Screenpay App Review – Can You Unlock Your Smartphone Screen And Earn Real Cash?

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Screenpay App Review

Mobile phones are no longer limited to just making calls and exchanging text messages. They can be a handy way to make a little bit of extra cash too.

Since mobile apps appeared, your smartphone can become a source of income.

What is enticing about make money Apps is that they are completely free to join, and you do not require any professional skills to sign up.

One of the most recent ways of earning money online is through lockscreen apps.

These apps not only lock your screen conveniently, but also offer rewards for viewing ads whenever you unlock your device.

Screenpay is no longer available on GooglePlay, you may want to take a look at a review I did recently of this   lockscreenapp

What Is The Screenpay App?

Screenpay is one of the latest lockscreen apps that pledges to pay you cash rewards for unlocking your device and viewing various sponsored ads.

How Does Screenpay Work?

Like most smartphone apps, Screenpay works in a simple and straightforward manner.

You just need to download and install the app on your Android device to get started.

The app works in three simple steps…


Create your account

Creating an account on this platform is very easy.

You are only required to submit an email address and password.

After verifying your details, you will receive $1 as a welcome bonus just for signing up!


Set up your profile

You are required to set up your profile to enable Screenpay to post offers and promotions that match your interests.

All new members can choose a minimum of 4 categories that revolve around their lifestyles and hobbies.

Popular topics include fashion, sports, travel, auto, health, wellness and finance.


Start unlocking your phone

The last step requires you to unlock your phone as you normally do, to start earning money.

The Screenpay app will run various ads on your phone’s screen, and you have to view for a few seconds for you to qualify for payment.

You have the option of clicking on the ad to learn more about it or swiping your screen to ignore the advertisement.

Interestingly, you will still get paid even if you do not click on the promo.

Earning Potential

You are expected to use the app consistently for 30 days to earn rewards.

Screenpay pays its members $3 every month just for using the app.

Although this might seem to be a guaranteed source of income, it must be said that the earning potential of this platform is very low.

The $3 that members earn every month is of course a very small amount and obviously can’t be used to settle bills or even pay for your shopping.

Nevertheless, you can increase your income somewhat by taking advantage of the referral program available on this platform.

Screenpay has a reasonable refer-afriend program that pays you $3 for every 5 new members that you bring on board. Referring people to Apps like this one, and reward sites too can be a good way to create a small passive income. Here are other reward sites that will pay you to refer others.

All referrals are required to download and use the app for at least 30 days for you to earn your referral bonus.

If any of the 5 new members decide to uninstall the app before 30 days, you will not be paid a single dime.

According to Screenpay, you may also increase your earnings by choosing more topics of interest.

However, from our findings, this claim is difficult to prove.

Members complain that your income will not increase as the app pays its members a standard cash reward of $3 per month, no matter how many times you unlock your phone or view suggested ads.

Cashing Out

All payments are processed via PayPal.

For this reason, you are required to link your PayPal account to the app before you can cash out. Paypal is a popular payment method for a lot of users, if you prefer payment via Paypal then check out these sites that also pay via PayPal 

Additionally, you must have a minimum balance of $7 in your Screenpay account before you can cash out. This is comparatively quite high, some platforms pay out with $5 or less.

The processing of payments is fast, and you will receive your earnings in your PayPal account within 72 hours after redemption.

What Are The Pros?

• Free to join

The app is absolutely free to join, and open to new applicants across the globe.

• Registration bonus

The registration process is swift and uncomplicated. Furthermore, all new members are awarded $1 as a welcome bonus.

If you think a sign up bonus is a great incentive, here are other sites that pay you to sign up.

• Easy way of earning money

The Screenpay app offers one of the easiest ways of earning money online. You are only required to unlock your phone’s screen and view ads to earn money!

• Cash payments

The app does not use a point-based system to reward its members. All payments are in cash, sent directly to your PayPal account.

• Has a referral program

Screenpay has a referral program that offers you an opportunity to increase your earning. The program pays $3 for every five new members who register using your referral link.

What Are The Cons?

• Only available for Android devices.

The app is only compatible with Android devices

• Limited revenue streams

Screenpay has a very low-income potential, due to limited revenue streams.

You can only earn money by viewing ads or referring your friends

• Delays in payments

Some members have complained about delayed payments while others claim not to have received their payments to date

• Erroneous freezing of accounts

According to some members, Screenpay has a tendency of freezing user account without notice and for no apparent reason.

• Complex referral program

The referral program is quite complex given the fact that all the members you invite have to use the app actively for 30 days for you to receive your referral bonus.

• No longer available on Google Play

Apparently, the app is no longer available on Google Play due to poor ratings.

Does the Screenpay App live up to its billing?

The Screenpay app is without doubt legit.

Also, considering the fact that the app protects your phone from unauthorized access, and at the same time offering you a steady income just for viewing various sponsored ads, it may be worth a try.

However, the app has come under great scrutiny from members due to increased cases of missing payments and frozen accounts.

Furthermore, the app has a very low-income potential due to limited income opportunities.

A bit worrying is the fact that this app is no longer available in Google Play due to a number of issues, including a high number of negative reviews. For these reasons I have given it a low rating.

Star Rating For The Screenpay App-2/5-Legit App With Low Income Potential And A Few Issues

2 Star Rating
Have you tried the Screenpay App? If so let us know in the comments what you thought and if you recommend it.

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