Survey Downline Review: Is it worth your time?

SurveyDownline Review

Today in this Survey Downline Review I will be taking a look at another survey platform that you may want to consider taking a look at.

This one is called Survey Downline, and in this review I will be finding out how you can earn rewards from taking surveys, from focus groups, and from referring others to the site.

What Is Survey Downline?

Survey Downline Review

Survey Downline is a market research service that offers paid surveys to residents of the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Unlike other survey panels, Survey Downline treats its members as business partners rather than ordinary surveyors.

Members have a 35% stake on any income that Survey Downline earns from surveys.

Is Survey Downline Legit?

Survey Downline is 100% legit. It is owned by Precision Sample, LLC, which is a US-based market research company.

The company has been in existence since 2009, gathering meaningful market insights through the use of surveys and focus groups.

Signing Up With Survey Downline

Signing up with Survey Downline is free. However, membership is only open to residents of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

You are only required to provide your name, address, gender and age among other basic information.

The next step involves filling out a profile questionnaire that classifies you into specific demographics. This makes it easier for Survey Downline to match you with surveys that fit your profile.

Making Money With Survey Downline

  • Taking Surveys

Taking surveys is the main income stream on this platform.

Survey Downline will send you an invitation, as soon as a survey that matches your profile becomes available.

However, it is very difficult to qualify for surveys, as you have to go through a screening process. (A common irritation on most survey sites)

Additionally, the number of tasks available at any particular moment is very low.

You can only receive an average of 2 to 4 surveys in a month.

Survey Downline promises to pay 35% for each survey you complete.

According to their FAQ section, the payment ranges from $1 to $5, but in reality, you are never likely to get more than $2.00 per survey. Most surveys pay between $0.10 and $1.50.

  • Focus Groups

Focus groups involve planned discussions about a particular product or service.

Each group member has to contribute to the discussion and provide feedback.

Focus groups pay as much as $20, but you have to go through a screening process to qualify.

What Do Survey Downline Users Complain About?

Survey sites can be very frustrating at the best of times, but after looking around the web to see what users were reporting, two things seemed to crop up more than others;

  • Points expire after 12 months, meaning you could lose points if you don’t cash out in time.
  • The higher paying surveys are hard to qualify for.

Survey Downline Referral Program

This survey panel has a two-level referral program that allows you to earn money for every new member you invite. You will receive 10% and 5% commissions of what your level-one and level-two referrals make respectively.

Cashing Out With Survey Downline

Survey Downline has three redemption options. Each redemption option has its own minimum payout threshold.

Minimum redemption requirement
• PayPal cash payment – $20
• 150 Facebook Credits – $15
• Magazine Subscriptions – $10

You can redeem your rewards at any time, as long as you satisfy the minimum payout requirement.

Processing of cash payments is done on the first (1st) day and sixteenth (16th) day of every month, while magazine subscriptions and Facebook credits are sent immediately to your email address.


• It is free to register.
• It has a 2 – tier referral program
• Multiple redemption options, including PayPal, magazine subscriptions and Facebook credits
• Paid focus groups have higher rewards of up to $20 per discussion


• Only available in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada
• High minimum payout threshold
• The earning potential is very low
• Payment delays
• It has very few surveys ( An average of 2 to 4 tasks in a month )
• It is difficult to qualify for surveys
• Some surveys require you to make a purchase (you may be locked out if you don’t have the money to purchase)
• Taking surveys can be tedious

Final Thoughts On Survey Downline

Survey Downline is a legitimate survey panel, however it has few surveys available at any particular time, and the earning potential is low.

The fact that they do not indicate the exact amount that you will earn per survey raises more questions than answers.

Also, members have raised concerns about payment delays; chances are you may not receive payments on time after reaching the minimum payout threshold.

Some General Tips About Survey Sites

  • Don’t sign up to any survey sites that charge you a fee to join. You shouldn’t have to pay a fee just to be given the chance to take surveys. Unfortunately surveys aren’t very well paid to start with, so you certainly don’t want to pay anyone else first before you have even earned a dime.
  • Set Up an email account that is dedicated to your surveys. You don’t want to fill up your main email account with Survey invitations from numerous companies, because this will cause you to lose track of where you are up to. It is better to stay organised when taking surveys.
  • Be honest with your answers because survey platforms will realise when you are giving inconsistent answers, which will ultimately result in you getting fewer Survey invitations, and of course fewer rewards.
  • Whenever you can refer friends to the survey site with your referral link. Some sites will give you a percentage of your friends earnings, so you will be able to earn a bit extra….and for doing nothing too!
  • Accept that getting screened out of surveys is a fact of life when taking surveys. You will become disillusioned very quickly if you expect to qualify for every survey you take.
  • Be realistic about the earnings you can make on Survey Sites. They are not big earning opportunities by any means. My recommendation is to aim for a couple of hundred dollars a year in total, by using a few survey sites. This is realistic if you spend some time most days. A couple of hundred dollars, or perhaps a bit more, can certainly come in handy for something you want.
  • Dont leave Points or cash in your account. This is especially true with Survey Downline as the points expire after 12 months.

Thanks for reading this Survey Downline Review. Have you been, or still are a member of Survey Downline?

If so let me know in the comments section below what you thought of them.

Did you get many surveys? And how long did it take you to get paid? It will be great to hear from you.

Star Rating 2/5-A legitimate survey platform, however not many surveys available.

2 Star Rating

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