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Should You Write For Textbroker? Is It Legit?- A Review

Thanks for joining us for our review of textbroker. We will be finding out if this is a legit platform for freelance writers, and if so, whether you should try it.

The internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for those who want to make a career out of freelance  writing. If you have the skills, and you work hard, writing can become a full time career.

But is textbroker a good platform for beginners, experienced writers or both…..Let’s take a closer look.

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What Is Texbroker? 

  • Textbroker is a website where writers can submit their unique content and get paid for it.
  • They accept work from beginners, and more experienced writers too.
  • Textbroker provides a list of assignments that their clients have submitted.
  • If the client accepts your work they pay Textbroker, who take their commission and pay you the rest. Textbroker is a middleman between you the writer, and the client.

Applying To Work For Textbroker

  • A sample of writing on a topic of Texbroker’s choosing is required from you and you will be given a writing level.
  • If you are given level 2 you will be paid 0.7 cents per word, level 3 pays 1 cent per word, level 4 pays 1.4 cent, and level 5 pays 5 cent.

You really need to be at level 4 to get enough work to earn even a reasonable amount. There are much fewer opportunities below level 4, and of course the pay is poor. To get to level 5 your writing needs to be of a very high, and consistent standard.

What If A Client Doesn’t Like My Work?

After you have submitted your article, it is sent to Texbroker’s client, and they will either accept it or reject it. If they accept it then you will get paid. If the client doesn’t like it you are given another chance of revision.

After you re-submit it, if it isn’t accepted or rejected within 3 days you get paid.

Once work has been accepted the editors at Textbroker will rate and provide comments to help you improve.

  • If a client likes your writing you may get a direct order. If you do get a direct order they will be sent directly to you and won’t be put on the general assignment board.


  • After you have written 5 articles for Textbroker your account will be put on hold whilst your initial level can be reassessed.

When Do Textbroker Pay You?

  • Textbroker pays weekly on Friday, but you must have a minimum of $10 for a payout.

Have a look at Textbroker’s promotional video below.



Is Textbroker Worth Your Time?

I think if you are completely new to freelance, Textbroker may be worth considering as a platform to get started on and learn your trade.

New writers will be able to build their confidence too by enabling them to learn how to produce good quality original articles.

More experienced writers may consider however there to be less of a need for a middleman, and can find other higher paying clients directly.

You do need to be level 4 to earn a decent amount with Textbroker, but even if you are level 4, you are going to have to produce a lot of content consistently.

You will need to be good at research too, so you can put together good quality original content on an assortment of diverse subjects.

Remember……. you do require a thick skin in order to succeed at freelance writing. Rejections are a fact of life when clients are paying money for your work.

Some Final Thoughts

Textbroker is a reputable company that pays on time. They have been around since 2008 which is quite a substantial time so that is obviously a good thing.

This website could be especially good for less experienced writers that are trying to get a foothold in the online freelance writing arena.

Textbroker is definitely a legit company as there is plenty of evidence available to show that it does pay you for your work.

Star Rating 3/5-This is a good platform for writers with less experience.

3 Star Rating

I hope you found some value in reading my review of Textbroker. If you have any questions regarding this review, or have any experience working with Texbroker that you want to share please leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Should You Write For Textbroker? Is It Legit?- A Review”

  1. Your info is quite useful to me, not for making money by article writing, but for getting a new source to hire someone writing an article. I used to find the freelancer on Upwork and Fiverr to write or proofread. They help me write romance novels, product user guides and varies books to publish on Amazon and eBook platform.

    For the pricing, from 0.7 cents per word, it is acceptable. When hiring a freelancer, I think not only quality but also attitude, time schedule..etc to be considered.

    1. Hi George,
      I’m glad my review introduced you to a new platform in Textbroker for finding writers. Good writers aren’t always that easy to find, so having a number of sources is always helpful to have. Thanks for reading this review and for your comment it’s much appreciated.

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