Survey Roundtable Review – Is it really worth your time?

This review of the survey platform Survey Roundtable will help you to decide if it is really worth your time. I will be taking a close look at what this site has to offer its members. I will be finding out how to get started, how much you can earn, and what the pros and cons are likely to be.

What is Survey Roundtable?

Survey Roundtable is an online survey panel that uses a points system to award its members for completing surveys. You can then redeem your points for gift cards and vouchers from brands such as Amazon and Starbucks.

Getting started

Signing up with Survey Roundtable is free. However, you must be aged 13 years or older to become a member.

The registration process is similar to what other survey platforms have to offer. The process requires your name, email address, gender, race, educational background, household income, address and location. You also have to indicate whether you can speak Spanish.

You also have to confirm your email address and complete a personality survey to complete the registration process. You will receive 3,000 points ($3) upon signing up with Survey Roundtable.

Making money with Survey Roundtable

Taking surveys is the only income stream on this platform. It involves answering various questions and sharing your opinions on various topics. The surveys seek to shape future products and policies and the topics range from politics to product reviews.

Survey Roundtable will only send you invitations for surveys that match your profile, but you have to go through screening to determine if you are the best candidate for that particular survey.

Surveys can be as short as 2 minutes, but the majority of surveys take up to 45 minutes to complete. You have to complete a survey entirely without pausing, to receive your points.

Earning potential

The earning potential on this platform is considerably low. Each survey pays an average of 1,000 points, which is equivalent to $1. Furthermore, the eligibility tests that you have to undertake might limit the number of surveys at your disposal. This will certainly have a bearing on your overall earnings.

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How and when does Survey Roundtable pay?

The minimum withdrawal requirement on this platform is 10,000 points ($10) and you can submit a withdrawal request once you reach this amount.

However, Survey Roundtable does not offer cash rewards. You can only redeem your points for gift cards and e-vouchers with popular brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target and iTunes, among many other brands.

Reward requests are processed weekly, but they may take time to be approved. Once approved, the awards are almost instant and are sent via email.

• Legitimate, Open platform
Survey Roundtable is a legitimate, open platform. Previously, this platform was only open to residents of the US, the UK and Canada. The company has since opened up its membership base and accepts members from all over the world. Furthermore, it is free to join.

• Registration Bonus
All new members are entitled to 3,000 points as registration bonus. However, you have to complete a profile survey to receive your bonus rewards. With the minimum payout standing at 10,000 points, this registration bonus is a great boost to making your first withdrawal request.

• Prompt payments
Although this platform has long approval times, payments are almost instant. Once your withdrawal request has been approved, you will receive your gift card or voucher immediately via email.

• Disqualifications points
In some instances, you may be screened out when taking a survey or disqualified during pre-screening, but Survey Roundtable will still pay you 100 points for your efforts. This is a good way of ensuring that participants do not lose motivation in case of numerous disqualifications.

• Low minimum balance
This platform has a very low minimum balance requirement of only 10,000 points, which is equivalent to $10 worth of gift cards. You can easily accrue this amount by completing 10 surveys.

• Refer-a-friend scheme
Survey Roundtable has a refer-a-friend scheme that allows you to increase your earning potential. You will make 100 points for every new member that registers using your referral code/link.

• Low-income potential
Survey Roundtable has a very low-income potential. Each survey pays an average of 1000 points, which is equivalent to $1 worth of gift cards. You have to complete more than 10 surveys to earn a considerable number of redeemable points.

• Eligibility tests
This survey panel is very strict when it comes to taking surveys. You have to go through eligibility tests to qualify for various surveys. However, these eligibility tests are not only tedious, but also time-consuming. Furthermore, you may be screened out in the middle of a survey, even after passing the pre-screening test.

• No cash payments
Survey Roundtable does not offer cash rewards for taking surveys. The only payment methods available on this platform are via gift cards and vouchers. This is a major concern considering that the majority of online users prefer cash payments. Cash rewards are not only tangible, but also offer a true reflection of the effort put in.

• Long Surveys
Surveys on this platform are comparatively long. Some can go for up to 45 minutes, which is quite tiresome to say the least. The fact that you may be screened out even after 20 minutes of doing a survey raises questions about how this platform works.

• Long Approval Times
Survey Platform does not pay cash, but you have to wait for a few days to receive your rewards. This is because the processing time is quite lengthy, as the review team has to validate your account before sending out rewards.

• Missing Survey Points
A number of members have raised concerns about missing survey points. Although the awarding of points is automated and in real-time, members complain that your points may go missing mysteriously in case you pause the survey midway. If this occurs, you have to contact customer support for assistance and this may take a long time to be rectified.

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Final Thoughts
Making money through survey platforms like Survey Roundtable is way of building a small online income stream.

Although I don’t think taking surveys online is the best way to create an online income, if you do decide that surveys are for you, then I recommend signing up to a few survey sites to see which ones work best.

Unfortunately Survey Roundtable does not offer cash rewards, and this might be an issue especially to those who prefer cash payments.

However, if you do not mind earning gift card rewards just for sharing your opinions on various topics, then joining Survey Roundtable might be for you.

Thanks for reading this review, let me know in the comments below if you have worked on this platform, and what you thought of it.

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