Skillshare Review: Can You Really Share Your Skills & Earn Money?

Skillshare Review

Welcome to my review of Skillshare. This review will look at the earning opportunities available on this platform, how it all works, and what the pros and cons might be for you should you decide to join.

O.K let’s get started and find out what this site has to offer.

Introduction to Skillshare

Skillshare is an online platform that offers freelancers a chance to earn money by selling their expertise through teaching.

Instead of using traditional classes, Skillshare facilitates the creation of online classes, where any interested individual can learn new concepts regardless of their geographical location.

Skillshare has an App available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Teaching on Skillshare

You do not require any teaching experience to publish a class on Skillshare.

Anyone can become a teacher on this platform regardless of his or her educational or professional background.

Skillshare does not offer a one-on-one teacher to student experience. Students are allowed to share insights and perspectives with each other in a robust shared environment.

Popular topics available on this platform include business, film, music, design, fashion, creativity, writing, photography and technology, among many others.

How do Skillshare classes work?

Classes at Skillshare

The three pricing plans for students include free classes, premium and team enterprise.

Students have to purchase any of the available plans to get started. The premium plan is the most popular since it allows students to have access to 17,000 different classes. The other two pricing plans are limited in terms of classes available.

Skillshare uses a three-pillar teaching cornerstone to ensure that students get the best learning experience. These pillars include:

• Self-paced learning
This type of learning focuses on teaching a specific skill or concept without looking at the broader view of the topic.

Normally, a Skillshare class consists of 20-60 minutes of video content. However, under this approach, the content is broken into short videos of about 2-5 minutes. This makes it easier for the student to grasp info quickly.

• Project-based learning
Project-based learning allows students to initiate quick projects to improve their learning experience. Students can share the progress of their projects with the class community for valuable feedback. This leads to a more memorable learning experience.

• Community-based learning
This type of learning is where students on the Skillshare platform interact with one another by sharing tips, resources, and answering various questions or providing feedback. The work of a community-based teacher is to facilitate the interaction among the students.

Creating your first class

Creating your first class on Skillshare can take up to 3 weeks. However, once you manage to set up a class, running the class successfully is a different activity altogether. Here are a few tips that you can use to make the most out of your Skillshare class.

• Plan your class
Take some time to discover what topics best reflect on your skills before embarking on your class project. This will enable you to run a class successfully without any technical hitches.

• Produce your class
The Skillshare team will provide you with tools and equipment that you can use to turn your ideas into reality. Use these tools to film and edit your class.

• Publish your class
Publish your class as soon as you are satisfied that all your videos meet the minimum requirements.

• Promote your class
Finally, promote your class to attract more students. You can do this by using social media or simply by word of mouth.

How does Skillshare pay?

All classes come in video form, and Skillshare pays for every minute watched by paying students. Fifty percent of what the students pay is divided among the teachers.

The amount of money is not definite, as it depends on the minutes watched every month.

Additionally, Skillshare has a referral program that pays $10 for every new premium student who joins using your referral link. According to the site, top teachers earn as much as $40,000 annually.

• Legit income opportunity
• Free to join
• No teaching skills required
• Mobile friendly app
• Free teacher handbooks and tutorials
• Excellent Support team

• Low-earning potential
• Payment delays


There is no better way to make money online than sharing what you already know.

Skillshare gives you a chance to not only make money, but also build your own personal brand.

Furthermore, seeing your students develop their skills and knowledge, thanks to your efforts, is the most rewarding teaching experience.

If you are a freelancer with a passion for sharing knowledge about your expertise, then consider joining Skillshare. You can easily turn your passion into a passive income by becoming a teacher on Skillshare

Skillshare Score……6 out of 10 This is an opportunity to earn online without having any specific training. Your success however will depend upon your ability to create courses, and how well you promote it.

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