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Should I Try iWriter? Review

iWriter Review

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Today I’m going to have a look at the writing platform iWriter to help you decide if you should try it yourself.

Article writing is one of the online jobs that require low academic qualifications.

In most cases, your educational background does not matter.

If you are good at doing research, and can express ideas fluently in writing, then this could be the job for you.

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The internet is awash with numerous writing platforms that pay writers.

Some pay quite well for articles, while others pay peanuts.

If you manage to find a good writing platform, then you can earn a stable income through writing.

What is iWriter?

In simple terms, iWriter is an online writing platform that allows “requesters” to find writers to produce content for them.

On the other hand, it offers writers a platform to earn money through writing for clients.

You can start earning money on iWriter as soon as you open an account.

However, how well you earn depends on the quality of content that you can produce, since requesters have to approve your articles before you can receive payment.

Is iWriter Legit or a Scam?

Some people may have their reservations about the legitimacy of iWriter.

 However, despite some writers giving it negative reviews, iWriter is nonetheless a legitimate platform.

iWriter has been in existence since 2011. Since its inception the company has made a name for itself as one of the most authoritative writing platforms available today.

What is more appealing about iWriter is that you can ask the support team any question before starting out on a writing project.

The friendly moderators will get back to you in less than 2 4 hours, giving you the reassurances that you need.

Whether you are a requester or a budding content writer, you can rely on iWriter to deliver on your needs.

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How to Get Started

Getting started on iWriter is easy. Firstly, you need to register an iWriter account by providing a valid email address. It is also essential that you update your profile and set your preferences.

After verifying your registration, log in to your account to access the dashboard area.

It is quite easy to navigate through the various sections. You will notice that the account area has several sections that display the most prolific writers, the highest rated writers and other important statistics.

You may want to view the various tutorials available on the dashboard, if you are still having trouble getting your way around iWriter. These tutorials will provide you with simple instructions on how to start your writing career with iWriter.

Writing Your First Article on iWriter

Click on “ Write Content ” on the main menu to get a list of available jobs.

It is important to note that as a new writer, you can only work on standard articles that appear at the bottom of the page.

This is because iWriter has various membership levels that determine the kind of jobs you can work on. Peruse through the various pages until you find the topics that you enjoy writing about.

As a first time iWriter, you have to undergo a simple 15 question test, before writing any article.

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This exam checks on your command of English and tests issues to do with spelling and grammar. In the unlikely event that you fail, you can redo another test after 24 hours by contacting the support team for a retrial.

After successfully completing the test, you can now write your first iWriter article. Make sure you read all instructions before taking on any project, lest a client rejects your article.

If you can produce quality content consistently, then you can do well at iWriter.

Importantly, every new writer can only work on one order every 45 minutes. This restriction is universal to all new writers, until five of your articles get reviewed by clients.

Additionally, you can only work on a single order at a time, but the number of articles you can do per day has no limitation.

Payment is instant, but only if your article has an approval from the requester.

Remember to do the following before submitting your work:

• Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
• Avoid plagiarism
• Follow all instructions
• Make sure that you have exhausted research sources

Membership Levels ( Ratings )

iWriter has an interesting four – tier membership structure including Standard, Premium, Elite and Elite Plus membership.

As a new writer, you will start your iWriter career as a standard member, which is the lowest tier. This tier seeks to hone your skills and provide you with the much-needed experience that is essential for your writing career.

To be honest, standard members do not receive generous payments per article. To escape from the grip of low payments, you have to work extra hard to increase your ratings, and consequently ascend to higher membership levels.

Every time your article is approved on iWriter, the requester of the article will have to rate your work.

To move to the Premium level, you have to maintain a star rating of 4 . 1 after 2 5 approved articles.

To attain the Elite membership status, you have to achieve a 4 . 6 star rating after another 30 approved articles.

The highest membership level is the Elite Plus rating. To become an Elite Plus writer, you have to complete 40 approved articles and maintain a star rating of 4 . 8 5.

Please note that the client has to review your article for you to receive a star rating. The reason for these stringent measures is to ensure that only quality writers work on the iWriter platform.

As a writer, you should focus on producing quality content and maintain good ratings.

Do not worry about the money, because it will come naturally as you attain higher ratings.

In essence, a good rating will see you ascend to the higher membership levels. A higher rating means that you will earn more money per article.

Imagine earning up to $ 52 just from writing a simple 1, 000  word article!

iWriter Fast Track Program

iWriter makes it simple for new content writers to gain Elite membership status. You can fast track your ascension to the Premium and Elite levels in less than 1 day. Let’ s see how this works……..

As mentioned, writers earn money according to their membership level and word count. Standard level writers earn the least amount per word count. Premium level writers earn double the amount of standard level writers, while Elite and Elite Plus writers earn even higher amounts.

To move from standard level to premium level, you have to receive at least 30 reviews.

You may however be a talented writer, but you do not have the time to write a minimum of 30 daunting articles while earning meagerly.

This fast – tracking program is ideal for you. In three simple steps, you can be on your way to better earnings.

Becoming an Elite member through this fast tracking program is very simple.

Firstly, you have to make an application by clicking on the iWriter Fast Track Program button.

Secondly, make a one – time payment of $ 197 to iWriter. This fee is essential in getting rid of jokers. It ensures only serious writers apply for higher membership positions.

Additionally, the amount caters for employee fees, as they review the numerous applications from members.

After paying the one-time application fee, you are required to produce three quality articles revolving around provided keywords.

These three articles will determine whether you become a Premium writer or an Elite Writer, so make sure you do your best.

