ShopKick Review-How Does It Work?

ShopKick App Review

Today in this ShopKick review I will be taking a look at how this App works and finding out how good it is.

ShopKick Review

Shopkick is basically a shopping app that gives you rewards in gift cards for the things that you buy at the stores.

Essentially, the app rewards you once you enter stores and scan specific items before making a purchase and paying with your credit card.

The credit card in this case must be linked to an account in the app.

These reward points are called shopkicks. These shopkicks are then traded with instant gift cards to shop common stores across the United States like the Gamestop, Target, and Starbucks.

Shopkicks is similar to another app called Checkpoints that also pays its users by rewarding them with points that can be redeemed.

Joining Shopkick

To join Shopkick, download their program with your smartphone. The app claims to have over 11 million people who are active on the program. This cannot be confirmed as true, however the program has been in operation since 2009.

This shows that the company has been pretty serious about its business.

Rewards at Shopkick

Scanning products at the store

Shopkick rewards customers with 10-100 points once they scan their product codes at specified locations.

The products that your scan usually rotate on a weekly basis.

To gain points one must scan products that are allowed in the qualifying stores. However, you cannot scan the same item twice.

Get credit for just walking into the store

There are some stores that give you a credit of between 30-50 kicks for just walking to the store.

You can do this as often as you want. You can also earn extra walking-in kicks by checking out some of the featured items in what the company calls ‘lookbooks’.

These lookbooks are mini circular ads for the specific store. However, users must have the app and open it as they enter the qualifying stores. Otherwise, you will have to be in and out to get the credit you want.


  • You can always make money by linking your Shopkick account with your credit card and then using the credit card to buy items in stores that qualify.
  • The numbers of points you earn vary from one store to the other. Look around for ones that are higher paying

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Refer a friend

If you refer friends to the Shopkicks program you will earn for the first two weeks of using the account. However, you cannot earn more than 2500 points from referrals. You can earn more by referring friends now and then.

How much are the kicks at Shopkick worth?

You need around 250 kicks to earn about $1. You will need to have earned around $2 (worth 500 kicks) to redeem the points at Target.

However, you can earn these points by combining several methods available as discussed above.

Redeeming the points

Once you have enough ShopKick points, you can spend as you want in any stores that uses the points as as you wish and at any time of the day.

Some of the rewards given include things like gift cards that are electronic and working for many national retail stores that include Macy’s, Starbucks, Target, Papa John’s and the Gamestop.

The gift cards usually have their value varying as from as from $2 for 500 points at Target stores.

These gift cards are made instantly on the app with others being emailed to you directly.

When most people select one of the options as opposed to the others, the option becomes unavailable for rewards for the next week.

Shopkick  determines how many redeems qualify for the option to be considered very high for the week.

See the Shopkick promotional video below to find out more;

The ShopKick app will let you get away poor quality photos as it will still recognise the bar code. You only get the lost signal’ message only when you are in shopping areas with absolutely no internet connection.

Complaints from the users of Shopkick

• The products that you scan are not always in stock.

Some stores also keep the expensive products away from the shelves. This means you will not always have as many products as you’d like to have.

• Shopkick are more skewed to fashion, perfume, and department stores. If you live in an area with few of these stores, or which do not stock some of the products that you should scan, you cannot earn from the app

• There is also a delay in updating the points balance especially where you use the credit card to earn points.

The 30-45 days period is very long for the points to come by.

I have also found a number of complaints on the internet about accounts being closed. It’s impossible to say of course who may be at fault with individual cases, but the complaints are something that is worth noting. Here is what some people are saying;

• Shopkick sometimes closes the accounts without prior notice. They do not explain the mistakes that you have done in order to have your account closed.

People say the only response you will get from Shopkick is that they have a right not to explain their decision and that there will be no communication on the same.

• Sometimes the app does not work to collect points. However, if you complain that the account does not work, your account is likely to get closed. This is one of the biggest complaints that most of the clients make.

Is Shopkick legit?

Shopkick is a legit method to make money on the side. You can use the app to save some rewards and the methods of earning from the app listed above are easy to accomplish.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the app to make enough income to pay all your bills. The rewards are too few and far apart.

The App however is worth trying if you want to see how well it can work for you.

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