Should You Try VIP Voice-A Review

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Find out by reading my review below whether you should try out VIP Voice

What is VIP Voice?

VIP Voice is an online survey panel owned by the NPD Group.

It boasts of more than 3 million members from the US and Canada.

It rewards its members with the opportunity to enter into sweepstakes, or to bid on auctions.

I have marked VIP Voice out of 5 on the following features;

Customer Reviews

2.5 out of 5-I have given this quite a low score due to there being more complaints than positive feedback around the web, which is what this score is based upon.

The complaints centre around members who have been with the site for some time and are yet to win anything, or have only won on a very rare occasion.

The alternative way to redeem is by bidding on the auction. Complaints about the auction feature are that it takes a long time to get enough points to bid on better quality products.

Redemption Amount

I usually give a score out of 5 for the cash out, or redemption amount, the lower the redemption amount the better the score.

VIP Voice doesn’t have a minimum cash out amount however due to the way this site gives awards, so it is difficult to allocate a score because you cannot really say when you will benefit from an award.

The sweepstakes are down to luck, and everyone is different when it comes to deciding what they want to bid on in the auction, so the points required will vary considerably.

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Length of time in Business

4 out of 5-A good score as this company has been around for some time. If a survey site hasn’t been around long I will give it a lower score as you don’t want to risk the company going out of business before you have had chance to redeem what you have earned.

The newer the company the more riskier this could be in my view.

How VIP Voice Rewards You

VIP Voice is different to a lot of other survey sites in that rather than rewarding you with either cash or gift cards you are entered into sweepstakes and auctions.

By taking surveys you can earn ‘VIP Points’, you can use the points once you have earned them.

  • SweepLand

Here you have the chance to win prizes which are in the form of either cash or products. You can also use your points at

  • Bidland

Here you can bid on either products or services. If you see something you want you can bid on it. If you make the highest bid then you win. If you don’t win the auction your points are given back to you.

  • 5 Different Levels

When you have completed a certain amount of surveys you begin to move up the levels. As you get higher in levels you get more points for the surveys you take.

You can see below the points awarded at each level. You will notice that you are also awarded points for participation when you don’t qualify.


Free to join

Awarded points for participation as well as for surveys you qualify for.


You don’t get paid cash, which is what a lot of people prefer.

Only residents of U.S.A or Canada can participate in this survey panel.


My verdict is that this company is legit

VIP Voice is legit although I don’t like the sweepstake feature of the site. Other survey sites pay you cash to take surveys and you get automatically entered into sweepstakes too.

Being given the opportunity to be entered into sweepstakes isn’t a reliable way to earn as it is a form of gambling, which I never recommend.

The auction may appeal to some and may find it quite an enjoyable feature. Personally however I prefer to be paid cash.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of VIP Voice. If you want to share your opinion, maybe tell us what you think of the rewards system offered by VIP Voice, or maybe share your experience of working with this survey site, then please leave a comment below, I will be very happy to hear from you.

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