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Survey Club Review-Is It Worth Trying?

Survey Club Review

Thanks for joining me for my Survey Club review

Survey Club is a platform where survey takers have been getting access to surveys and focus group research projects since 2005, and the website boasts of more than 16 million members from 6 continents. However, how does Survey Club match up in 2021?

This is what I will be finding out in my Survey Club review today as I join the site and get an inside look. By the end of the review you will have a better idea as to whether this is the right survey site for you.

Survey Club is available to anyone over the age of 16 and is resident of U.S, Canada, U.K or Australia.

Getting Started At Survey Club

To sign up simply go to the Survey Club website, enter your first name in the sign up box and provide an email address.

Once you’ve done that you will be taken to a page to complete some basic personal information. Here you are asked for your full name, along with some personal details such as date of birth and your country of residence. You will also be required to create a password.

The site also asks for your mobile number if you want to get access to higher paying phone surveys.

You will then be required to create your profile. Honest answers are of course always required to ensure what you are saying remains consistent. This will enable you to qualify for more surveys.

Taking Surveys At Survey Club

Once you have completed your profile you will then be shown a list of survey companies for you to sign up to.

Survey Club is what is known as a survey aggregator, which means that they provide surveys from various survey sites on their platform.

Some people consider this to be an extremely convenient way to find surveys by having one survey platform with one login. It can save time by cutting out the need to search for surveys on a number of sites

Others however prefer to join survey sites directly because they are likely to get paid more, because Survey Club will of course get a commission for the surveys taken via their site.

Survey Club however states that you will also get surveys directly from them. Although the surveys from other sites pay in various ways, the ones you get from Survey Club will pay in Amazon gift cards.

If you are considering joining Survey Club, or any survey company for that matter, don’t use your most important email address.

Try instead to use an email address that is dedicated to surveys. From my own experience you can’t guarantee that won’t get more emails, whether it be survey invitations or junk mail. It is of course better keeping emails such as these in one place, or in places you prefer them to be!

I am based in the U.K so I was given a choice of survey sites that have surveys for U.K Residents.

Choice of survey sites at Survey Club

The survey sites that are presented to you may of course differ, depending upon your demographic.

Survey Club state that their survey partners they invite you to join up with are legitimate survey websites, so you can feel confident about them. Once you join them you will need to provide your email address so they can forward you a confirmation email to verify your account.

Once you’ve joined the websites of your choice you will then be shown what surveys are available to you. You will be able to see which platform is offering you the survey, how long the survey will take, and what the age demographic is.

Available surveys at Survey Club

If you don’t have much time to take a survey, or want to check what kind of research studies are available, you can filter the studies you want to save time.

Select Surveys At Survey Club

How Many Surveys Will You Get From Survey Club?

The more survey panels you join the more you will receive via the Survey Club platform. You will surveys made available to you on the website or via email invitation.

Given you can get surveys from both Survey Club and from the other panels that you have joined, you shouldn’t be short of surveys regardless of which of the targeted countries you are from.

However, the website does state that you are more likely to get more frequent surveys if you are from the U.S. perhaps as many as several per day.

Focus Groups At Survey Club

Members of Survey Club can also be invited to participate in Focus Groups. If there is an opportunity available in your area then you could be invited to give your opinion of for example a product or an advertisement.

The Focus Group isn’t run by Survey Club, as with surveys they match you with an opportunity. Focus Groups pay more than surveys, and according to Survey Club you can get paid between $50 and $200 per hour.

Higher paying opportunities however are usually harder to come by, and you aren’t guaranteed to get an invite.

Referral Program At Survey Club

If you have a few friends that would be interested in joining Survey Club then the referral program will work well for you. That’s because you will get $1 for each friend that signs up using your referral link (up to a maximum of 5 friends).

A referral program like this is good in that it doesn’t rely on your referred members being active on the site. The downside of course is that you are limited to commissions from just 5 people. So if you want to promote your referral link online then it isn’t going to be a very profitable venture!

Survey Club-Payments

Unfortunately the cash out sum at Survey Club is a bit high at $25.

Also, some members complain about the length of time it can take to receive payment (up to 2 weeks). This is a little disappointing considering it could take a while to get to redemption. To then have to wait a further 2 weeks could be a very frustrating experience.

As already stated, surveys you get directly from Survey Club can only be cashed out with gift cards. Other survey sites provide other methods of payment.

Survey Club Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing Survey Club has achieved a score of 4.2/5 from 16 reviews at Trust Pilot.

Survey Club has some good feedback from most of the members that have submitted reviews

Those that complain state that payment can be slow, and another says they don’t qualify for many surveys.

On the whole however, people are very satisfied with the platform.

What Are The Pros Of Survey Club?

  • Free platform.
  • Long standing survey site that has a good reputation for paying.
  • Lots of surveys available to U.S, Canadian, U.K and Australian residents
  • Filter feature for choosing research opportunities
  • Higher paying research projects available
  • Good customer service
  • Few complaints from members

What Are The Cons Of Survey Club?

  • High cash out
  • Long wait for payment
  • Not available worldwide
  • Surveys from third party sites may not pay as much as surveys taken directly from that site.
  • More surveys available to U.S residents than other countries.

Some Final Thoughts

Whether Survey Club is worth it for you depends upon if you prefer to get all your surveys from one place. If you do then Survey Club could be a good choice. Survey Club has a good reputation and has been around for a long time, so you can be sure of its legitimacy.

As a member of this site you may be invited to higher paying research projects, including focus groups that are being run in your local area.

So if you don’t mind the high cash out, and a bit of a wait for your payment, then Survey Club could be a good choice for you.

Have you used Survey Club? If you have and you want to share your experience please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5-A reliable survey platform that provides its own surveys and ones from third party sites. A bit slow when it comes to payment but otherwise a site with a good reputation.

3 Star Rating

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4 thoughts on “Survey Club Review-Is It Worth Trying?”

  1. Wow, I’ve been taking survey for years, but have never come across Survey Club. Most of the time when I tried taking survey, I got disqualified. Survey Club sounds interesting and I’m surprised it has over 16 million members from six continents of the world. Well, I don’t think any other survey site can boast of that membership, not even the old survey sites out there. It’s obvious the survey opportunity isn’t available to people in countries other than the US, Canada, UK, and Australia! 

    Thanks for making this clear that it’s just like a survey aggregator that provides survey opportunities from survey sites, though I was thinking it operates on its own without linking users to other survey platforms

    1. Hi there,

      Survey Club does have its own surveys but the reward options for these surveys are limited in that they can only be cashed out for Amazon Gift Cards, although this shouldn’t be a problem for some.

      Like all survey sites, you can only earn a small income, and with Survey Club you may find that surveys don’t pay quite as much because they have to take their commission cut from surveys provided by third party sites. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for this very insightful review on Survey Club. I have been getting into the survey thing here lately. After reading this review survey club is something that I will be checking out very soon. So thank you again for your review.

    Your Friend, Johnny

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