Should You Try EldiBux? Review

Today I am reviewing another Paid To Click (PTC) website called Eldibux to see if you should try it.

PTC sites allow you to earn a very low income by clicking on ads, which is the main activity on these sites, but is the low amount you earn really worth your time? And what about earning through referrals….. is it too risky?….Lets find out.

How Can You Earn At EldiBux

Members get the opportunity to earn in a number of ways;

Ways To Earn At EldiBux

Offers At EldiBux

A way to earn at EldiBux is by signing up to offers such as joining websites for trial periods on the Offerwall.

Be careful however, if you have given your credit card details remember to cancel the subscription, unless of course it is something you really do want to spend your money on.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully for each offer.

The PTC wall has additional offers.

Clicking On Ads

I joined up with EldiBux to find out how much they are paying their members who sign up for free and click on the ads. The rewards for clicking on, and then viewing an ad for a few seconds, was within the range of  between $0.001 and $0.0015.

There is only a limited amount of ads you can click on per day, so you can imagine how difficult it will be to build up any meaningful income simply by clicking on ads.

The good news is that you can cash out with just $1.00, which is achievable, and is lower than a lot of other PTC sites.

Check out instead this powerful way to generate an online income from home. 

Rented Referrals

You can also rent referrals (these are members that have signed up without having been referred to the site by someone else).

You have to pay to rent them, and then you hope that the referral will click on ads enough times to make you some money. This is risky because not everyone is cut out for clicking on ads day after day and will soon get bored.

If you do want to rent referrals ( don’t spend more than you can afford to lose) then this is how much they will cost;

Buying Referrals

Another option is to buy referrals. This means you keep your referral for life rather than for a limited period of time.

This is possibly extra risky as not only do you pay more for your lifetime referral you are counting on them using the site for quite some time in order to cover your costs.

Here is what it will cost you to buy a referral;

Direct Referrals

A third option, and a better one in my view, is to get direct referrals via an affiliate link that you can get from EldiBux when you sign up. If you set up a free website and promote EldiBux you can get your own referrals ( or direct referrals) as they are called.

Unfortunately, under the free membership at EldiBux you are limited to just 50 direct referrals and it could take a lot more referrals than that to create a reasonable income.

If you learn all about affiliate marketing you aren’t limited to referring people to just one website or product however. There are endless affiliate programs that you can sign up to, and it won’t cost you a dime to promote whatever products or services you want your readers to know about.

Paid Membership

You can sign up for free at EldiBux and you can continue to use the site for free as long as you wish. There are however paid options that offer certain benefits over the free membership.

Whether people do well with the paid options on PTC sites I really don’t know. The forums on PTC sites (EldiBux has one too) reveal that the sites are paying their members, but do members consistently cover their costs and create an online income?

I think it is risky to pay money to PTC sites so I won’t recommend it, but please leave a comment in the comment section below if you have been able to make PTC sites work for you.

Here are the paid membership costs at EldiBux;

  • Party-Time  30 days….$20.  90 days……$55.  180 days….$100
  • Full-Time 30 days….$35.90 days……$95. 180 days….$150. 365 days…..$290
  •  Business Man   (90 day)        365 days….$230
  •  Business Man   (180 day)       365 days….$430
  •  Business Man   (365 day)       365 days….$800


A regular feature of PTC sites are the grids that give you an opportunity to win by clicking on a grid like the one below;


You have 25 chances each day to win up to $2 by clicking on one of the squares within the picture.


  • Low Cash Out of $1.00
  • No skills needed to earn a very small amount clicking on ads
  • Forum for members
  • Free membership option


  • No PayPal…a preferred payment option for many
  • Risky paid options


Final Thoughts

Eldibux is a legit PTC site however I don’t think that clicking on ads is a great way to earn a side income online, I think there are better ways.

The paid options are risky and I don’t recommend them, however if you join a number of these sites and have a lot of patience you can earn a few dollars.

Learn how to get direct referrals to PTC sites

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isaac - April 30, 2017

You’re definitely right on the Eldibux. I mean, it’s not even paying 1 cent per click! That’s just too low return as compared to the effort that we are passing on to watch and click those ads. In my opinion, these paid to click websites are like a labor sweat shop – little payout for lot of work. Just my two cents =)

Ray-Admin - April 30, 2017

Hi Isaac,
I understand what you are saying, yet PTC sites do remain very popular. It’s obviously not how you or I prefer to make money online (there are better ways…check my links in the article), but people keep using them nonetheless, due I think to there being no skills necessary.
I am sceptical about the ability for people to make good money through referrals, or with the paid memberships therefore I don’t recommend them.
I would of course welcome any commments from anyone who is making good money via EldiBux or any other PTC site.

Kari Hakkinen - June 12, 2018

“You earned 9% in Offerwalls. It is required to have a minimum of 20% of your income earned in Offerwalls. ”

Last time it was 10%. I can’t keep up with these arbitrary terms.

Eldibux is a scam. Does not pay.

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