Should You Try Offernation? A Review

Offernation Review

Today I am reviewing an online platform called Offernation to help you decide whether you should try it yourself.

Some reward sites aren’t legit so you have made a good decision to read this review to find out if Offernation is a genuine platform for earning rewards.

What Is Offernation?

Offernation is a ‘Get Paid To’ site, which means they pay their members rewards for carrying out a number of different tasks.

Offernation  is owned and operated by 99 Ventures Ltd, the same company that owns two other GPT sites, Rewarding Ways and

Offernation is free to join!

As a member of Offernation, when you earn your rewards you get paid in points that you can then turn into cash.

The site has to date paid out just over $60,000 to its members. The website shows the payouts being made to each member on one of its pages.

The value of 100 points is $1.00, so that’s $0.01 for each point you earn.

How Does Offernation Pay You And How Quickly?

There are a few payout options. Members can withdraw their earnings when they have reached just $1.00 (100 points). You can get paid cash using PayPal, Payza, Skrill and Amazon Gift Cards.

Payments should be recieved within a few hours. Once members become verified however they can use INSTANT PayPal, meaning that payment is immediate.

In order to become a verified member they must complete the sites automated verification phone call just once when their first withdrawal is made.

I have marked Offernation out of 5 on 4 criteria that I think are important things to consider when deciding which survey or GPT site you want to use.


Customer Reviews

4 out of 5

I have given Offernation a good score for this.

I have based the score on reviews from the actual users of the site.

Users confirm that they have been paid for carrying out tasks on the site. There were very few negative things said overall.

One of criticisms I did find was that the site doesn’t have a forum.

This is a valid criticism as having a forum can be a real plus as it allows members to discuss various aspects of their membership and creates more of a community feel within the site.

I didn’t however find any negative reviews about the customer service ticket system which is a good sign that members difficulties are being resolved quickly.

Redemption Amount

5 out of 5

The best thing in my view about this site is the low cash out or redemption amount which is $1.00.

The only exception to this is if you choose to be paid via Payza in which case the redemption amount is $10.00

I have given a top score for this as the low amount allows you to get the cash you have earned very quickly.

When a redemption amount is high like it is on some sites it can take a long time to reach the amount they have set.

If you are new to taking surveys online then you may not realise how long it can take to build up points or cash and you could give up before reaching the required amount therefore losing the money you have earned.

Length Of Time In Business

3 out of 5

I have given Offernation a mid range score for this as they have been online for approximately 4 years which is a reasonable length of time.

You are better off being cautious when it is a brand new site just in case they go out of business and you lose your hard earned cash.

Offernation are however quite well established, and with the redemption amount being so low there is only a very slim chance of losing out because of this.

I still recommend however that you cash out as soon as possible after you reach the $1.00 amount just to be super safe.


Choice Of Reward

4 out of 5

A good score as there is a choice of either cash via PayPal, Skrill or Payza, Bitcoin and the option of Amazon Gift Card.

Some sites only reward their members with Giftcard, but a lot of people prefer being paid cash so I have given them a good score for this.

What Tasks Are Available At Offernation?

The ways to earn at Offernation are by taking surveys, offers and Paid To Click (PTC).

There are lots of surveys available to allow your cash to build up quickly. See the screenshot below of the awards for taking surveys. Don’t forget though, you won’t qualify for every survey.

You must ensure that you complete offers to make sure you get paid.

Remember to stay organised when it comes to signing up for offers by ensuring you cancel on time, unless it’s something you really want.

You can also get paid for referring others to Offernation. By referring others you can earn 25% of your referral’s earnings.

offernation Tips

  • Remember to clear web browser cookies when you complete each offer to ensure you are being credited.
  • Read the terms and conditions on the site, there are strict rules regarding only having one account per household and not using Proxy, VPN, public internet connections, shared IP addresses or shared computers.
  • Make sure you log on to your account at least every 90 days to prevent it from being terminated as a dormant account.


  • An easy way to earn some pocket money by carrying out a number of tasks.
  • Free to sign up
  • Low redemption amount allows you to get to your cash quickly.
  • Positive reviews from around the Internet.


  • No forum for members
  • Low income opportunity

Final Thoughts On Offernation

After checking out reviews from around the internet and having joined the site myself to try it out my verdict is that this site is legit.

Being a member of Offernation is a genuine opportunity to earn a small side income by taking surveys, completing offers and PTC adverts.

You won’t get rich doing this, but you could try this survey site along with others to maximise your side income.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Offernation and it helped you to decide whether you should try it.

If you have any comments, or have experience working with Offernation that you wish to share then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 2/5-A legit rewards platform with a low redemption amount. Like all similar reward sites however, it is a very low income opportunity.

2 Star Rating

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Simon Crowe in Asia - April 15, 2017

I thought this could be an ideal opportunity here because I liked the simple concept of completing tasks in reward for a payment, also because of the free sign up and the fact Offernation do pay out.

But it seems to be a lot of tedious work for a very small payment. I know the argument is that you can complete these tasks while watching TV etc. but do you think it’s a legitimate online business option?

Admin - April 15, 2017

Hi Simon,
GPT sites like Offernation do provide a flexible way to earn a few dollars without needing any special skills. It shouldn’t be considered as an online business, I think the best way to look at it is a way of saving money to pay some small bills or to buy something you want.
I always recommend to my readers if they want to start an online business then they should consider affiliate marketing.
Thanks for reading my review and for your comment.

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