Screenlift Rewards App Review-Can You Earn Cash Simply Unlocking Your Phone?

ScreenLift Regards App Review

Thanks for checking out our review of The ScreenLift Rewards App.

We will be finding out all about this earning opportunity to help you decide whether it is worth signing up to.

A lot of people these days are earning cash online by simply locking and unlocking their phones. And this Screenlift Rewards App Review will explain how you can do the same with the ScreenLift platform.

The flexibility of this platform is one of its main advantages, with users able to earn points from any location, with just one swipe.

But how much can you earn? And what are other users saying about the App? We will be finding this out in our review, but first let’s find out how things work….

How The Screenlift Rewards App Works

The Screenlift Rewards App lets you upgrade your lock screen and earn cash for doing so.

You can download the app in minutes to your Android phone, and it doesn’t cost a thing. The service is free, and can be used on Android devices when you want to adjust your PIN, or augment your personal security by using a pattern lock on your device.

You can customize the home screen on your phone in several ways by using this app, so it’s not just about earning quick cash on the move.

You can add themes for free, and make your device look better than before.

How much can you Earn With The Screenlift Rewards App?

You can earn about 200 to 300 points a day just by casually using your phone. The payout is only $1.25 for an Amazon gift card and you only need 1,500 points for that, so you could collect your first gift card after just a week of using the platform.

The Screenlift Rewards App rewards you every time that you swipe to unlock your phone from your home screen. Points on this app are called Lifts, and are allotted to you each time you use your phone.

You can also earn points by viewing content on the app, such as news stories, Rewards are paid out in the form of gift cards, or cash, once you reach the minimum balance.

If you need cash, you can ask to have your earnings transferred to your PayPal account. this can take between one and three days.

This app allows all participants to earn by referring a friend. Whenever your friend earns Lifts, you will also earn, so it helps when you refer people who are active on the app.

Feedback from Users

The Screenlift Rewards App has a rating of 4.3 stars, from 3,000 reviewers, and has been installed by more than 100,000 people.

Users find it easy to benefit from the features, and steadily gain points. Using the app in a natural manner allows them to slowly gain points, but if they unlock the phone at an abnormal pace, the rate at which they earn points usually slows down.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Screenlift Rewards App rewards you with real cash, so your earnings can be used for any purpose.
  • The process of cashing out is easy, and you don’t have to wait for more than three days for your money.
  • This screen doesn’t drain your battery, since it is just another first screen.
  • While you can earn points by engaging with the content that is presented, you don’t have to, and can enjoy all the free perks of using the screen.
  • Customer support for the app is readily available, and you can contact representatives by using email. They are responsive to queries about earnings and other facets of using the app.

What Are The Cons?

  • The Screenlift Rewards App cannot be recommended for people of all ages, since it sometimes shows content that is more appropriate for adults.
  • Since the app is a worldwide platform, it may show ads in different languages, and people who don’t speak that language will not be able to benefit as much from the information in those.
  • They have Amazon gift cards, and that allows you to purchase almost anything you want, but it would be nice if they added a few more gift cards, such as Starbucks or Steam.

Some Final Thoughts

The Screenlift Rewards App rewards you for visiting your home screen. The average person does that right through the day, as they answer calls, switch to apps to add text to a memo, or watch the news.

Installing the app will not slow down your phone, and you’ll keep adding points to your balance effortlessly every week.

The cash you earn can be used to buy yourself something you want, or even help with your goals. Cash will be sent right to your PayPal account, and while you usually get this in three days, you may get it within 24 hours after you cash out.

Have you used the ScreenLift Rewards App? If so and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5- An App that can provide you with a small passive income as you unlock your phone.

3 Star Rating


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