Should You Try Planetclix? Review

Today I signed up for a free account with Planetclix a Paid To Click (PTC) website to see what earning opportunities there are, so you can decide whether you should give them a try.

Unfortunately, just like hundreds of other PTC sites, this is an extremely low earning opportunity to earn fractions of a cent for clicking onto ads.

You can however purchase or rent referrals (other members who have signed up without being referred) in the hope that they are active enough on the site for you to earn from them.

If you want to earn a full time income online, then this opportunity is worth checking out.

I personally get bored very quickly by clicking on ads, my boredom sets in way before I get anywhere near the minimum cash out, and I give up.

That’s why I don’t spend my money on PTC sites, because I figure that most of the referrals that you pay for are going to get bored very quickly too and not be able to give me a good return for the money I have spent.

But if you decide you do want to try the paid options, don’t put money in you can’t afford to lose.

Let me know in the comments however if you have managed to make something by renting or buying referrals.

One thing I did like about Planetclix was that the cash out was $1.50, which is a lot lower than some PTC sites, so reaching the cash out is achievable if you are determined enough.

Here’s what you can earn for clicking on each kind of ad at Planetclix;

Fire Ads Pay……..$0.0001

Micro Ads Pay…..$0.001

Planet Ads Pay….$0.0025

Galaxia Ads Pay….$0.003

Universal Ads Pay….. $0.01

There aren’t an unlimited amount of ads that you can click on each day, but if you click on the ones available you should be able to rack up a few cents each day in exchange for your time.

Paid Membership Options

I signed up for the free membership so I could take a look around. There are paid membership options too that offer certain benefits over the free membership, for example getting more for you referrals clicking on ads.

Paid membership options at Planetclix are cheaper than a lot of other PTC sites, however I don’t recommend them because I believe they are too risky. If you do choose to spend money then don’t pay more than you can afford to lose.

Here however are the costs;

Planet ClixTen membership costs


The Cost Of Renting Referrals

The amount of rented referrals you can get is determined by the membership you have as displayed above. There is an additional cost to you if you rent referrals.

Again the costs are lower than a lot of other PTC sites, but you are relying upon the referrals to click enough times within the renting period to cover your costs, and then exceed those costs in order for you to make some money.

Buying Referrals

Another option is to buy referrals which means you get to keep your referral for life. The hope isn’t of course that your referral remains active on the site especially as buying referrals is more expensive than renting them;

Cost of buying a referral…..$1.50

Direct Referrals

The only strategy that I think may be worth trying on PTC sites is getting direct referrals via an affiliate marketing website like the one you are reading now.

When you sign up for a free account at Planetclix you get your own affiliate link.

You could put this link on your website, and then promote Planetclix without risking your own money.

There are however better affiliate programs that you could promote if you had your own affiliate website.

Most affiliate programs don’t charge you anything for promoting an affiliate link. Direct referrals are limited to 100 at Planetclix. You aren’t likely to generate much of an income with just 100’referrals.

As an affiliate marketer you aren’t limited to how many affiliate programs you can promote either. Multiple income streams can be generated from one website, you just need to learn how affiliate marketing works.

Other Features At Planetclix

A common feature of PTC sites are grids that you can click on to so you are in with a chance of winning a prize.

You get 25 clicks, or chances  each day to win up to $2 on Planetgrid. Each time you click on a square in the grid you have to view an ad for a few seconds to see if you have won a prize.


  • Planetclix is free to join
  • Forum available for members to show proof of earnings
  •  Chance to earn a very small income simply by clicking on ads


  • A time consuming and tedious way to earn a very small income
  • Paid options are risky as most referrals will soon get tired of clicking on ads

Final Thoughts

I personally don’t recommend PTC sites as a reliable way to earn money on the internet. I believe opportunities that don’t rely so much on chance are better.

I would rather focus on an opportunity that can achieve results based more upon how much effort I am prepared to put in. That’s why I choose affiliate marketing as a way to generate an income online.

Just like with PTC sites, there aren’t any special skills needed for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing however requires determination to succeed and persistence, but the rewards can be very worthwhile.

Success in affiliate marketing really can be achievable if you get the right training.

You can even get 10 lessons for free to get you started.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Let me know in the comments below if you have any experience with Planetclix or any other PTC site that you wish to share. Did you make any money from it or did it end up costing you money?

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