your account has been disabled especially as you have points in your account. Thanks for sharing your experience.

          1. I had the same thing happen to me. The survey I filled out was asking specific questions about politics 🤔I did get a response from customer service but they are asking for a copy of a piece of mail with my address. I am not sure I trust this?

            We are not the only ones if you read current app reviews. This just seems suspicious to me now.

            Any thoughts?

            1. Hi Pam,
              It does seem like an unusual request, although with 5 million downloads, I’m sure this app is honest and legitimate. I guess it’s a matter of whether you are comfortable sharing your data. Let us know how you get on. Thanks for your comment.

          2. I had my account disabled and it took them 3 months to FINALLY tell me why!!. They NEVER respond to you. When they do, ALOT of different people respond. You explain things to them and ANOTHER person asks same question. Very frustrating!!! They are morons. I’ve played this app for 4 years, no problems. Last 3 months, NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS. They get new people in that don’t know what they are doing!!! I’m sure there’s BETTER app than this one!!

      2. I agree with you. They disable your app, not tell you why. You keep sending emails, only to have ALOT of different people respond. They ask same question over and over. You answer them, ANOTHER ASKS SAME THING. Their support people are not responsible. It took them 3 months to LET ME KNOW why my account was disabled.
        They don’t know how to answer people. They’re morons.

    2. Requested my gift card and they disabled my account. Claimed I violated terms…. but wouldn’t tell me how. I did nothing unusual.
      The app is good for a bit, but when they decide they dont want you to use it any more, they just dnt pay out and disable the account.

      1. Hi Jaki,
        Thanks for sharing your experience of The Rewarded Play App. I’m sorry to hear about your account being disabled. They do of course have the right to disable an account if they think the terms have been violated, however it seems unfair not to tell you why they think you have violated the terms, especially after you have got to the cash out.
        Thanks again for sharing your experience with my readers.

    3. This app is not worth the effort. You need to play a significant amount of time. Your first 45,000 points can be earned in a day or two and you get $5. The next takes a bit more time, up to 2 weeks since you have to play every day and level up in the games. You can level faster, if you pay, but that defeats the purpose. One of the apps I downloaded kept restarting at level 1, so I never got rewarded. Right now, the app has decided that I went on an IP outside the US, which I did not, so it disabled. I was already going to uninstall, so this made my decision easy.

      1. Hi there,
        Thanks for sharing your experience working with The Rewarded Play App. Earning is typically slow with all apps like this one. I’m sorry to hear that your account was disabled. Nonetheless I appreciate the feedback you’ve provided for my readers.

          1. Hi Reginald,
            Thanks for sharing your experience with The Rewarded Play App with my readers. I’m sorry to hear about this. If they are going to disable your account they should at least provide you with a reason why they have done it, especially as you have money in your account.

          2. Same thing happen to me today. Went to open my app. And it says been deactivated. Idk Whats going on. I had a 25.00 gift card and 130000 in coins! 😡😡😡

    4. Hi Ray.
      Thank you for the review. I’ve seen these advertisements while playing games and wondered about them.
      A question… is there a way to see the available games before installing the app?

      1. Hi Diane,
        There are numerous games available with this App. They will change from time to time so it’s difficult to say the exact games you will find when you join. I recommend joining for free so you can see if your favourite games are available. Thanks for dropping by to comment.

    5. Hello Ray! Thanks for sharing this with me, in as much as the app does not pay much, I still will like to give it a try for the fun of it. Moreover, this is also an opportunity for people like me who loves playing games to earn from our hobby even if its not that much.

      1. Hi there,

        Yes Apps like these are more for fun really, they’re not a reliable way to earn consistent income and shouldn’t really be approached as such. A few dollars here and there is all you can really expect.

    6. Cool that you can earn money on playing games. I think this must be perfect for young people who play a lot of games online. They can earn money at the same time. At least it is not a waste of time. Are there any age limit on the app? Even if you cannot get cash I think it is ok with a giftcard you can use to buy something you want. What is the minimum you need to get a payment? Is it hard to earn points? The 40MB is a lot, but at least it is free to start. 

      1. Hi Hilde,

        You can cash out at $5 and this could take a couple of weeks to earn if you use the App regularly. Not a lot by any means, but it’s fun nonetheless.

    7. Hello Ray, there are quite a lot of means to make money online and I have to say that which goes with you everywhere us really good and take for example this play app. However, from my own experience, the money made from these apps are quite small and are just side money. It’s a great idea for those looking for an extra mean of income 

    8. It’s very thoughtful of your r share this review about rewarded play apps, it’s good that you posted it, though I haven’t used any of these apps before so I  can say of personal experience of it, I believe it is worth a trial, but I think it can’t be something that’ll make a lot of money, so the income might be minimal.

      1. Hi Bruce,

        Yes the income potential is very low. If you want to earn good money online I recommend you try the link above and start a career in affiliate marketing.

    9. Thank you so much for sharing this here. I really value all you have shared here and I would like to put the efforts required to make enough through this rewarded play app. It is definitely the best thing to do by playing and earning quite well. To be honest, I would try to share this with my friends too

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