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Today I’m taking a look at Answerpoints a survey panel to whether it is worth trying.

Answerpoints doesn’t charge you anything to join, nor do they make any outlandish claims about making thousands of dollars every month taking surveys, which signifies that it is a legitimate site.

You get points for completing surveys, and those points you can redeem for small rewards, which is what you can expect from survey sites.

By being a member of this survey panel won’t mean you will be able to pay all your bills, so you will need to be realistic.

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So What is Answerpoints?

As stated above, Answerpoints is online survey panel that rewards members with points for every answer they provide on the panel.

Membership is only open to U.K residents who are over 16 years of age.

In an era where market research plays a pivotal role in establishing consumer perception, Answerpoints pays members for their honest opinions on various products and services in the market.

Your opinion influences the development and delivery of future products and services, respectively.

The points that you earn for your opinions are redeemable with gift cards and high street vouchers.

Is Answerpoints Legit?

AnswerPoints was previously known as ”Just the Answer,” and  the research panel has since re – branded with their new name. With more than 100, 000 panelists, there is no doubt that Answerpoints is legitimate.

Getting Started on Answerpoints

Getting started on Answerpoints is very easy, and as previously mentioned, it is free to join.

All you have to provide is basic information, including your name, address, postal code, email and date of birth.

You will also provide a username and enter your preferred password.

After signing up, it is imperative that you verify your account to complete your registration.

To confirm your account, you need to open your email and click on the confirmation link that you receive from Answerpoints. After confirmation, you will receive 5 0 points as a welcome bonus.

How does it Work?

Answerpoints How Does It Work

Answerpoints works quite differently from other market research panels.

Unlike other survey panels, you do not have to complete your profile to qualify for various surveys.

This is rather strange because a profile is essential when picking panelists for various surveys. Nevertheless, you have to fill various pre – qualification questionnaires before you can qualify for any survey.

You can search for surveys by clicking on available surveys on the main menu.

Alternatively, Answerpoints may invite you for surveys by sending invitations to your email address.

Whatever the case, you have to answer pre – qualifying questions to become eligible for available surveys.

This pre – qualifying session can be time consuming, especially if you do not meet the criteria for selection, and you will not receive points if you do not qualify for a survey.

For this reason, some members in their reviews have criticised Answerpoints.

How Much Can You Earn?

Each point translates to one penny.

When you register with Answerpoints, you will receive 50 points, which translates to 50 pence.

The earning opportunities strictly depend on the availability of surveys.

Due to the fact that you also have to pass through a pre – qualification process, like you do with most survey panels, means that building the points will also take longer.

Surveys can take anything from 3 minutes to 30 minutes.

The longer the surveys, the more points or money you are likely to get.

However, do not expect to make much out of these surveys, with the amount being around a maximum 150 points, or £1.50 for the longer surveys.

Payments and Withdrawals

Every survey that is fully completed earns you answer points.

You will receive an email when you complete a survey successfully.

In some cases, your account will be credited automatically. However, some surveys require a considerable time for data processing to be complete, before crediting your account.

Once you reach 500 points, you can redeem your points for £ 5 Amazon gift cards and prizes that come in the form of vouchers.

You may also decide to donate 500 points, or £5 to Macmillan Cancer Research.

50 points enters you into the quarter prize draw and you could will fabulous prizes ranging from iPads to high street vouchers.

Unfortunately, you cannot make cash withdrawals on Answerpoints.

This can be rather discouraging for some members who much prefer cash.

• It is free to join Answerpoints
• Registration is an easy process
• Welcome bonus of 5 0 points
• Contributes to charity

• You cannot redeem your points for cash
• It has a low income potential
• You have to complete pre – qualifying surveys
• It is not popular among some members
• Limited prizes offered
• You have to accrue 500 points to redeem gift cards. Not a bad redemption amount really, but there are better.

Final Thoughts

Answerpoints is a legitimate market research panel. However, just like other online survey panels, it’s not going to earn you anything substantial, apart from some pocket money.

The fact that you cannot redeem points for cash makes it ( for me anyway) less appealing.

I recommend joining a few survey sites if you want to earn a small side income, to ensure you always have a ready supply of surveys.

Answerpoints is a panel that may be worth considering.

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Let me know in the comments if you have any experience of Answerpoints survey panel that you wish to share.

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