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Is Test IO Legit? An In-depth Review And Guide

Is Test IO Legit?

Thanks for checking out my review of the testing platform

This Test IO review will explain whether this is a legitimate earning opportunity or a scam. is an online platform that claims to offer opportunities for testers to earn money online via their site.

If you like the idea of earning money online as a tester then read on as I will be finding out what you need to know about to help you decide if it is worth checking out for yourself.

Let’s get started by finding out if really is legit.

Is Test IO Legit?

Yes, Test IO is a legitimate company. It’s an EPAM company, so it has the legitimacy that comes with being a
part of a company that’s been in business for years.

Effective Programming for America (EPAM) is based in Newtown, Pennsylvania. It offers digital platform engineering, digital product design and service development.

EPAM has offered technology services since 1993. EPAM is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It acquired Test IO in 2019 but Test IO was originally founded in Berlin in 2011.

Test IO’s clients include small, medium-scale and large companies. Their clients are in different sectors but all of them provide software to their own users.

The type of partnerships and clients that a company has are usually an indication of how legitimate it actually is. Test IO has clients such as SoundCloud, Codeacademy and DriveTime. These brands are known internationally.

For example, they provide SoundCloud with on-demand testing services. This helps SoundCloud to always ensure that they can quickly deliver software that works on a wide range of mobile devices without bugs.

Test IO has delivered a reliable software testing service for several years. So, they help companies to deliver a competitive product to the market.

Whenever a company is developing a new application, they need to test it to find bugs and make improvements. This is a constant process.

Test IO helps with the Quality Assurance process for each of their clients by providing crowd testing. So, people from all around the world actively engage with the software to identify areas in which the code may need to be improved.

Their testers come from more than 40 different countries and have different perspectives. This allows their clients to receive feedback that helps them to create an application that can compete on a global scale.

How Do You Earn With Test IO?

To earn with Test IO, you’ll need a device and an account. You won’t however need to be a coder or programmer.

You also won’t need to have any testing experience since they provide you with free training. Even if you don’t think you’ll frequently have a lot of time available for testing, if you’re interested in coding or programming, it’s a good idea to create an account and benefit from their training.

You can sign up for an account in minutes. Every account is free and you’ll just need to provide your email address and a password. Ensure that you log into your email and click the verification link.

You can also sign up more quickly by logging in with your LinkedIn credentials or a EPAM credentials.

After doing that your device will also have to be checked to ensure that it’s compatible with their system and can be used to run the websites and apps that you’ll be testing.

After you’ve passed the approval process, you’ll have to go through onboarding. This involves reviewing the bug reproduction course and other resources that they have which are related to testing.

You’ll be given an onboarding checklist and after you complete their quiz, test, and other onboarding activities, you can start checking websites and software for bugs.

The onboarding resources will show you how you go about the test so that you’ll feel more prepared to identify usability features that need adjustments in any sites or apps that you’re asked to assess.

After you’ve finished onboarding and your trial tests you’ll be invited to participate in your first test. If you find any bugs during that test you’ll be paid for each bug that you identify.

Your skills will grow as you go along. You aren’t expected to master everything related to testing during the onboarding process.

They have a community feature to help you. So, you can engage with other users and this makes the whole process of testing more interactive so you don’t feel like you’re on your own.

Occasionally, you’ll be offered other opportunities to earn. These usually involve doing reviews of software. You could also be asked to do a scripted test case. Your payment for these will be set.

How Much Can You Earn With Test IO?

Your Test IO earnings depend on several factors. These include the type of bugs that you find and the number of bugs that you find. For example you might find three bugs in an app but they might be simple problems to fix.

Payment ranges from $0.50 to $50 for each bug and depends on the complexity of the issue. Bugs that are really easy to fix don’t pay a lot, so you could end up earning only $0.50 if you only identify a simple bug that can be fixed in minutes.

If you found 10 simple bugs that paid $0.50 each, you would be paid $5 for your time, even if you spent 20 hours testing all of those apps. On the other hand however, if you identified a critical bug that would severely impact a user’s experience you would earn a lot more money for your time.

You could earn up to $50 for identifying a single bug if it significantly impacts the performance of the software that you’re testing. Working on this platform includes an element of chance since you never know whether the app that you’re testing could have a serious problem and you would be the one to identify it.

Despite that, most users say that they earn between $5 and $20 for each test. However, your earnings will be limited by the number of devices that you have.

So, if you have three devices that you can use to simultaneously run tests on, you will earn more than another tester who can only assess one app or site at a time.

