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TGM Panel Review-Can It Be Trusted?

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TGM Panel Review

Thanks for checking out my TGM Panel review.

TGM is an online survey panel that is designed to reward its members for sharing their opinion.

In my review today I will be finding out what you need to know about the TGM Panel platform.

I will be finding out if it’s it is legit, and if so how much you can earn. I will also be uncovering what real users of the site are saying about it, and weighing up the pros and cons to help you come to a more informed decision about whether you should join.

First however let’s get started by finding out how the TGM Panel works.

How the TGM Panel Works

The TGM Panel is a legit site that is open to most countries in the world. It is owned by market research company TGM Research FZE based in UAE.

The TGM Panel collects feedback on different products and services that are offered by the companies that they partner with around the globe.

This feedback is obtained through online surveys which members are free to participate in whenever they qualify for them.

There isn’t one main site for the TGM Panel, and  each country that accepts members has its own URL.

So for example, I’m from the U.K and when I do a search for TGM Panel I am shown If you’re from a different country you will be shown a different url.

It’s free to join the TGM Panel. You will need to register with information on your country, along with your name, age and so on. This information cannot be changed later on and will be used to determine which panels you can register for.

An email with an activation link will be sent to the email address that you provide and you should ensure that you click on that link to complete your registration.

You will need to complete your profile once you complete your initial free registration and your profile information will be used to determine which surveys you are qualified for.

You’ll receive invitations to complete surveys. These will be sent to your email but you will not necessarily be able to complete all of those.

You will receive invitations for all of the surveys that you are pre-qualified for and by completing additional questions related to that specific survey, you’ll know whether you are in the demographic that is being targeted.

The surveys that you will be asked to do cover a range of topics, including education, business and media. Some of the surveys have the TGM logo and your points for these will be credited almost immediately once you complete them.

The panel also partners with other sites and the surveys from these sites, do not have the TGM logo. Your points from these may take a little longer to be credited.

How You Could Earn On the TGM Panel

You can earn on the TGM Panel by completing surveys. A lot of the surveys can be completed within 10 and 15 minutes and you’ll only have to answer about 20 or 30 short questions.

There’s no guarantee as to how often you will get surveys but you’ll be more likely to be invited if your profile is complete.

You will need to check your email and log in to your dashboard frequently to check for opportunities. The amount of surveys you get however will depend on where you reside, and on your demographic.

You could also earn by referring other people to the site. Your referral link can be shared on your social media pages and elsewhere.

You can find it under the Affiliate program tab after you have done your first survey. Your profile must also be mostly complete for you to be given an affiliate link.

Whenever you earn points on the site via any method, it’s easy to convert them because one point is equal to one dollar of the currency that your country uses.

You’ll get a commission every time you refer a friend. You’ll only get that commission to match the earnings from your referral after they have done at least one survey.

If you want to earn from referrals therefore, you will need to ensure that you invite people who will be able to qualify for surveys and who will do some regularly.

Your commission will be automatically added to your account once your referral completes their first survey and it is paid by the site. It won’t be taken out of your referral’s earnings.

How Much Can You Earn With TGM Panel?

The surveys pay in accordance with how long the survey actually is.

Longer surveys will pay more than shorter ones. On average the surveys are usually in the range of 0.25 pence for shorter surveys that will take just a few minutes, and up to around £1.40 for a survey that can take up to 20 minutes.

Alongside each survey you will be shown how long the survey is likely to take, and how much you will earn if it is completed. You do of course need to bear in mind that you won’t qualify for every survey you take as qualifying for a survey is determined by your demographic.

You can add to your earnings by referring others to the site. Unfortunately however, unlike other reward sites, The TGM Panel attach conditions to referring others.

You have to complete your profile (at least 80%), and you have to have completed at least one survey. Once you have complied with this then you will receive 10% of your referrals earnings.

How To Redeem Your TGM Panel Rewards

You can redeem your TGM Panel rewards once you reach the minimum amount. Just log in and click on Account to see your balance. You can then click Redeem Rewards.

You can have a transfer made to your PayPal account or request Gcodes. You’ll receive your PayPal transfer within four business days or just 24 hours. You’ll need to have a minimum of around $12,38 in the UAE for PayPal transfers and USD 10 if you would like a GCodes transfer

TGM Panel Reviews From Real Users

There are lots of happy TGM Panel members who report that they enjoy their experience on the site and have been able to claim their rewards.

Of the complaints I found these were centered around some technical issues when trying to complete surveys, or that surveys took a long time. Members from some countries also stated that they didn’t get so many surveys.

Unfortunately this is the case with many survey platforms. Some countries such as the U.S for example you are likely to get more available surveys.

I would love to hear from any of my readers who have used TGM Panel and want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

Is Being A Member Of TGM Panel A Good Way To Earn Money Online?

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I only consider a method of making money online to be good if it offers you a way to progress your earnings so that over time your income will increase significantly. I also think any method you use should also be an enjoyable way to spend your time. Unfortunately surveys may be fine in the beginning, but if you’re anything like me, I soon get very bored of them.

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How Does TGM Panel Match Up To Other Survey Sites?

TGM Panel offers more to U.S members, however I still think there are more earning opportunities at Swagbucks for U.S members. There are also more opportunities for international members too.

The cash out at TGM Panel is quite low, and therefore matches up well to other sites, although some site cash out with $5 or less in your account

TGM Panel offers a further way to earn by referring others which is always good to see. If you want to check out more survey sites that offer referral programs then check out these sites that pay you to refer others

TGM Panel doesn’t unfortunately offer a joining bonus whereas other sites do. If you want to find some sites that give you free cash just for joining then check out my list of survey sites that pay you to join

A real plus for TGM Panel is that it does pay via PayPal, which is the best option for a lot of people. If you prefer to have your rewards paid via PayPal then you might want to check out other survey sites that pay via PayPal

What Are The Pros Of TGM Panel?

  • Free to join reward site
  • Available in a number of countries
  • PayPal payments
  • Good customer reviews

What Are The Cons Of TGM Panel?

  • Not all countries will have the same earning opportunities
Check Out How Much You Can Earn



Some Final Thoughts On TGM Panel

TGM Panel is a decent survey platform that pays relatively quite well. It has many good reviews from real users of the site, and is available in a number of countries.

Like all survey platforms however, it can’t provide you with a substantial or consistent income, however you could generate a small side income by using the site regularly and being patient.

Star Rating 3/5-A legit survey platform that has its own surveys and others from third party site. If you’re looking for a reliable survey site then this could be one to consider.

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Thanks for reading my article. I hope you gained some insight into how the app works and whether it may benefit you.

I have reviewed hundreds of similar apps and websites here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE.


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