Stampin’ Up Review – Is This a Great Home Based Business Opportunity?

Stampin'Up Review

Thanks for joining me for this review of Stampin’Up. Today I will be taking a detailed look at what this company offers and if it is a great home based business opportunity for you to consider.

Introduction to Stampin’ Up

Stampin’ Up is a company that deals in the manufacture, promotion, distribution and sale of art and craft products such as handmade greeting cards, scrapbooks, stickers, paper crafts and home décor, among many others.

The company supplies its members with different types of materials to enable them develop art projects from the convenience of their homes. Importantly, this company also creates a favorable platform where members can earn money by selling Stampin’ Up products to direct customers and affiliate partners.

This scrapbooking company is the brainchild of two sisters who saw the need to create home-based income opportunities, especially for women to earn money by designing their own stamping projects.

However, Stampin’ Up has grown in stature since its establishment in 1988, and it currently attracts people of different gender and from all walks of life. The company uses the MLM business strategy to promote the sale and distribution of its products and encourage other art enthusiasts to join its platform.

How Stampin’ Up works

Stampin’ Up uses multi-level marketing (MLM) to promote and sell their products. This strategy consists of distributors who recruit new distributors on behalf of the parent company.

The new distributors also recruit other distributors forming a huge chain of referrals. In return, each distributor earns a commission based on what each of their referrals earn from the sales they have transacted successfully.

The commission is referred to as a distributor’s downline, and it can go up to 10 levels or more depending on the size of the company and number of recruits.

Becoming a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator

The distributors on the Stampin up platform are known as demonstrators. To become a demonstrator, you need to purchase a starter pack from Stampin’ Up, which at the time of writing costs $99. This package comes with free shipping and delivery, and it consists of free extra supplies worth $25 to get you started.

Stampin’ Up expects demonstrators to submit at least $300 in sales every quarter after joining the platform. You cannot earn commissions on this platform without submitting the minimum sales requirement. You can accrue this amount by using the following methods.

• Direct Sales
Using your starter kit, you may design custom-made products and put them up for sale before submitting your earnings to satisfy the minimum quarterly sales.

You may use social media to promote your homemade products and convert your followers into direct customers, or you may start a sales website or blog and attract new clients.

• Recruiting demonstrators
Recruiting new demonstrators to place new orders on starter kits is another way of satisfying the minimum sales requirement and earning commissions on this platform.

It is imperative that you build your downline to increase your personal earning potential as well.

Building your downline

If you are joining Stampin’ Up for fun only, then you do not need to worry about recruiting new members.

However, building a distributor’s downline is essential for anyone who wants to make a steady income working on this platform. This is because the more referrals (demonstrators) you have in your downline, the higher your chances of earning more money.

One great way of building your downline is through hosting home parties. You can recruit new demonstrators, acquire creative project ideas and promote products by hosting Stampin’ Up home parties.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy great rewards of up to 16% in commissions from all your home party sales.

The Stampin’ Up compensation plan

The Stampin’ Up compensation plan is quite rewarding, depending on the amount of time you commit to promoting your products and recruiting new members.

The site has eight affiliate ranks, which also determine how much each member earns in commissions. These include:

• Bronze
• Bronze Elite
• Silver
• Silver Elite
• Gold
• Gold Elite
• Platinum
• Platinum Elite

Each rank has a minimum sales target that members must satisfy before they can level up to the next rank. This sales target is known as Group Volume, and it ranges from 1,800 sales to 10,800 sales over a 12-month period. In essence, members who rank higher earn higher commissions.

The Stampin’ Up compensation plan can be categorized into the following:

• Retail Commissions
Retail commissions refer to the commissions that you get from your direct sales. The amount of retail commissions depends on your rank and sales volume, and it ranges from 20% to 33% of your sales.

• Residual Commissions
Stampin’ Up pays residual commissions down five levels of what your referrals earn. The rate varies from 1.5% to 6.0% of your referrals commissions. However, you must satisfy your personal sales quota before you can earn from your downline.

• Sales Volume Bonus
You are entitled to a bonus whenever you satisfy the minimum sales volume requirement. This bonus is not definite, and varies depending on the total sales realized over a particular period.

• Rank Achievement Bonus
Stampin’ Up rewards members who level up to the next rank with various prizes such as pens, necklaces and money clips.

• Party Rewards
Hosting Stampin Up parties is an excellent way of promoting your products and acquiring new customers. Stampin’ Up usually pays between 10% and 16% in commissions on all home party sales.

• Flex Points
Stampin’ Up rewards you with Flex Points for every sale that you make and your team’s achievements. You can use these points to get free products and great discounts when acquiring re-sale products


• Reputable company with great history
• Offers high-quality products that are easy to market
• Generous compensation plan with multiple bonuses
• Flexible sales model
• Interactive community where members share ideas freely
• Reasonable referral program available
• Recruiting referrals is not compulsory
• Free training, and unlimited access to tutorials and resources
• Excellent support team


• Requires money to join
• Making money requires a huge customer base
• Members must submit $300 in sales every three months to earn commissions


Joining Stampin’ Up is indeed a legit opportunity to make money from selling handmade art products from home.

Anyone can make money as a demonstrator on this platform, and all that it requires is a little creativity and aggressiveness. However, your earning potential depends on your effort and your persuasion skills.

You must undergo some form of training to become an astute demonstrator. Fortunately, Stampin’ Up offers free training and support to all new and existing demonstrators.

If you believe that you have a passion for homemade stationery, and you would like to earn extra cash, then consider joining Stampin’ Up as a demonstrator.

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Phyllis - July 22, 2018

I think your review overstates the ease of making money with this company. It simply is not true that anyone can make $$ on this platform. You may be looking only at the paperwork – have you actually talked to dozens of SU demonstrators? I’m sure you haven’t

    Admin - July 22, 2018

    Hi Phyllis,
    Thanks for reading my review and leaving a comment. I think if you have a passion for what Stampin Up do then you can make money from it. However, as with any MLM opportunity, to make real $$ you must build a Downline of motivated people. I don’t believe that is an easy thing to do no matter how good the product is. To build downlines requires clever marketing skills, and an enormous amount of effort. Therefore I don’t believe that just anyone can make a lot of money with this or any other MLM platform. That is the reason I prefer to promote affiliate marketing, as I believe it to be a better business model.

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