Some apps will be available for Android devices only. Others may only be offered to iPhone users. So, your earnings also depend on the type of devices that you have. If you only have an Android device and then you acquire an iPhone device, your earning opportunities will increase.

You’re also going to earn more if you have a wide range of interests. You’ll be invited to test apps that are related to your interests. So, it’s important to add details during registration, describing the areas that you’re interested in, so that you can be invited to test more software in these niches.

The top users on the site earn EUR 1,000 each month. To earn as much as possible you have to intentionally look for critical errors. Critical errors include problems that could cause the site to crash. So, you’ll need to intentionally check for problems like that by rigorously running tests of your own on the site.

If a customer can’t complete a purchase on a website, that’s regarded as a critical error because it prevents the site from making money.

So, you can do several tests on the site to assess whether shoppers who take several different approaches to loading items in their card or making a payment can do so successfully on the site.

Although you aren’t forced to do a test at any time, if you want to maximize your earnings it’s important to accept as many invitations as you can. The highest earners on this platform do lots of tests each month.

You can complete tests with Test IO right around the clock, so it’s important to get used to doing these tests on your mobile device so you can complete them as soon as opportunities are available.

Test IO Reviews

Test IO has many users who are very satisfied with the platform. These individuals are earning well from it because they regularly find serious bugs that pay at the higher end of the range.

They also enjoy other aspects of working there.

They like the international community and the fact that they can share ideas with other testers from around the world via Discord. Some work in areas that are directly or indirectly related to testing.

They say that being involved in testing enhances related skills. For example if there are coders, they find that testing improves their own approach to coding.

Many users say that it takes some time for them to find an error in a website or an app. In some cases it can take over an hour for them to identify any type of functionality issue.

Users are required to document the bug that they find. They have to provide a screen recording, screenshot and log file with any bug they report and a few find that tedious.

Have you tried Test IO? If so and you want to share your experience please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of Test IO

  • Test IO has clients that are leaders in their own sectors. For example, BuzzFeed is one of their clients. BuzzFeed is an American media company that always has breaking news and it’s frequently utilized by many content creators who want to be aware of the topics that are trending in the media. As a tester, you’ll often be among the first to use software or be aware of website updates from cutting-edge companies like BuzzFeed.
  • You’ll know what they hope to bring to the market and if you are also involved in digital media or content creation, you’ll be able to plan appropriately with this advance knowledge.
  • You’ll need to know your way around the computer or mobile device and those skills will be enough for you to work on the platform. You won’t need to have any testing experience.
  • You can work on your own schedule. You can do as many as you wish when you have free time, as long as you are invited to participate. If you’re invited to participate in a test and you can’t do it you can decline without being penalized.
  • This Test IO review has explained that you’ll work for a wide range of companies when you are a user on this platform. So, you’ll constantly be gaining new information. This helps you to stay sharp at any age.
  • You can work on the platform from almost anywhere in the world. So, this is an international earning opportunity. You won’t need to travel to another country to earn US dollars.
  • Test IO will onboard you fairly quickly. So, if you’re looking for work from home opportunities that allow you to start earning within a week or two, this is one to try.
  • You’ll be paid in cash. They have several payment options including PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill.

What Are The Cons Of Test IO?

  • Test IO doesn’t pay very well for all of the software bugs that you identify. If you consistently get sites or apps to test that are free of errors, you won’t be paid a lot for your time. So, you could test nine apps in one month but only earn around $4 for your time because you didn’t find any bugs that were critical.
  • Test IO will require you to clear three test cycles before you can start doing any paid work. It can take a while for you to find a bug on a website or in software.
  • They do have a minimum threshold for payments. This is $25 so you’ll have to stick with the site or at least a month before you can get your first payment, even if you’re sometimes frustrated by not finding bugs.

Is Test IO Worth It?

In this Test IO review, several pros of the company were discussed, such as their strong relationship with leading brands.

You’re paid for the bugs that you find and since it’s not guaranteed that you’ll always find any bugs or problems that are really important you can’t always predict how much you’ll earn from one month to the next.

However, when you find critical issues you’ll be paid fairly well for these. This could be a good part-time work option for people around the world who would like to earn from home. But like I say, a certain level of earnings aren’t guaranteed.

Nonetheless it’s easy to sign up, they offer adequate training resources and they have a great interactive community.

It’s a platform that’s worth checking out if you have an interest in testing.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A legit testing website. Opportunities for higher paying tasks however could be hard to come by.

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