Should You Try Survey Spot? A Review

Find out if you should try Survey Spot by reading my review below.

What Is Survey Spot?

Survey Spot is a survey site that rewards you for completing surveys. It was created in 2000 by Survey Sampling International, a market research company founded in 1977. The surveys they offer are on quite a number of diverse subjects.

Survey Spot rewards its members in the following ways

  • Cash via PayPal
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • iTune Giftcards
  • Air miles
  • New members are also entered into the quarterly $25,000 sweepstakes. There are also weekly draws in which the winners receive $250. Additional entries are given when surveys are completed.


I have marked Survey Spot out of 5 on three important features.

Customer Reviews

2.5 out of 5-There are quite mixed online reviews by users on the Internet which this score is based upon. Survey Spot is owned by the same company as Opinion Outpost (SSI) and some who are members of both sites complain that Survey Spot doesn’t pay them as much as Opinion Outpost.

Others complain that the surveys take longer than what they are supposed to, and also disqualify them after spending some time answering a number of questions.

A few complain that they have had their accounts closed for breaking rules they say they haven’t broken. It’s difficult to say who may or may not be in the wrong with individual cases.

It is always a good idea however to read the terms and conditions when you join any survey site just to ensure you aren’t breaking any of the rules.

There was also a number of users who reported that they were very happy with the survey site.

Redemption Amount

3 out of 5-Not a bad score for this given the cash out figure is $10, which isn’t too high although there are other survey sites that allow you to cash out at any time or have lower redemption amounts.

Length Of Time In Business

5 out of 5-A top score for this as this company has been around for nearly 20 years which goes a long way to say they are doing some things right to still be offering surveys.

Other Features

  • It is reported that you will receive about 20 survey invitations by email each month. There are also surveys available when you sign into your account.
  • Surveys typically take between 10-20 minutes.
  • The surveys pay approx 50-100 points. It is reported that there are occasionally higher paying surveys but they will take longer to complete.
  • Survey Spot works with many companies so the surveys are on many diverse subjects.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?

  • If you are being paid via PayPal it is reported that you will get paid immediately when you have redeemed.
  • e gift cards are paid within 48 hours

Remember to read the terms and conditions if you decide to join a survey site. You may end up having your account closed if you break the rules and lose your hard earned cash.

You should also read the privacy policies too so as to ensure that you are happy to accept what the site does or doesn’t do with your personal data.


  • Pays cash via PayPal
  • Free to join


  • Only available to U.S Residents


This company is legit.

Survey Spot is a legitimate survey site although you are only going to earn pocket money. I recommend that you join a few sites if you want to earn cash online in this way and want to maximise your earnings.

Don’t let anyone convince you that taking surveys is a lucrative way to make money online because that isn’t true. Taking surveys is a low earning opportunity. I neither recommend or don’t recommend joining survey sites.

I don’t recommend however paying to join a survey site. You shouldn’t have to pay anyone to take surveys, there are lots of free survey sites out there to join.

Thanks for reading my review of Survey Spot, I hope it has help you decide whether you should or should not try them out. If you have any comments or if you have experience of working with Survey Spot that you may want to share then please leave a comment below.

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