Surveybods-A Review Of The Free U.K Survey Site

Surveybods Review

Today I will be finding out about the U.K survey site Surveybods

This review will cover what you need to know about this platform, and whether it is worth signing up to.

What Is SurveyBods?

Surveybods is a U.K based survey site that pays its members for completing surveys. Rewards are paid to members in the following ways;

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Sweepstake entries

I have marked the company out of 5 on three important criteria

Customer Reviews

3 out of 5

Not a bad score for this as there are more positive than negative reviews from users on the Internet, which my score is based upon.

The negative reviews tend to focus upon the lack of surveys being made available, and also customers complain of being screened out of surveys. (Check for up to date customer reviews of Surveybods).

Due to U.K legislation there are only a limited amount of surveys that the company is able to send.

Because of this, and the screening out, customers complain that it takes some time to reach the redemption amount (see the next score).

Redemption Amount

2.5 out of 5

Not a great score for this as £15 is quite high, comparatively there are lower redemption amounts on other survey sites. Also, due to there being limited surveys available, it can take some time to reach this amount.

Length Of Time In Business

2.5 out of 5

As far as I can establish Surveybods has been around as Surveybods since 2013, I’ve given them a mid range score as there are other survey sites that have been around longer.

SurveyBods Features

Let’s have a look at some Important features on the site.

  • Surveybods is only available to U.K residents
  • Surveys pay in the region of 50p to £3, depending upon the survey, surveys can take up to 30 mins although the website states that on average they take around 10 mins.
  • When you take surveys you earn points. One point is equal to 1p or 100 points is £1. When you accumulate 1500 points or £15 you can redeem.
  • The Surveybods website states that you don’t have to complete every survey you receive although it is beneficial to you the more you do complete (because of the rewards, the sweepstake entry and moving up in status-see below).


  • Giftcard rewards are emailed to users, and usually takes around 5 days.
  • Bank transfers usually take around 2-3 weeks.
  • Once your profile is completed in full you are awarded £2.
  • You are given an entry into the sweepstake draw each time you complete a survey.
  • If you are screened out of a survey you are given a further entry into sweepstake draw.
  • By completing more surveys you are able to improve your status. You get a Bronze Badge once you have completed 2 surveys and you move up through Silver (5), Gold (10), Platinum (20) and Diamond (30). By moving up in status you have a chance of winning better prizes.


  • Compared to other survey sites the surveys at Surveybods are quite high paying.
  • Cash payment direct into your bank account.
  • Sweepstake draw entries both when you complete a survey and when you don’t qualify for one.


  • Due to regulations you are not going to get a lot of surveys, so the amount you earn is going to be small.
  • The time it takes for you to be paid, via bank transfer especially, once you have reached the redemption amount is slow.
  • Not available to those outside of the U.K

Final Thoughts On SurveyBods 

My verdict is that this company is legit. Surveybods is a legit survey company that allows U.K residents to earn a small side income by completing surveys.

Due to the limited amount of surveys available however it is recommended that you join other survey sites to maximise your side income by ensuring you always have surveys available to complete.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Surveybods.

If you have any questions or if you have had any experience of working with Surveybods that you wish to share, then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 2/5-A good survey platform with relatively high paying surveys. The platform is however only available to U.K residents

2 Star Rating

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