Start An Affiliate Marketing Business In Your Spare Time

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How To Start An Affiliate Marketing In Your Spare Time

In these uncertain times, many of us are no doubt considering what the benefits of starting a new business might be.

If that is you then chances are you’re not likely to be able to spare 12 hours each day researching and working on your new venture or idea.

If you have a day job, or kids to look after, then in practical terms it simply isn’t feasible to give 100% commitment to anything, let alone a new business. The only option we have therefore is to do what needs to be done in our spare time.

That’s why it’s a great idea to choose a business that can be created and built in whatever time we can make available.

An online affiliate marketing business is an ideal way to build a business completely from scratch at whatever time of day you choose.

You can for example build this kind of business on your lunch break, or travelling on a train.

Work On Your Affiliate Marketing Business Whenever You Get Some Spare Time

Work On Your Affiliate Marketing Business Whenever You Get Some Spare Time

You can get started with affiliate marketing with or without a website. Personally I think you are in a better position to build a more sustainable business with a website. A website helps you to build your reputation and brand. Having a recognisable presence online helps you to build trust with your audience or followers.

You can regularly write articles or product reviews that build your authority in whatever niche you have chosen.

Once you get practised at putting articles together, they become easier to do and take up less of your time. Your content needs to be high quality of course, but if you write regularly a quality 1000 word article needn’t take up much more than an hour of your day.

If you manage to generate articles regularly (perhaps 3-4 per week) within 6 months you could be seeing good returns from a business that you have managed to build from the ground up using no more than 5-6 hours per week.

The amount of work you put in of course is entirely up to you, and will be determined by how much time you have to spare. The more time you give, the quicker the returns are likely to be.

However, you shouldn’t get into affiliate marketing expecting immediate returns. Even though your business can be made successful with only part time commitment, you will still need to consistently invest your spare hours to the venture.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s important to know firstly what affiliate marketing isn’t. It isn’t selling. Instead it is the promoting of other people’s products. The beauty is that you can promote the products that are already selling very well.

That means you don’t have to spend lots of time tying to find products that not only sell, but what you can also sell at a profit.

The products you promote not only sell, they also make you money when you promote them successfully on your website.

Every time a visitor comes to your website and reads your article or review in which you discuss the products you personally love, you can make money.

That’s because you will have embedded within your website a link (that is unique to you, and given to you by the product owner). When your visitor clicks on that link, and then proceeds to buy a product, you will receive a commission.

It is easy to see why this kind of business is suitable for those wanting to build a business in their spare time.

  • Very little time is needed for research into finding products that do sell, and sell at a profit. Instead you simply choose a niche that you are already passionate or knowledgeable about. It could be anything from marathon running, baby clothes, flying drones, or meditation. You then simply proceed to write about the niche and promote products that already sell.
  • You don’t need to spend time dealing with customers or returned goods. As an affiliate marketer you are in effect a middle man that collects commissions. It is the product owner that deals with the customer.
  • You can promote your business by doing the kind of things that you do in your spare time anyway such as sharing on social media. This is a great way to get visitors to your website early on before your site begins to get ranked in the search engines.
  • You often don’t need a great deal of time researching the products that you are promoting, because you often use the products yourself, and the review you make simply shows others what your personal experience has been using the product.
  • You don’t need to spend years learning new skills such as sales techniques and marketing strategies. The correct process can be learned simply by following the methods used by those who have already succeeded in the business. FOLLOW THIS LINK
  • It goes without saying that a business like this doesn’t need physical premises that you have to spend time  travelling to and from. Your ‘real estate’ is your website that can of course be accessed any time of day or night provided you have a laptop/tablet or phone and an internet connection.
  • This kind of business requires very little investment compared to other types of businesses. You don’t need months or years trying to save up money to invest in your new venture. In fact you can get started completely for free with free training and a free website FIND OUT MORE HERE.

With so little free time available to us these days, it’s never been a better time to start a new business that you can create and build when you have an hour or so to spare.

Affiliate marketing can be learned and put into practice in a very short space of time. The affiliate marketing industry grows year on year, presenting more opportunities to those who want to try it for themselves.

Every day more people around the world do their shopping online, meaning ultimately that there are more people searching for the products that you love and that you can promote.


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