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SurveySavvy.Com Review-Can You Earn By Sharing Your Opinion?

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Survey Savvy Review

So, who doesn’t like making money in their spare time? Unfortunately, these days, the idea of making a side income is more need than a want. Did you know that 70% of Americans say they need extra cash to make ends meet?

So, if you’re thinking like them, there’s good news no matter where you live. Survey sites say you can make money from the comfort of your couch. But are they for real?

Well, keep reading this Survey Savvy Review to see if it offers some of the extra money you’ve looking for.

What Is a Survey Site?

Let’s begin with a basic understanding of what a survey site does and how it makes you money.

Opinion polls have been around for a long time. In fact, almost two hundred years ago, newspapers began with straw polls for elections.

Trying to gauge the political sway of people before elections is a good example of a survey. Yet now, business and advertising executives rely on surveys to market their products.

Taking Online Surveys

Online surveys help businesses make decisions about their products

The more a company knows how people feel about its brand, the better it can attract customers. You can find online reviews for almost any product or service now.

But, surveys sites are not only for product reviews. For example, you can complete a survey of lifestyle topics or political views. Many organizations pay sites like Survey Savvy for online reviews and opinions.

And that’s where you come into the picture.

This Survey Savvy review will explain how the platform works and how you could earn from it. You’ll also learn about the pros and cons of using this site to earn online. First however let’s find out more about Survey Savvy,

About SurveySavvy.Com

Survey Savvy’s parent company is Luth Research, a firm that’s been in business for more than 30 years.

The online survey platform has been actually around for more than 10 years. During that time, they’ve established a reputation for paying panelists on time.

What separates them from other online reviews sites is their payment system.

There is no point system with Survey Savvy. Each survey gets assigned a cash value, depending on length.

As with other sites, you must qualify to fit the demographic with every survey. Yet, even if you don’t qualify, your profile gets entered into a draw for a $10 credit.

Survey Savvy does not offer gift cards or PayPal cashouts. All payments to you get mailed by check, even for as little as $1 in US funds. (check out these survey sites that do pay via PayPal)

Survey Savvy reviews are a mixed bag. There have been comments made about the length of time it takes for payment. But, with a minimum payout of a dollar, it’s good to know that real cash is on its way to your mailbox.

It’s important to note also that Survey Savvy is one of the only worldwide sites. People are welcome to join from 195 countries, yet surveys favor English-speaking membership.

How Does SurveySavvy.Com Work?

Survey Savvy lets you earn online by sharing your opinions. This site collects data on behalf of market research firms.

The information that you provide is used to help make the products and services that are provided to consumers better.

For example, you might be asked to provide feedback on anything from movies to groceries. The variety of topics that you’ll be asked about helps to ensure that an interesting survey will always be there for you.

You’ll have to check the site for surveys by logging in regularly. If you don’t, you may miss opportunities. While they collect your email address during sign up, they don’t email you often to let you know that surveys are available.

All of the surveys can be done directly on the platform and you won’t need to navigate to any third-party sites.

They also offer better rewards for each survey that you complete, than many other surveys sites.

How Much Can You Earn Taking Survey’s With Survey Savvy?

The main way that most members earn is by completing surveys. When you log in, Survey Savvy will show you all of the surveys that are available for you to take.

While a lot of surveys may be there, after doing the survey questions, you may sometimes find that you aren’t able to complete all of them.

Whenever you complete a survey, ensure that you keep a record of its number. This can be used to help them give you any payments that you’re due, if a survey is not credited to your account accidentally.

Surveys usually pay between $1 and $5. The payment that you’ll receive usually depends on the length of the survey. It could take you five months, on average, to earn $20, if you only stick with surveys.

After the site approves your completed survey, your money will be added to your account. You’ll be able to track your earnings in your account.

Other Ways To Earn With Survey Savvy

The site also has a number of earning opportunities, so even if you’re not able to do surveys frequently, you’ll still be able to earn.

The site also pays you for referrals. This site credits you for two tiers of referrals so you’ll not only earn bonuses for everyone who you directly refer, you’ll also earn a smaller bonus for anyone those individuals refer. However, the site doesn’t clearly state how much your referral bonus will be in each case. (check out these 10 survey sites that pay you to refer others)

In some countries, you can install their Savvy Connect software and earn passively from that. This lets you get paid passively, for allowing the app to track your searches and other activities. Survey Savvy say your Data is secure.

Survey Savvy Connect

Earn a passive income with Survey Savvy Connect

You’ll have to make sure that they have at least 7 days of user data available in each month. You can easily put the software on three of your devices, such as your phone, PC and one other.

You’ll earn about $5 per month from each device, so that’s $15 in all from the three devices. This plug in is currently available to members everywhere in the United States.

Apart from the direct payment that you receive for letting the plug in track your activities, it also makes other earning opportunities available to you.

For example, you’ll be invited to participate in surveys based on your searches and other online activities.

How Does Survey Savvy Pay You?

Members of this site can request their payout quickly. This is because Survey Savvy’s minimum for payout is only $1. Most of their surveys pay more than the minimum. You’ll receive your payment in cash, not as gift cards.

Payment will be mailed to you by check. It takes a week for them to issue your check after you’ve requested it. To request your payment, you can log in, review your Account Balance and click Request Payment.

Ensure that your correct mailing address is on file.

What Are The Advantages Of Survey Savvy?

There are a number of pros associated with using this platform:

  • Survey Savvy is known for paying at a better rate than many of their competitors.
  • They pay consistently and payments are received on time.
  • They offer cash in the form of checks as a reward
  • The surveys cover interesting topics
  • You can earn from referrals
  • You can earn from Savvy Connect
  • Their surveys are usually short, so you can do them whenever you have a little free time.
  • The minimum payout is very low.

What Are The Cons Of Survey Savvy?

There are a few cons associated with Survey Savvy:

  • You won’t always qualify for every survey that you start.
  • They don’t pay via PayPal, so payment will have to be mailed to you.
  • If you’re in some demographics, you won’t get as many surveys.
  • You may experience occasional technical glitches, which are fixed promptly.

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Some Final Thoughts About Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy makes it possible for you to earn a little extra cash from surveys, that can be used to pay your bills.

You can also earn from other methods, such as referrals and Savvy Connect, which could push your earnings up to at least $15 per month.

This is a casual way of making money and you can work towards goals such as extra spending money for special occasions.

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Star Rating 3/5- Survey Savvy is a survey platform that has not only decent paying surveys, but a way to earn a small passive income too. Not all regions however will get the same opportunities.

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Thanks for checking out my review of Survey Savvy, I hope you found it informative and will help you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

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