Should You Try Dimondclix? Review

To find out if Dimondclix is worth your time, and whether it has any real opportunities for you to make some money, I decided to sign up for a free account and give it a whirl.

There are literally hundreds of Paid To Click (PTC) websites available on the internet. The main activity that members sign up to do is clicking on ads.

Now why would anyone want to click on and then view an ad?

Well the reason they do that is because the PTC site pays a very small amount for each

The ads I saw on Dimondclix for example pay somewhere between $0.0002 and $0.008 approx. Obviously, by simply clicking on the ads you are only going to earn a minimal amount.

P.T.C sites offer you the chance to earn more by renting referrals and choosing paid membership options. If you choose the paid options I recommend that you only use money you can easily afford to lose.

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Renting referrals basically means you pay for a referral for a limited period of time (the referrals are members who haven’t been referred by someone else).

Then you wait to see if the referral either clicks or spend money on the site during the period you rent them, so that you can earn enough to cover your costs.

I personally think that renting referrals is a risky strategy given that you are merely hoping that your referral will stick around long enough to give you a good return.

If the referrals are anything like me, then they will get very bored very quickly. I think you would have to be extremely lucky to get a lot of referrals that are committed to clicking on ads and upgrading their account.

If you are someone who has managed to make it work then let me know in the comments, but PTC sites aren’t something I feel confident about giving my money to.

Something that wasn’t too bad about Dimondclix was that the cash out wasn’t all that high. $3 is achievable if you are determined and keep on clicking for a while.

There are quite a lot of ads to click on each day and by clicking on them each day you should be able to rack up a few cents.

It won’t cost you anything to click on the ads, except for your time of course, which you may consider (like I do) to be the most valuable asset you have.


Membership Costs

I only join up with PTC sites on the free membership because I don’t want to risk any of my money. If you do choose to put your money into this site, here are the paid membership options. The paid memberships claim to offer you better opportunities to increase your earning potential.

Im not confident about the earning potential with PTC sites so I am not recommending them, but as I said earlier please leave a comment below if you have managed to make them work for you.

Dimondclix paid membership


Renting Referrals

As you can see from the table above, the amount of referrals you can have depends upon the level of membership you have paid for.

If you want to rent referrals then you will have to pay for them. They’re not as expensive as they are on some other PTC sites, but you aren’t of course guaranteed to see any return on the money you put in.

Direct Referrals

If you want to try and make money with referrals then it could be worth trying to get direct referrals instead.

Free membership entitles you to an affiliate link that you can use and get people to click on.

I believe the best way to promote your affiliate link is by putting it on your own website or blog.

You aren’t just restricted to one affiliate program when you have your own website.

Once you learn the basics of affiliate marketing you can promote as many affiliate links as you wish.

I don’t think the affiliate programs on most PTC are worth your time and you can find better ones. The reason I don’t like PTC direct referrals is because most of them only allow you a limited amount of direct referrals before you have to get a paid membership to allow you more.

Dimondclix for example only allows you 100 direct referrals under the free membership. Unfortunately 100 referrals isn’t likely to be enough to earn you very much.

Lots of other affiliate programs are available to join if you are an affiliate marketer, and they are potentially a lot more profitable than the one available here.


If you are familiar with PTC sites you will recognise the grid feature that most of them have. Dimondgrid gives you the opportunity to win up to $1 with 25 chances to win each day. You just have to click on a grid on the given picture and then view an ad for up to 8 seconds to see if you are a winner.


  • Free membership
  • Members forum
  • No skill needed to earn a small amount
  • $3 quite a low cash out


  • Very low earning platform
  • Risky paid options
  • No PayPal


Final Thoughts

Dimondclix is currently paying, but unfortunately you can’t guarantee how long this will continue, so you could end up wasting your time and your money.

I’m not saying this will happen to Dimondclix but a lot of other PTC sites have closed and people have lost money so you must consider this when joining up to any PTC site.

I really don’t think PTC sites are a good way to earn online.

I believe there are better ways to EARN A SIDE INCOME

There are also better ways to work toward A FULL TIME INCOME ONLINE

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Roopesh - May 30, 2017

Honestly speaking, the pay from these guys is really awful for all the effort that one puts in.

Is $3 the amount that you need to earn, before Dimondclix pays you out. I would like to know how long that takes someone to make.

At the end of the day, my time is valuable and I would rather spend it on building my own business. Your idea of affiliate marketing sounds good. Where can I learn more about that?

Thanks for the heads up on Dimondclix. I will be staying away from them.


Ray - May 30, 2017

Hi Roopesh,
Because there is a limited amount of ads you can click on each day, you can only make a few cents, so it is going to take you at least a number of weeks to reach $3.
You can of course try the paid memberships and renting referrals which may get you to the $3 quicker, but of course the risk is that you will spend more than $3 in order to earn the cash out sum. That is the reason I don’t recommend PTC sites.
I think affiliate marketing is a much better way to build a long term sustainable business, and the best platform to learn how affiliate marketing works is Wealthy Affiliate.

Ash Clicks - September 20, 2017

Dimondclix is scammers. they selectively paying, scam detecting sites sent it to scam list, and not recomended list

    Ray - September 20, 2017

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I noticed that has currently changed their status following comments on their site from users who are saying they haven’t been paid.

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