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Smiley360 Review: Will You Get Paid to Review Products?

Smiley 360 review

Welcome, and thanks for joining me today for my review of Smiley360.

My review will cover all the things you need to know about this platform to help you make a more informed decision about whether it is worth signing up to….so sit tight and let’s get started…..

What is Smiley360?

Smiley360 is a website that rewards you for reviewing products.

The company gives you a chance to influence the production of various products that consumers use every day. By being a member of Smiley360 you can become an influencer, in that you can have a say on how major manufacturers and big brand companies can make improvements on their products.

Smiley360 also gives you an opportunity to influence your friends, by sharing your review experience on social media.

How Smiley360 works

Smiley360 works with major companies to collect meaningful insights from everyday consumers about current and future market trends. The company will send you various products to review. In exchange, you get to keep the products after submitting your review.


The process of reviewing free products is what the Smiley360 community refers to as a mission. Every new member automatically qualifies for an introduction mission. An introduction mission is simply a tutorial on how the company works.

You will learn how to review products and use the sharing tools available on this platform. You need to earn at least 20 points to complete the introduction mission successfully.

Completing the introduction mission is a clear indication that you are willing to participate as an active Smiley360 member.

Your profile needs to be 100% complete for you to receive mission invitations. This is because all missions are offered based on the info in your profile. To keep your profile up to date, just make sure you complete the following sections:

• General info
• Shipping address
• Personal info (about section)
• Profile photo
• Social media connections (Facebook and Twitter)

To increase your chances of receiving more mission invitations, consider participating in Smiley360 community discussions. You will gather great tips from experienced community members, and also earn community points by participating actively in these forums.

Smiley360 will send you missions that only match your profile. You have the freedom to accept or reject a mission based on your preferences.

However, accepting a mission does not guarantee that you will qualify for that particular mission.

You have to go through screening tests to be eligible for any task. Once qualified, you will receive your Smiley360 product kit within 4 weeks in your mailing address.

You have up to 10 weeks to try out the product and write a review about the product and your overall experience.

However, missions that involve medications, beauty products, and nutritional supplements can last longer than 10 weeks depending on the desirable effects that the manufacturer is trying to achieve.

Earning Points and Badges

Smiley360 often awards community points and achievement badges to its most active members. You can earn points and badges by:

• Completing a mission successfully
• Completing surveys (qualification surveys, background surveys, community surveys)
• Participating in group discussions and forums
• Sharing your experiences on social media
• Uploading photos and videos
• Updating your profile info

Unfortunately, these points do not have any monetary value. They only show how active you are as a Smiley360 member. However, having a high number of points will increase your chances of receiving more mission invitations.

The same applies to badges. Completing each mission successfully will earn you a badge and increase your membership level.

How and when does Smiley360 pay?

It is probably apparent to you now that Smiley360 does not pay cash rewards. You only get to keep the products that you are sampling.

Although you may receive points for your activities on this platform, these points are not redeemable.

How to make the most out of Smiley360

Although Smiley360 does not pay cash rewards, you can still make the most out of this site and earn free products.

Here are a few tips that can help increase your chances of getting more free goodies.

Write unbiased reviews

Simply be honest and write unbiased reviews based on your experience. Reviews must not be positive all the time, as negative reviews are also accepted as valid so long as they satisfy review requirements.

This will increase your chances of receiving more opportunities in future.

Pay keen attention to detail

Do not rush when writing reviews. After all, you have more than 10 weeks to submit your findings. To produce quality feedback, make sure that your review contains valuable, detailed information.

Writing detailed reviews will earn you more points and increase the number of mission invites you get at any given time.

What Are The Pros?

• Smiley360 is a reputable company
• Sampling products is easy
• No limits to the number of missions you can take
• Free coupons to share with your friends
• You get to keep the products

What Are The Cons?

• It is only open to US residents
• The company does not pay in cash
• You have to undergo pre-screening tests before you qualify for any task
• It has limited opportunities;it takes a long time to land missions
• Sometimes Smiley360 sends samples and not the full product.

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Is Smiley360 a genuine platform?

Smiley360 is a genuine platform. It is 100% free to join, and you do not need to spend money to participate in missions. The company was established in December 2009, and it has since played a significant role in redefining social media marketing with their unique research methodologies.

It has since attracted over 900,000 members.

Joining Smiley360

If you enjoy reviewing products and earning rewards for your reviews, then joining Smiley360 is a viable option. The registration process is relatively simple. You may use your email address, Facebook account or Twitter account to join this platform.

Unfortunately, Smiley360 does not accept international members. Membership is only open to U.S. residents.

Some Final Thoughts

Smiley360 is a legitimate site that rewards its members for reviewing free products. However, the company does not offer cash rewards, which is a real turn off for many online jobseekers.

Most people prefer cash payments or valuable gift cards than earning free products. Nevertheless, it does not hurt joining a site like Smiley360, especially if you already have a steady income or other income streams.

If reviewing products and earning free samples is your cup of tea, then consider joining Smiley360.M

Thanks for reading this review of Smiley360. Have you used this platform to get free products? If so, and you want to share your experience, let me know in the comments below.

Star Rating 2.5/5- A legitimate platform for getting free products in exchange for your Reviews.  Without cash rewards however, some may be put off joining.


2.5 star rating

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6 thoughts on “Smiley360 Review: Will You Get Paid to Review Products?”

  1. The missions I have been offered always involve me paying for some product and then getting a gift card for the same exact amount I paid. Nothing for my time or effort and the inconvenience of a gift instead of at least getting my money back.

    1. Hi Vonnie,
      That is very interesting to hear, I wonder if any more of my readers have experienced the same thing.
      I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with Smiley360.

  2. Patricia ThomasHarris

    Am personally enjoying the mission that I have been offered I love what you guys are doing and everyone had such postive things to say about Smiley and am one of them thank you for letting me be part of an awesome group

  3. Hello, thanks for the review. I do think that Smiley360 is a great website. They’ve been around for years and although I see some people having issue with the third party companies, I’ve never seen anyone having issues with Smiley360.
    Personally, everything is great so far.

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