The iWriter reviewers will go through your articles in less than 24 hours and rate them accordingly. If your average rating is between 4 and 4 . 6, then you will become a Premium writer. Writers who achieve a rating above 4 . 6 become Elite writers immediately.

The availability of the fast tracking program gives iwriter added appeal for capable writers who want the opportunity to start earning good rates of pay in a short period of time.

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iWriter Tips and Tricks

If you are considering trying iWriter, it is important that you learn a few tips and tricks.

With a membership of over 100, 000 active writers, you will need these tricks to enhance your presence in iWriter.

Fortunately, iWriter does not use the bidding criteria that other writing platforms use: writing jobs are in plenty and available for anyone to choose.

We have already discussed about rating, but it is important that you understand how to maintain high ratings. A good rating will definitely determine how much you can earn on this platform.

However, it is not an easy task. Always aim to get several 5 – stars by producing quality articles.

Whenever a client asks for a revision, always do it without hesitation. This will go a long way in creating a good rapport with your clients, which will subsequently lead to good ratings.

Your ability to identify good orders can make the difference between success and failure.

To achieve this, make sure that you read all instructions before taking on any project. Do not select an order just for the sake of earning money. Ignore orders that have demanding requests and instructions.

Lastly, remember to select topics that you enjoy writing and those that you are comfortable working on.

At the beginning of the week, especially on Mondays, it is the best day to search for orders. This is because most clients prefer posting jobs on this day.

However, you should brace yourself to experience low seasons, when jobs become less frequent. Nonetheless, this is not something that should cause you sleepless nights.

Just like any other writing platform, iWriter has its fair share of fraudulent requesters.

Therefore choosing the right requester can pose a problem, especially if you are still a new writer. Here are some tips that will help you know which requesters to avoid:

• Requesters who attach complicated and unclear instructions to their orders
• Requesters with less than 75 percent approval rating
• Requesters with less than 10 jobs
• Requesters who give a rating below 3.5 even after doing a splendid job
• Requesters who use threatening words like “I will flag you as spam.”

Mastering SEO skills can give you an advantage over other writers too.

Although it is not compulsory, SEO skills will help you know how to use keywords naturally for better page rankings.

These skills will also help you abide by the required keyword density. Requesters love writers who have extra skills. Therefore, take it upon yourself to learn additional skills.

Communication is critical when working on various iWriter projects.

You might not know it, but sending a message of gratitude or updating your requester on the progress of an order will go a long way in creating a good working relationship. If the relationship with your requester is cordial enough, you may request a higher rating with every article you deliver.

Quality supersedes everything else. Always ensure that you carry out a comprehensive research before you begin writing your content.

Go through the article several times before submitting it for approval. You will be surprised at the high number of requesters you get, if you consistently deliver high quality articles.

Payments and Withdrawals

As far as payment is concerned, iWriter is very prompt.

When you submit an article, and it receives an approval from the client, you will receive your payment in your iWriter account instantly.

Withdrawals are through the PayPal address that you provide during registration.

The minimum withdrawal amount is usually $20. Additionally, you need to select a payment / withdrawal frequency, which could be every Tuesday, every other Wednesday, the 5th day of every month or the 25th day of every month.


Many writing platforms do exist, but nothing beats the simplicity of iWriter. You can start your writing career in just a matter of minutes, thanks to the flexible iWriter requirements.

The fact that it does not entail bidding wars among writers makes it even more appealing. What are you waiting for?

Register your account today and start earning money doing what you love best; writing.

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There are affiliate links on this page… my full disclosure

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Philip Colbert - July 14, 2017

Hi Ray,

Thank you for posting this article on iWriter. This review completely laid out, in total fairness, the good and the bad of this writing platform.

It seems like a great opportunity as I write online an awful lot however the bad points made have that sinking feeling.

On one part you get paid for writing for other people – sweet.

On the other hand, even if you write like Shakespear, people can refuse your good honest hard work. You’d think the site would do something about people that continue to treat writers in this unfair fashion? Why don’t do something about that as this would just put me off.

However, if I pay the fee then I got a greater chance of making good honest money in a fair fashion.

Thank you for the information Ray, I have a lot to think about now.



    Admin - July 15, 2017

    Hi Philip,
    I agree, iWriter is a good writing platform but of course isn’t perfect. The ‘requesters’ do have the right to refuse any article they get, which of course is necessary, but that does mean that some requesters can reject a very high percentage of articles, sometimes simply because the articles are not perfect. The better thing to do is request revision or a re-write if the article shows promise but needs tweaking. If you are new to writing having your writing simply rejected can be harsh.
    Some articles however do of course demand rejection, because there are some poor articles.
    I think iwriter is worth trying for anyone who wants to get into freelancing. If you have good writing skills then genuine requesters will recognise your abilities and they will come back for more work. There is an opportunity here to create a good reputation, and consequently an income.
    Thanks for your comment Philip and for reading my review.

Rika - July 24, 2017

I love content writing and came across this post. I have already registered with iWriter after reading your post and find their dashboard very easy to navigate.

There is only 1 article available in German on the standard option. I would like to know how easy it is to go from standard to premium if they only have limited options?

Do you have any advice for me?

Admin - July 24, 2017

Hi Rika,
You’re right, I had the same problem, there is often a limited amount of standard articles available for someone who is just getting started. Progress through the ranks can be quite slow until you manage to find and write 30 standard articles. The options are to either be patient, and keep checking in on what is available, or, if you can afford it, and you do have some decent writing skills, you can take the fast track route. It is quite a steep one off payment of $197, and you have to provide evidence that you can write, but it can be your ticket to higher paying articles that can quite quickly pay back to you the money you paid out.
Thanks for your comment Rika, I wish you all the best with your writing career.

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