Rewarding Bee Review- Is This GPT Site Worth A Try?

Thanks for checking out my review of the GPT (Get Paid To) website Rewarding Bee.

We will be finding out today if you can earn some extra cash by completing offers and tasks on The Rewarding Bee platform.

There are lots of GPT reward sites available today which makes it difficult to decide which one to try out. So we thought we would sign up ourselves to help you decide, and to show you what you can expect to find if you do join up.

About Rewarding Bee

This is a relatively new GPT website that has been in existence since November 2018. At the time of writing (May 2020) the Rewarding Bee website says it has 1353 members, and has paid out almost $1000.00 in rewards.

Membership is for those aged 18 and over. If you are aged between 13-18 you will need parental permission.

Signing Up To Rewarding Bee

Signing Up To Rewarding Bee is straightforward, just visit their website and enter your name, email address and address. You also need to provide a user name and password.

Once you complete the details you will be sent an email with a verification code which you simply copy and paste onto the website. Once you’ve done that you are ready to go.

Once I had my account set up I noticed that I had been awarded a $0.10 sign up bonus (see below)


Rewarding Bee Sign Up Bonus

Not very much but a sign up bonus is always welcome to get you off to a good start.

Ways To Earn At Rewarding Bee

From your account screen you can access the pages where you can earn from (see below)

Ways to earn at Rewarding Bee


As with all GPT sites you expect to find surveys available. Rewarding Bee doesn’t have their own surveys, but instead refers you to third party sites. If you’re happy with that you can begin by clicking on those available.

There was quite a good selection of surveys available from third party survey platforms that included amongst others ‘Say So Rewards’ ‘Easy Surveys’ ‘Your Surveys’ and ‘Opinion Surveys’.

The rewards for each survey were anything from $0.30 up to $1.20.

If you are familiar with online surveys however you will of course know that you won’t be able to qualify for every survey you take, which means it can be very time consuming.

You could for example earn $1.20 for taking a 25 min survey, however it may have taken you 30 mins to find that survey which you were able to qualify for.


Rewarding Bee has numerous offers available in the Offerwall area. Clicking on the link takes you to various third party links (see below).

Rewarding Bee Offerwall

Here you can get access to offers that allow you to earn in various ways including getting paid to sign up, downloading apps, surveys, paid to click and more.

Remember However, if you sign up to any offers make sure you know exactly what you are signing up to by reading the conditions of the offers.

The Rewarding Bee website states that you can get paid by referring people to the site. It says you can earn up to 8% of your referrals earnings.

However I couldn’t find any section of the site that provided me with a referral code or link, so I’m not sure whether at the time of writing (May 2020) there is a referral program running.

Getting Paid By Rewarding Bee

Once your balance reaches $2 you can withdraw your earnings. The payment is by PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Rewarding Bee state that they process manual payments on the following business day. This includes holiday periods, when payments will be made on the first day they are back open.

The site also has a payment proof page which shows the members that have withdrawn payments over a number of weeks.

How Much Can You Earn With Rewarding Bee?

There are plenty of ways to earn extra on the Rewarding Bee platform, when it is taking surveys, participating in offers, watching videos or simply clicking on ads.

The amount you earn will be mostly determined by how much you participate. You could generate a  decent side income, but you will need to be commit a good chunk of your time on the site. You won’t however be able to earn a full time income from this site.

What Are The Pros Of Rewarding Bee?

  • Free to join
  • Available Worldwide
  • Lots of earning opportunities
  • Low Cash Out Sum Of $2
  • Sign Up Bonus
  • Payments via PayPal

What Are The Cons Of Rewarding Bee?

  • Low income opportunity
  • Only has surveys from third party websites.
  • Website layout is a bit confusing.

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Some Final Thoughts

There’s nothing to suggest that Rewarding Bee is anything other than legit. The site provides links to lots of surveys and offers to ensure there is a ready supply of earning opportunities.

The site provides a page displaying all the members that are being paid, and there is a shoutbox message facility that members can use.

If you want to boost your income with a few extra bucks then Rewarding Bee might be worth a try.

Star Rating- 3/5-Quite a new GPT site that has a lot of earning opportunities.

3 Star Rating

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6 thoughts on “Rewarding Bee Review- Is This GPT Site Worth A Try?”

  1. Hi ,

    thank you for this informative article,  i  have had an idea of what reading bee is all about before, what i really like about them is,  how they recognised the hard work of everyone  and providing  the latest news and  discounts. But the most important thing about Rewarding Bee is that they are everywhere !  thank you once again for this.

  2. Rewarding Bee site seems like a great way to earn some more money through your website. I have experience in doing surveys online for cash payouts. Its was OK but just like most websites like Rewarding Bee the income opportunity was very low. This is great while you at home bored and willing to earn extra money!

    1. Hi Darnell,

      Yes there’s no doubt surveys are very low paid, although I agree they do pass the time when you are bored. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hey nice review you have there. I have heard little about Rewarding Bee from a friend. Having stumbled into this article, I now have a better perspective of its framework. It’s indeed a viable opportunity for one to earn from home. Nevertheless, I would love to know about the surveys, is it given based on a person’s discipline or it is selected at random ?

    1. Hi there,

      Surveys are selected for you based upon your demographic, or the information you give on the screening test given before you commence the survey. Also the more surveys you engage with the more likely you are to get further surveys. Thanks for your comment.

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