Should You Try The AdsTEAM? Review

Today I am writing a review of a Revenue Sharing or ‘Revshare’ site called The AdsTEAM

You can make money quickly using a site like this one but Revenue sharing sites shouldn’t be seen as an investment opportunity. They are primarily traffic exchanges that sell advertising to you.

You have to remain aware that a huge percentage of revenue sharing sites go out of business within 6 months.

How Does The Business Model Work?

The model can work, but the uncertainty is how long it will work.

  • People sign up and buy advertising for their business.
  • This will entitle them to what is called an ‘adpack’ or ‘adshare’ , which means they will receive a share of the profits (as long as there are profits).
  • The model relies on the adpacks continuing to sell to enable a percentage of the sale becoming profits that can be shared.

The Ads TEAM, at the time of writing this review, are making money for their members, but there is of course no guarantee how long that will continue.

People are attracted to these sites because you can make good money from them if you get in, and then out at the right time. Returns of up to 120-125% can be made on the money put in.

Whether you will succeed in doing that depends upon your experience, and having quite a bit of luck too.

If you do put money in, make sure it isn’t more than you can afford to lose.

Who Owns The AdsTEAM and when was it launched?

The company is owned by Director Muhammad Azam and marketer Najam Ul-Hassan. The site was officially launched in October 2016.

The AdsTEAM Features

  • It is free to join the AdsTEAM
  • The Adpacks are $10, $25 or $50 and mature between 40-60 days. See details below;


  • Referrals can earn you more and can be up to 5 levels deep giving you the following percentages;

Level 1….8%

Level 2….2%

Level 3….1%

Level 4….1%

Level 5….1%

  • The owners do regular webinars in which they discuss their plans to build the business.
  • You are required to surf 10 ads each day to allow you to partake in the rev share.
  • The payment processors are Perfect Money, Bitcoins, SolidTrustPay, Payza and Payeer.
  • To raise extra money, the site runs an affiliate program by promoting top brands.


  • A free to join platform to advertise your website
  • Money can be made (usually in the early stages with this kind of business model)


  • Very risky place to put your money given the track record of rev share companies. If membership falls and adpacks don’t sell then you could lose all your money.

Final Thoughts

Because there is so much that is outside of your control with Rev Share sites I don’t recommend them.

Although The AdsTEAM appears to be running smoothly at present, it doesn’t give any predictability for its long term future.

My opinion is that if a business model has proven to be risky in the past, then it is likely to remain so in the future.

The opportunity can make money for you however, but if you do want to try it don’t risk money that you can’t afford to lose.

Revenue sharing sites aren’t for everyone given the level of uncertainty it involves. The appeal however is that you can get good returns on the money that you put in, and potentially in a short period of  time too.

I prefer however to be involved in a business that has proven itself to be long term and sustainable. Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, and is likely to be around for a long time to come.

In fact the affiliate marketing industry is growing year on year. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to set up an online business without the need to source or sell products.

You just need a website, some training , and the desire to succeed. Building a sustainable online business isn’t a get rich quick opportunity however. You won’t get instant returns on your time and your efforts, but persistence can really pay off.

Some affiliate marketers are earning staggering amounts of money through affiliate marketing.

You aren’t of course guaranteed to earn the kind of money some of these marketers are earning, but it does prove that the business model works, and that it is a sustainable business.

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Do you have experience of The AdsTEAM? Have you managed to make money with them? If you wish to share your experience then please also leave a comment below.

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