Snuckls Review – Can You Earn Money by Watching Sponsored Videos?

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Snuckls review

Thanks for checking out my review of Snuckls.

In my review today I will be covering all the essential information you need to know about the Snuckls platform before making the decision as to whether it’s worth your time… sit tight and let’s get started.

Introduction to Snuckls

Snuckls pays you with entry tickets just for watching sponsored videos. Your entry tickets automatically qualify you for daily lucky draws where you can win as much as $1,000 or more.

Joining Snuckls

Joining Snuckls is free. This platform accepts members from all over the world. However, it is an invite-only platform, and you have to receive an invitation from an existing member to join.

Alternatively, you may send a request to Snuckls customer support for consideration. However, this may take a considerable length of time, as the sign-up queue is rather long.

The best way to join this platform is to search for a referral code online or request an existing member to send you an invite.

How Snuckls works

Snuckls is a lottery game that works by hosting free daily lucky draws. To participate in these draws, members have to watch sponsored videos and earn entries. You have to watch at least five (5) timed videos to earn a single entry.

Each video comes with a question at the end of the timer, which you have to answer correctly before it can count as viewed.

The maximum number of entries that you can earn per day is ten. Each entry qualifies you for the daily lucky draw. Members have a chance to select lottery numbers before the daily draw commences.

You can manually pick your numbers or select the “quick pick” option. Snuckls uses the winning numbers from the Georgia Fantasy 5 lottery games, and winners are picked randomly using these numbers.

The frequency of draws depends on the number of entries per day. Lucky draws may be held after every hour or two, depending on the number of participants at any given time. Furthermore, the lottery amount changes with every new draw.

Referral Program

The referral program on Snuckls is the only real chance of earning money on this platform. Snuckls has a 7-level referral program that pays you every time your referrals complete ten entries or win in a lucky draw.

Earnings range from 5% to 50% of your referrals lifetime winnings.

Getting Paid

The minimum payout threshold is $0.02 for PayPal or Amazon payments. Bank wire transfers have a minimum payout of $99. You can request for payment once you satisfy any of the payout thresholds.

What Are The Pros?

Open worldwide

Membership to Snuckls is open worldwide. Any invited participant can join this platform without any restrictions.

Furthermore, it is free to join and participation in daily lucky draws does not require monetary investment.

Anyone can win

Snuckls is a game of chance and anyone can win. When luck knocks on your door, you can be a winner.

However, to have a more realistic chance of winning it is advisable that you enter the lucky draw multiple times by watching more videos to increase your chances of winning.

7- Level referral program

You can earn money by inviting your family and friends to the Snuckls platform. Snuckls has a reasonable referral program that run 7-levels down.

Each level pays a specific amount on your referrals’ lifetime earnings.

Multiple payment options

offers multiple payment options. You may request for payment via PayPal, bank transfer or Amazon gift cards.

Furthermore, payments are prompt and only take less than 48 hours to reach your PayPal or bank account.

Low minimum payout threshold

This platform has a very low minimum withdrawal requirement of only $0.02, but this only applies for PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

Bank transfers have a minimum payout threshold of $99. You can submit your first PayPal withdrawal request as soon as any of your referrals complete their first ten entries.

What Are The Cons?

Snuckls is addictive

Just like any other lottery game, Snuckls can be extremely addictive if not played in moderation.

Although it is not a requirement to invest any money on this platform, the urge to win high payouts can take a huge chunk of your time.

Some members state that they may take the whole day playing Snuckls because of how addictive it can be.

No guarantee of winning

Snuckls does not guarantee that you will win money. You will certainly earn lottery tickets for your time and effort, but your chances of winning all depends on luck.

Low- income potential

Snuckls has a very low earning potential. The only viable way of making money on this platform is through referrals as the lottery draw is only a game of chance.

Although you may win as much as $300 in a single lucky draw, the possibility of winning is minimal. Furthermore, daily winnings are usually low and may not go beyond $30 per draw.

Restricted membership

Snuckls is an invites only platform. You have to be invited by an existing member to become a member of this company. This is rather unfortunate since it may be hard to find a genuine member to refer you to the site.

Watching sponsored videos can be tedious

Watching video advertisements can be tedious and sometimes boring. Snuckls demands that you watch 50 sponsored videos for you to earn the maximum 10 lucky draw entries per day.

Watching the videos is the only way of increasing your chances of winning the daily lucky draw or the jackpot.

Some Final Thoughts

Snuckls is definitely a legit platform. However, it does offer a viable business opportunity for online freelancers.

Earning money on this platform depends on luck, and it is not a guarantee that you will make money even after watching several sponsored videos or participating in the daily lucky draws.

The only real income opportunity available on this platform is their referral program. However, it would be challenging to convince your friends and family to join a platform that does not guarantee earnings.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy playing free lottery games, then joining Snuckls can be an exciting option for you.

Thanks for reading our review of Snuckls. Let me know in the comments if you have been a member of this platform and you want to share your experience.

Star Rating 2/5-Legitimate platform offering a free game of chance. The income potential however is very low.

2 Star Rating

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