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The Advantages Of Buying And Selling Second Hand Items

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Advantage of buying and selling second hand

If you’ve been thinking about buying or selling some of your second hand items recently, then you’re definitely not on your own.

Due to rising inflation, buying or selling second hand items is a growing industry. So much so that some of us are even addicted to second hand shopping apps.

To get started you only need to find some items around the house you no longer want. Where I live in the U.K, a recent poll suggested us Brits have an average of 56 possessions we don’t actually use.

That could amount to a serious amount of extra cash that we can generate from stuff we wouldn’t even miss.

If you’re still not convinced however, here are some real world benefits to second hand buying and selling.

  • Second Hand Is Better For The Environment

It may surprise you to know that even fashion items have a heavy toll on the planet. Fashion production is the cause of 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions.

As an alternative, a short walk to your local second hand or charity shop for an item of clothing for example, is a much more environmentally friendly option.

Or when you’ve have had enough of wearing a particular item of clothing, whether you originally bought it new or second hand…provided it is still in decent condition, you could re-sell it on platforms like Vinted or Shpock. This helps to further reduce the impact on the planet. Not only that, by selling items to platforms like these helps people afford items they wouldn’t otherwise been able to.

Any product that is mass produced to satisfy the need for a huge demand of new products has adverse affects on the environment, as materials are sourced and transported worldwide.

By reusing and recycling the products we use it helps us move toward a more sustainable circular economy.

  • Second Hand Goods Can Be Very Much In Demand

We all want to stand out by being a little different than the crowd. If you buy the latest fashion items, whether it’s clothes or household items, chances are you’re purchasing the things the big businesses want you to buy.

Second hand goods allow you to use your imagination more when deciding what to purchase. When buying clothes not conforming to fashion trends has a long tradition. Vintage or retro for example can certainly set you apart from the rest.

With regard to fashion, we all know how how quickly it can change. Buying second hand doesn’t necessarily mean yesterdays trend, it can also mean tomorrows.

Also, knowing what gems you may find can be really good fun. A certain sense of achievement can result from finding an item you love, whilst spending very little.

When it comes to second hand books, studies have shown that the printed words remains more popular than the digital options, despite the huge rise in sales of e-readers.

Not only can you buy second hand books cheaply, you can then sell your book when you’ve finished reading it.

When it comes to music, there’s no denying the continuing appetite for vinyl. However, there are also lots of positive things to say about C.D’s, not least how cheap they sell for second hand.

By selling second hand items generally, you can more easily turn a profit. If you have an eye for a bargain then your mark up can be very high.

By selling quality second hand items you no longer need or use, you have a good chance of making a healthy profit.

  • Buying Second Hand Is Cheaper

This benefit is a more obvious one of course.

If a product isn’t new then it obviously won’t cost as much. You might be surprised to know that Thrift Store shoppers save $1760 per year by choosing second hand goods over new ones.

There isn’t the same stigma attached to choosing second hand or searching for a bargain either. On the contrary, it is an activity that a lot of people want others to know about.

You only have to look at the amount of money saving blogs and websites set up by bargain hunting enthusiasts offering advice on many saving techniques, including second hand purchases.

An often overlooked saving when buying second hand, especially when it come to clothes and shoes, is that older items can be better quality and therefore last at least as long as new items.

If a product is being re-sold then the chances are it’s in good condition, and the reason for that is because it is of good quality.

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  • Second Hand Goods Help Your Local Businesses And Communities

Buying second hand goods helps support your local economy and community. Second hand stores are usually owned by people local to your area, so money you spend in these thrift or vintage stores continues circulating within the area you live.

Charity shops are also a great place to find bargains. Not only will you be bagging yourself a bargain you will also be helping good causes too.

Also, simply by checking out local stores you will meet local business owners or volunteers that live in your area, therefore enhancing the sense of community.

By buying local, your local businesses are more able to re-invest in their business and grow it into a more thriving economy.

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