Squadhelp Review-Can You Earn Money In Exchange For Your Ideas?

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Squadhelp Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Squadhelp.

Squadhelp is a crowdsourcing platform that has been around since 2011 and is designed to offer the opportunity for creative people to participate in contests that help find name and branding ideas for companies. If your ideas are selected, you can receive cash rewards in return.

Remember however, as this platform is contest based, it means there are no guarantees that you will actually win anything.

Nonetheless, aside from the money side of things, the concept of this platform sounded really interesting to me.

It made me think how cool it would bel if you were the person who came up with the ideas behind the branding of a company (something you could brag off to your mates about) so I thought I would review the platform to find out more.

How It Works

You can join Squadhelp by creating an account on the signup page on the Squadhelp Website.

The signup is free and is open to participants worldwide.

The signup page allows you to sign up as either as a buyer (a company looking for a name or branding) or as a creative (someone interested in submitting ideas for company names and branding).

For the purpose of this review we are just looking at the opportunities available to those who sign up as creatives. You can also sign up via Facebook or your Google account.

It can cost companies a serious amount of money paying agencies to develop names and branding for them. This is where Squadhelp comes in, as they can offer a cheaper alternative, yet still provide access to thousands of talented and creative people who are ready to share their ideas.

Squadhelp charges it’s business clients from $199 for a contest to find a name, and from $299 for a logo contest. There are other branding options for businesses to choose from too, including taglines, slogans and packaging design. So these are the opportunities that will be offered to you as a creative member of the site.

Once you are signed up to the platform you will be able to get started straight away. Squadhelp will give you the immediate opportunity to participate in two contests.

To get full access to more contests however you are going to need to have your ideas liked, so make sure you work hard on these to ensure some recognition.

Don’t worry if you can’t participate in all the contests that are offered, the site states that you will not be penalised by non participation. Your success on the site is really down to the quality of your ideas and designs.

The platform uses what they call a Percentile Score which is the main determining factor in how many entries you will be able to submit in any future contests.

The score is calculated by using data from 180 days of participation on the site. It looks at things like the number of likes and high ratings you have received. You will not however get a percentile score until you have participated in at least 10 contests.

How Much Can You Earn With Squadhelp?

As we stated earlier the Squadhelp platform is all about winning contests, so unless you win a contest you won’t earn.

However, if you do win the awards are usually between $100 and $300. There are however higher paying contests. Earning badges and points will help you gain access to these more lucrative contests.

You need to have a Paypal account as all payments from this site are paid via this method.

The platform also asks that new members provide relevant tax documents, and additional documents for account verification may also be required.

What Are The Pros?

  • Platform is open to everyone
  • A great place for creative and skilled individuals to showcase their abilities
  • Payment via Paypal
  • Rating system that may help you to increase earnings.

What Are The Cons?

  • High competition means you may spend considerable time but never get paid for it.

Some Final Thoughts

So do I recommend Squadhelp? Well I think that really depends upon you as an individual, and how confident you are about your skills when it comes to creating and designing. If coming up with lots of fresh ideas isnt really your thing, and you simply want to generate an online income, then this is probably not the opportunity for you.

To succeed on this platform you are going to need to be passionate about your ideas. With passion and a fair amount of skill, you will have a better chance of winning contests when pitied up against what is likely to be stiff competition. If your heart just isn’t in it then you’re not likely to get noticed, as you are more likely to produce low quality work.

Star Rating 3/5-Legit platform that offers an opportunity to earn money in a fun and engaging way. This platform however isnt for everyone.

3 Star Rating

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