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SurveyCheddar App Review-Find Out What You Can Earn

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SurveyCheddar App Review

If you’re looking for a reliable survey platform to earn a bit of extra cash then this review has been written for you.

That’s because today I’m taking an in-depth look at The SurveyCheddar App, a survey app that says it will pay you for sharing your opinion.

To help me with my review I will be signing up and having an having an inside look. I will also be reporting extensively on what other users think of the app, and weighing up the pros and cons.

First however let’s take a look at whether SurveyCheddar survey app really is legit.

Is the SurveyCheddar App Legit?

Yes, SurveyCheddar is a legit survey platform.  Although Survey Cheddar is a relatively new addition to the marketplace, having been released in 2021, it has proven to be a legitimate money-making survey app.

With over 10,000 downloads on the App Store and Google Play, it is beginning to make inroads within the mobile survey marketplace.

It has received generally positive reviews, with a 4.4/5 rating on over 2,300 reviews from Android users and a 4.6/5 rating on over 1,700 reviews from Apple users. The ratings show that although a few changes could be made, overall the app is delivering what it promised users.

So, this platform meets one of the criteria for legit apps. That is, it has a valid way of making money online.

People have been earning online by doing surveys for decades, so this is a proven earning method.

Many market research firms use apps like this to connect with consumers. They want to learn what shoppers think about the products and services they use.

Your earnings on the app come from the revenue the app generated via their partnerships with these market research firms.

The other factor that should always be considered for legitimacy is the reputation of the company that is responsible for developing the app. If a reliable team runs the app, it’s usually a good platform to use for earning online.

The SurveyCheddar App is a product of Survey Cheddar LLC, and while it’s only been published for a few years, it has good ratings from users.

The app has legitimate payment methods, such as gift cards. There haven’t been any users who say that they are unable to choose a payment method in their country, so wherever you are in the world, you will get paid.

Most users are pleased with the type of surveys they’re offered and are getting their payments on time.

How the SurveyCheddar App Works

The SurveyCheddar App gives you rewards for sharing your opinions. You can provide your feedback by completing surveys and polls on your mobile device.

Polls are shorter than surveys and don’t pay as much but they’re a fun and easy way to share your thoughts.

To start earning, you’ll need to download the app. The SurveyCheddar App is available for free and, as stated earlier, you can download it from either Google Play or The App Store.

Signing up is easy, you can sign up using your email, or with your Apple or Google credentials.

Signing up to SurveyCheddar

Signing up options at SurveyCheddar.

After you’ve downloaded the app, you should register. Registering allows the app to track the surveys that you’ve done, so that you can be credited for your thoughts.

When you download the app, you’ll notice that you could start doing surveys without registering. However, if you do that you’ll run the risk of not having your completed surveys credited to your account.

After I registered and used my SurveyCheddar login I was initially given a short survey to complete in return for 12p

Initial survey at SurveyCheddar

First earning opportunity at SurveyCheddar

This initial survey however didn’t require me to give any personal information. It just really wanted me to confirm if I understood what is required when taking online surveys, and that I would have to disclose some personal information in return for rewards.

After earning the 12p I then got presented with two more surveys as below. These are quick profiling surveys that the app uses to get to know you better and allow them to match you with suitable surveys.

Profiling Surveys At SurveyCheddar

Profiling Surveys At SurveyCheddar


So within a few minutes of joining I had 29p in my account. Once the profiling surveys are complete you are then offered further surveys.

SurveyCheddar is not a market research firm. Instead, they partner with companies that provide surveys.

Their partners are reputable and include inBrain. These survey providers have surveys on a wide range of topics. You’re free to choose any surveys that interest you, and you’re never required to do any of the surveys that are offered to you from any of their survey partners.

How Much Can You Earn from the SurveyCheddar App?

You’ll earn on the SurveyCheddar whenever you complete a survey or poll. Since surveys are longer than polls, you’ll earn more for surveys.

Every time you complete a survey or a poll from those that are offered to you, you will earn coins .

Your earnings will be added to your balance and you can check your balance as long as you’re logged in.

When you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can exchange your coins for Rewards.

It’s important to note that everyone won’t receive the same offers for surveys or polls.

If you live in America, you’re likely to get more survey offers that someone who lives in Canada. That’s because the American market is larger and many businesses are seeking feedback on their products.

You will be paid between £0.15 and £3.00 for each survey that you complete. The average member of the site completes about five surveys a week, so you could potentially earn up to £15.00

Many panelists on other survey sites say that they’ll spend time on screening questions only to be told that they’re disqualified. However members of this panel say that they’re not disqualified often.

So you’re very likely to earn from any surveys that you start.

Even in those instances where you’re disqualified from a survey after doing the screening questions, you won’t be left with nothing to show for your efforts. You’ll receive between $0.03 and $0.01. This will be added to your other points.

