Start A Business You Can Run From Anywhere

A business that you can run from anywhere

These days it’s becoming more obvious to many people who start a business, that running a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ operation isn’t a viable option. Many people are instead now choosing to set up business online.

Not only can it be costly to start a business offline, but it can also impact very heavily on the other important aspects of our lives.

Starting any business of course will need a big commitment when starting out, whether offline or on. But nowadays some businesses, especially those with retail premises, demand long opening times just so their owners can cover their costs. And long hours still need to be invested, even when the business is well established.

Running a small business with only yourself to rely on, can tie you down, both financially and in terms of the hours you are going to have to give up.

Beside the financial risks, we risk something we should all consider to be even more important, our time, which ultimately means our freedom.

Does starting a business really have to tie us down to such an extent? Can a business be built from the ground up without us having to sacrifice nearly every waking hour we get?

Is it possible to run a business from anywhere, allowing us to get on with our life, whilst we build a profitable business in the hours, and the places, that suit us?

Start A Business You Can Run From Anywhere

Laptop lifestyle

Running a business from a laptop has to be the ultimate and perfect arrangement  around which we can successfully combine a busy life, and run a business alongside.

The perfect business you can run anywhere however, shouldn’t be one that means you will have to have to stick to deadlines.

If you were, for example, a freelance writer you still have deadlines to meet, as work must be completed in time to meet the demands of your clients.

Working as a freelance writer is certainly a viable way to earn a living from your laptop, but it will still demand that you are on your laptop at times that other people need you to be there.

The ultimate run from anywhere Business therefore has to be one that allows you to choose the hours you work, and subsequently limits the impact it will have upon your daily life.

A Website, Some Links, And A Passive Income Source

A website is like the modern day retail store.

The biggest difference is that a website can be open 24/7 without you actually being there.

Another difference is that you don’t have to actually sell anything from your website to make money.

A website is a piece of real estate that you can own for next to nothing, and then build out until it becomes a valuable asset. Over time it can become a source of income, which can eventually be generated passively.

So how do you make a passive income with a website that doesn’t sell anything?

Well there are a number of ways that you can monetise a website without selling anything, but by far the most popular, and for many the most profitable, is through affiliate marketing.

With this method you don’t sell products, you promote them.

You simply inform people on your website about products you have some knowledge of.

You could for example show people a coffee machine you use. If you think it is a great product, you can inform others about why you think it is great, and perhaps how easy you find it to use.

If the company that makes the coffee machine has an affiliate program, you can get a link from them, so your website visitors can click on it so they are sent to the company’s website.

If your website visitor buys one of the coffee machines, you will get a cut (commission) on the sale.

You can choose any kind of product or service to promote from your site. Products and services fall within many different niches, or interests. You simply choose a niche that you have some knowledge of and start writing about it.

Building your website out with reviews of products and other articles will take some time and effort, but you can choose where and when you spend the time. You can literally work on your site from any location, and at a time that suits you.

Building your business can be done at any pace that suits you. The more hours you work however, the quicker your business will become profitable.

Eventually, when your website is getting a good flow of daily traffic (visitors), you can make money passively.

Learn How To Get Your ‘Work From Anywhere’ Business Up And Running

Setting up a website is a breeze, even if you aren’t that technically minded.

Promoting a website however, and getting the right people to visit your site takes a little Know How. The ‘right people’ are the ones who are highly likely to be interested in the products you are promoting on your site.

You need to know how to get your website to appear high up in the search engines so people will find your site.

Achieving this is absolutely possible, but you are going to need a little help and support. Without expert help, it could either take a long time to get noticed, or you may not get noticed at all.

Affiliate marketing is by no means rocket science, you don’t need a college degree, or even above average intelligence.

All you need is a willingness to learn something new, and then getting working (at a time and place that suits you).


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