When you look at the listings, you’ll be provided with information on how much you could earn from each poll.

However, it’s important to know that some members have complained that sometimes they don’t earn as much as they were promised after they complete a survey or poll.

When you’re logged into the app, you’ll need to find the surveys that interests you and there will only be a few available. When you click on a survey, this will carry you to the partner site.

For example, if a survey from inBrain looks interesting, when you click on the link for the survey you’ll go to inBrain and you’ll be able to complete the survey.

When you’re ready to receive your earnings, a number of payment options are available. The most popular ones are Amazon gift codes and PayPal.

You can also choose other types of gift cards, such as those from Walmart and Doordash. The payment options that are available to you will depend on where you live. However, most panelists can access PayPal and receive their money quickly via that method.

Survey Cheddar Reviews

Because Survey Cheddar is a new mobile survey platform, it still has some interface issues that can occasionally surface.

Some customers have complained that the surveys don’t always load properly, while others have noted the occurrence of glitches and reload problems that severely hamper the use of the app.

A few customers also specifically noted that they were having trouble receiving additional rewards through PayPal after their first successful $5 payout through the application.

While most of the reviews of the app are positive and do not mention significant interface issues, there are enough specific complaints that point to the fact that the app isn’t fully developed yet.

Another concerning aspect about Survey Cheddar is its underdeveloped company website.

The opening page of the website states that the app can be purchased at the App Store and Google Play, displays a few testimonials of satisfied customers, and lists the different compensation options such as PayPal, Visa, etc.

However, the only other links on the page that work are the terms and conditions and privacy statements.

Survey Cheddar has links to a blog, help center, contest rules, and raffle rules, but all of these links are inactive and simply redirect to the home page.

The lack of a help center with FAQs is especially problematic, as this is a basic customer service courtesy that most individuals expect. Thankfully, the company does have an e-mail for customer service issues.

Have you tried The SurveyCheddar App? If so and you want to share your experience please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of The SurveyCheddar App?

  • The SurveyCheddar App has surveys and polls that can all be completed on your mobile phone. So, you can work from home and earn.
  • In addition, the app is open to panelists from many different countries not just in the United States. It’s easy to check if the app is available in your country. Just visit Google Play by using your device and do a search for the app. If it’s offered for your device, you can easily start earning.
  • Unlike other survey apps, SurveyCheddar lets you complete most of the surveys that you start. So, you won’t waste a few minutes of your time only to find that you’re disqualified from the survey.
  • Surveys on this app have received good ratings. They’re all fairly current and the layout makes them interesting. It’s survey also offers good rewards, when compared to the rewards given for completing surveys on other platforms.
  • The minimum for cashout is low. So, you won’t have to do lots of surveys or wait a long time before you can request your first payment.
  • The app provides several payment methods including PayPal. So, you can get your money quickly. Many people like to receive the rewards in the form of a gift card. This app has lots of gift cards for you to choose from. For example, you can get cards from Amazon, Doordash and Walmart.
  • The app has a meat layout which makes it easy for you to find whatever you need. Their color plan includes lots of soothing shades, like blue, so there will be less strain on your eyes while you’re doing polls
  • The surveys in the app are very short. Most don’t go over five minutes. So, you won’t get bored while you’re doing the surveys.

What Are The Cons Of The SurveyCheddar App?

  • The SurveyCheddar App has a number of options for receiving your payment. However, some like Venmo, are only available to panelists who live in the United States.
  • This app doesn’t have a lot of surveys. Although the payment threshold is low, you won’t usually reach it in just a week.
  • Underdeveloped company website
  • No help center or FAQs page
  • Some glitches and interface problems are still reported
  • Mobile-only application
  • Participants can be kicked from surveys if they don’t meet the desired qualification (although this is the case with almost all survey platforms).

Some Final Thoughts On The Survey Cheddar App

Overall, Survey Cheddar is quite an average survey platform. It is a mobile survey app that is not nearly on the same level as most of the well-known online and mobile survey applications.

While most of the customer base is generally happy with the app, there are enough specific negative reviews that indicate that the app is not fully developed yet.

Online registration is simple and the app itself is easy to navigate.

Also, the large number of payout options and low cash-out threshold of $5 do enhance the desirability of Survey Cheddar.

Unfortunately, the low earnings for surveys, and the overall earning potential of the app brings its long-term viability into question.

The app would also benefit from a much better company website, with an established help center and FAQs page, and the elimination of inactive links that simply redirect to the home page

Nevertheless, Survey Cheddar is a reliable way for you to earn a little extra cash from your phone. If you want to make the best use of all of your spare time, this is one method that you can consider.

You’re never forced to keep doing surveys to keep your account open, so if you have a busy week, you can take a break.

Star Rating 2.5/5-Legit survey site that has short easy surveys and a low minimum pay out. The same opportunities may not be available everywhere however so earning potential may be limited.

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